4.10 vs. 3.73-Which Gear Ratio Is the Best [Experts Opinion]

When purchasing the best gear ratio, you need to research the best ratio before choosing it. In this case, we have the 4.10 gear ratio and 3.73 gear ratio which are all good and have good features with them that you need to get the differences between the two and get the one that fits your desires.

The differences between the two gear ratios are in terms of speed, torque, RPM, towing capacity, and fuel economy. Check on the features above to get one that has all the best features to do with them. A good gear ratio has a good speed, saves fuel, and the towing capacity is OK.

The article below shows the difference between a 3.73 and a 4.10 rear end? Are 3.73 or 4.10 better for towing? What are 4.10 gears suitable for? Is a 4.10 gear ratio good for towing? There are the frequently asked questions and lastly, the conclusion at last.

The difference between a 3.73 and 4.10 Gear Ratio

Gear ratios are in vehicles that help increase the speed of the car while moving since they help transmit engine power to the wheels to facilitate movement. A gear ratio is essential with the vehicle that you have to choose between a short gear and a long gear. Below are some of the differences in the gear ratios.

Quick comparison table of the two gears








High RPM

Lower RPM


Higher speed

Lower speed


Lower torque

High torque

Fuel economy

Consumes less fuel

Consumes more fuel

Towing capacity

Poor towing capacity

Good towing capacity

Differences in the gear ratios

1. Acceleration

When a vehicle has a higher acceleration speed, it will also decelerate faster. Therefore, in this case, the 4.10 has a higher acceleration than the 3.73 gear ratio, which means the 4.10 gear ratio rotates more than the 3.73 gear ratio within one wheel rotation. The more the spin moves within the process, the higher the acceleration that makes the 4.10 gear ratio higher. 

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2. RPM

4.10 gear ratio has a lower RPM since it is determined by the axle wheel, which for every 100 axle wheel rotation, the gear ring will move with over 410 times reels while 3.73 has a higher RPM since the axle wheel rotates for only 373 times for the 100 rotations.

3. Speed

A lower gear ratio will always move faster than usual compared to higher gear ratios. Therefore, the 3.73 gear ratio will move at a higher rate in this case. The engines with a 3.73 gear ratio work less during the wheel’s rotation, unlike machines with a 4.10 gear ratio.

4. Torque

A higher is a result of having a bigger ring gear near the axle pinion gear that with a 4.10 gear ratio, the torque will be higher than the 3.73 gear ratio. A gear ratio with higher torque is advantageous as it has better traction on slippery surfaces and a higher towing capacity.

4.10 gear ratio having a high torque helps distribute the torque equally to all the wheels than in 3.73 gear ratio. Since the 4.10 gear ratio spreads higher traction, it also helps control the vehicle on the road during cornering and poor weather conditions. Therefore, when driving in rural areas, consider choosing a 4.10 gear ratio as it is better with poor roads with their terrain and with roads affected with mud or during the rainy seasons. Check Amazon for the best 3.73 gear ratio.

5. Fuel economy

When driving a vehicle, the engine is the only part that needs fuel to provide power for the rest of the factors to work. In this case, 4.10 gear ratio, there is much energy consumption since it makes more rotation that needs fuel to rotate the wheels making the engine use more fuel to provide power.

The other reason the 4.10 uses more fuel is that it is heavier than the vehicle needs more power to pull the strings to start moving. Therefore, the best choice is choosing the 3.73 gear ratio since it uses less fuel hence saving the fuel economy.

6. Towing capacity

The towing capacity results from the size of the gear ratio and the amount of fuel it is consuming. In this case, 4.10 has a shorter gear, and it consumes much energy, which increases its performance making the towing capacity also better. What determines the towing capacity is the gear ratio and gearing transmission such that 4.10 allows the vehicle to start without much throttle. 

Are 3.73 or 4.10 better for towing?

Are 3.73 or 4.10 better for towing
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The best gear ratio for towing among the two gears is the 4.10 gear ratio since it is shorter and consumes much fuel. The towing capacity depends on the size of the gear ratio and the amount of energy it is consuming.

What are 4.10 gears suitable for?

4.10 gear ratios are better for improving the vehicle’s performance while driving on highways. The performance is high as they help move the car faster since they deliver enough power to the wheels for the rotations. The 4.10 gears are suitable for acceleration, have good torque, and the towing capacity is also higher. The features make the vehicle

Is a 4.10 gear ratio good for towing?

The 4.10 gear ratio is suitable for towing. It is the best for use when majoring in the towing feature. It is all because it has higher acceleration and can work with heavy loads both on highways and roads affected by poor weather conditions that can be muddy.

Factors to consider when choosing the gear ratio


Choose a gear ratio that has an excellent speed to run such that you can move with it at a reasonable rate. Therefore, with the speed purposes, choose to use shorter gears since they move at a higher speed as they accelerate faster than the other gear ratios.

Types of transmissions

Check the transmission types for the gears such that they need to have the dog boxes which you can move with them faster and the shifts are also faster without the addition of the clutch; however, it could be expensive when having such features.

Fuel consumption

When choosing a gear ratio, consider checking the fuel consumption such that you select a gear ratio that will consume less fuel, conserving the fuel economy. In this case, choose the 3.73 gear ratio since it makes more minor rotations using less energy, unlike the 4.10 gear ratio, which makes more rotations consume more fuel. The processes determine the fuel consumption since the engine uses fuel to provide power for the wheels to move. the more the wheels move, the more they use energy.


The price of a gear ratio will determine the choice of the item. If the gear ratio is expensive, it means it has a quality feature that you will enjoy while using, but if it is cheap, it means you can use it, but it is not that good for use with traveling or that it is not long-lasting. However, you cannot choose to use an expensive tool that you cannot afford and maintain. Therefore, choose a gear ratio that you are sure you can pay for, and during the maintenance, you can also keep it.

Frequently asked questions

What is the function of gears in any vehicle?

The function of gears in vehicles is to maximize riding speed, making the traveling process smooth for the car user since the bags determine the rate you will use as shorter ones move at high speeds than the longer gear ratios.

How can one get the fuel output using the gear ratios?

To get the fuel output from the gear ratios, check the rotations of the car that a gear ratio with more reels will consume more fuel as the one with fewer rotations will use less energy. You can get the output after analyzing how the gear ratios work differently.

Are there specific tracks that have their gear ratios?

Of course, some cars or vehicles use specific gear ratios that need gear ratios that can accommodate heavy loads, unlike the smaller cars that use average gear ratios.


When changing the gears or knowing the best type of gears to use, there must be a problem with your previous experience. So if you are among those individuals with such issues, do not worry since I will show you which one is the best among the two gear ratios in the guide. Choosing the gears depends on your preference; however, a 4.10 gear ratio is the best in this case.

The features, differences, and the gear ratio is best discussed in the article above that you need to check on the parts to get a difference between the two gear ratios. Choose to use a 4.10 gear ratio for your vehicle since it has the best features. 

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