205 vs 215 Trailer Tires- Which 1 is the best Don’t Waste Time!

If you had to buy a 205 vs 215 trailer tire, what would you buy? There are so many tires available in the market. You need to buy a suitable tire according to your needs. Every tire has a different design and strategy. The different design gives different facilities. Each tire is suitable for different criteria. 

205 and 215 actually mean the width of the tire. The width of the tire is measured in millimeters. Therefore, the 205 tires are thinner than the 215 tires. The thinner the tire is, the less control the driver has over the tire because of the area of the tire increases that is connected to the road. As a result, the 215 tires are easy to control, and thus it is safer than the 205 tires. Besides, the cornering ability of the 215 tires is more than the 205 tires. However, the 205 tires are more fuel-efficient than the 215 tires. Moreover, the 205 tires are cheaper than the 215 tires. 

These are some basic ideas about 205 and 215 tires. If you want to know more about the trailer tires continue reading. In this article, we will try to answer some frequently asked questions. 

What is the difference between 205 and 215 tires?

205 vs 215 Trailer Tires
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There are not so many differences between 205 and 215 tires. 215 tires are wider and taller than 205 tires because the height of the tire depends on the width of the tire. The wider tires have a good grip on the road. The drivers also find it easy to control the steering of 215 tires.

215 tires are more capable of carrying weights. The 205 tires also make less noise than the 215 tires while running on the road. Besides, the 205 tires are more fuel-efficient. Moreover, the 205 tires help the car to accelerate more in the dry seasons. Overall, the main difference between the two tires is their width.

Tire numbers

Before knowing more about tires, you should have a clear idea about tire numbers. Tire numbers are very complex to see, but every character has a different meaning. We will try to explain the tire number with the “P 205/55 R 16 91S” tire. The meaning of the number is given below. 

i. Tire type

The first one or two characters are used to indicate the tire type. There are three types of tires. The types are P, LT, and ST. The P-type means passenger vehicle tire. The LT stands for light truck tire and the ST means special trailer tire. The P-type tires are used in smaller cars like private cars and SUVs. The LT tires are used in trucks or buses which carry more weight than P-type. The ST tires are used in trailers. These are the most weight-carrying capable tires. 

ii. Width

The three-digit after the first characters mention the width of the tire. The inscribed number of width is actually in the millimeter unit. 

iii. Aspect ratio

After the width, There is a forward slash that separates the aspect ratio from the width of the tire. An aspect ratio is a percentage number. It means the percentage of sidewall height according to the width of the tire. The height of the sidewall increases with the ratio. 

iv. Construction type

The letter after the aspect ratio indicates the construction type of the tire. Construction type is the internal material of the tire. There are two construction types. They are R and D construction types. R stands for radial construction type and D means diagonal or bias construction type. The radial tires have a better grip on the road and good mileage. Most of the tires are radial tires. 

v. Wheel diameter

The number next to the construction type indicates the diameter of the wheel. The unit that is used to measure the wheel diameter is in inches.  

Can I use 205 instead of 215?

You can have a 205 tire in the place of a 215 if you want a thin tire. If you are using a 215 tire then the space for your tire is bigger than a 205 tire because the height of the sidewall decreases with the width.

That is why if you use 205 tires instead of 215 it will not be looking good but it will do the work. Besides, the meter will not show the perfect mileage because the speedometer is actually set up according to the default wheel. If you can accept these problems you can use a 205 tire instead of a 215 tire.

We have a detailed article on "Can 215 Tires Replace 205?" [Consider reading, it will be helpfull]

What is the difference between 205/75 R14 and 215/75 R14?

What is the difference between 205/75 R14 and 215/75 R14

There are some differences between the two tires. From the tire numbering system, we know that the first three digits are the indicator of the width of the tire. That means the first tire has a 205-millimeter wide tire and the second tire has a 215-millimeter wide tire.

Thus, the second tire is 10 millimeters wider than the first tire. Apparently, the rest of the numbers and characters seem to be the same but there are differences between both. As the aspect ratio is dependent on the width of the tire, the 215 tires are taller than the 205 tires. The R of the numbering system means that both of the tires are made of the same material. Both of the tires are radial tires.

The last two-digit number indicates the wheel diameter. The rim diameter of the wheel is 14 inches. However, the whole tire diameter changes because of the height of the sidewall. The main differences between the two tires are width and height. Here are good samples of 205/75 R14 and 215/75 R14 tires. The difference between the two tires is given in the table below.

  Field of Comparison        205/75 R14          215/75 R14
            Width      205- millimeter      215-millimeter
        Sidewall Height        6.05 inches        6.35 inches
          Diameter        26.1 inches        26.7 inches
Circumference in inches         81.99 inches                83.88 inches

Are bigger trailer tires better?

Bigger tires mean wider and taller tires. With the height and width, the diameter of the wheel also increases. Actually, bigger tires are useful to carry more weight. They are not extraordinary tires. They just provide a little bit more comfortable journey but you cannot tell that bigger tires are better for that.

Therefore, you can change your tire with a new big tire if you want to carry some more weight. Besides, you need to know whether you should check if there is enough room or not for the big tires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much wider is a 215 tire than a 205 tire?

A 215 tire is 10 millimeters wider than a 205-millimeter tire. If you convert the number into inches it will be 0.3937 inches.

Can I change the diameter of my tire?

You can change your tire diameter but you should change it to a limit because it can cause severe brake failure. Besides, you can change the rim if you want a bigger one or a smaller one. That would also change the diameter of your tire because if you do not want to change the whole diameter then you have to change both the tire and rim’s diameter.  The change of the rim and the tire’s diameter should be complementary. 


Tires are one of the most important parts of a car. Many accidents can happen because of tires. Therefore, it is important to choose the right tire for your car. You can have damage to your car if you cannot figure out the right tire for your car as you can have a suspension problem or engine problem.

Though thin tires are cheap and fuel-efficient, they are not as safe as wider tires. If both wide and thin tires are suitable for your vehicle, it is advisable that you should go for the wider one because they are safer. By using the right tires people can be able to save a lot of lives. 

In this article, the tire numbering system is discussed to help people to choose the right tire. Thus, people can avoid many accidents and save their valuable lives.

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