Air Shocks vs. Airbags- Benefits, and Drawbacks

Air shock and Airbags are two of the most popular brands when it comes to air suspension. Both firms have been in operation for decades, producing high-quality items that outperform the competition year after year. However, because Air shock and Airbag are similar, best judgment can be difficult.

That’s why we’re here to assist you in making an educated decision based on reality rather than assumptions. Air shocks and Airbags produce high-quality airbag suspensions that last year after year. Both firms’ products are simple to install; however, airbags have a somewhat easier installation method. Air shock offers excellent customer service, and many of its air suspensions come with a lifetime warranty.

The choice between Air shock and an Airbag is not based on price or performance. The most essential thing is to choose the proper air suspension for the vehicle, and we propose that you go with what you enjoy most! If that occurs to be Airlifts or Airbag, great; if not, don’t be afraid to try Air shock or Airbag.

Air shocks vs. Airbags

To assist you in making a more informed choice, we will examine each company’s products and compare them on performance, quality, and pricing to identify the best alternative.


The Airbag was established in 1936 and has been in operation for many years. This is one of the oldest manufacturers of air suspension systems, with a wide selection of goods ranging from springs to converter kits, bags, and reservoir tanks that can be used with various vehicles, including cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles.

Air shocks

On the other hand, Air shock was created after WWII in 1949 and has since evolved to become a known and trusted company in the business. They make a variety of air suspension items, like bags, converter kits, and bladder tanks, that may be used on various vehicles, including cars and trucks.

Distinctive Characteristics

These brands excel in four areas, and one is superior to the other.

  • Branding
  • Service to Customers
  • Installation
  • Warranty

With its branding, airbags have done a tremendous job. The airbag is a term that everyone and their mother has heard of. On the other hand, Air shock was not a household name when it was initially launched, but they have since established themselves as one of the top companies to consider for air suspension needs.

It can be challenging to locate folks who are unfamiliar with the Air shock brand. Although the company is now significant, the average joe or rookie will frequently mistake it for a vehicle update (which it is in some ways), but they are unaware that it is a well-known and recognized brand of airbags.

Many vendors, we’ve heard, will frequently recommend airbags merely because the buyer will identify with the name. On the other hand, Air shock has become well-known for its outstanding customer service and special offers. They make every attempt to provide their consumers with precisely what they require. This comment may be found in hundreds of reviews and customer forums, among other places.

In comparison to Air shock, Airbag’s airbag suspension appears to be easier to install. The installation of an Airbag is effortless and straightforward. An air shock isn’t inherently difficult to install, but it does take longer. In addition, Air shock provides a better warranty than airbags. All load assists air springs and weight support onboard compressor systems come with a lifetime and 60-day money-back guarantee, depending on the product.

If you are dissatisfied with Air shock’s products after being installed, you can remove them and send them to the provider for a complete refund. Airbag offers a much shorter warranty on their air springs.

Prices comparison

Airbags and Air shocks are pretty close in price. However, the price varies from year to year and depends on whether you buy them online or in-store. Airbags may be significantly more expensive depending on the sort of air suspension you require.

Performance comparison

Airbags and Air shocks offer various performance capacities, so one isn’t inherently better than others — it all depends on your needs. Evaluate how often and where you will use your vehicle when deciding if Air shock or Airbag is better for it. If you wish to utilize Air shock bags daily in city or highway driving situations, choose Air shock because they were intended for that purpose.

However, let’s say you’re checking into air suspensions since you have a high load or cargo that isn’t standard, and you’ll be using it on a more occasional basis. In that situation, Airbag is likely to be the preferable option. Airbag has gone for them because they are usually easier to install and fix in the event of a problem down the line.

This makes them suitable for individuals who desire a quick update without the headache of ongoing maintenance. Both Airbag and Air shock make excellent air suspension systems, but it all depends on what you need the design for, how often you’ll use it, where you’ll be driving, and so on.

Which is best between airbags and air shocks

Which is best between airbags and air shocks

Finally, Air shocks and Airbags are two powerful brands of airbag dampers that consistently deliver excellent results year after year. Both firms make it simple to install their goods, but Airbag’s system looks significantly more straightforward to install than Air shock’s. This does not detract from the fact that both companies provide exceptional customer service.

Each item has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, making one preferable to the other dependent solely on your requirements or tastes. We encourage you to do what you enjoy the most! If that occurs to be Air shock or Airbag, great; if not, don’t be afraid to try Air shock or Airbag.

Features of air shocks

The ability to modify the airflow makes all the difference. Steel factory suspension must strike a balance between ride comfort and load carrying capabilities. The challenge with steel spring issues is that smooth-riding suspensions struggle with big bags while heavy-duty springs ride harshly.

You may have the best of all worlds and address your suspension troubles by setting the airbags to handle any load and road conditions with Air shock adjustable springs. Increase the compressed air in the air helper springs to offer them extra support while pulling or hauling, then release the mood for a smoother ride while the car is unloaded.

The following are some of the most typical load and hauling difficulties that an airlift air spring may solve:

Suspension Sag

It is a term that describes how far a suspension system sags. Proper weight allocation to all tires can enhance steering, braking, and tire wear by adjusting the air helper spring to accept the trailer tongue weight. When towing, this technique becomes exceptionally crucial.

Rough Ride

A smooth ride is supplied by the Air shock’s progressing spring rate and adjustable air spring architecture, while the springs cushion bumps and keep the vehicle on the road for superior handling.

Bottoming out

Air shock air shocks can also aid with ride height issues when towing. The vehicle may sink or bottom out when transporting or towing, resulting in an unlevel ride. Air shock springs can maintain a standard air suspension, minimize suspension wear and prevent crashes, and go flat out on bumps and holes.

Body Roll and Sway

Air shock air springs are the answer if you want a safer, sturdier, and more pleasant ride. You can use the air shocks to accurately modify vehicle height and weight support when towing the camper, trailer, or boat, allowing precise alignment and avoiding trailer wobble. The air helper springs improve vehicle stability by increasing spring rate assistance and eliminating roll and swaying.

Headlights aim

A level vehicle is the only way to have an adequate headlight aiming for safety. An Air shock air-assist spring will offer the necessary stability for a level car and safe nighttime driving.

Features of airbags

Load Pulley 5000 kits have full-time load assistance and can handle large loads. These airbags offer 5,000-pound load support and leveling capacity, ideal for heavily-loaded trucks and vans. These completely adjustable air-assist springs will keep your car level during your travel, improve safety, and provide a better overall ride, whether loaded or unloaded. Many pickup trucks and vans with towing and hauling capabilities employ Load Lifter 5000 kits. 

Getting your suspension to create a more comfortable, smooth, and soft ride is rarely an issue when you’re unloaded or lightly loaded. However, many modern automobiles lack breaks capable of towing or carrying, resulting in a poor ride. Air shock Ride Control 59500 was created to address this issue.

Many of our customers’ favorite automobiles with leaf springs will benefit from Ride Control systems. These kits have a leveling capability of 2,000 pounds and are suitable for a wide range of pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs. Every Ride Control package includes an innovative alignment tool to ensure a smooth and level ride.


If you’re a safety-conscious rider or have children or a partner who rides frequently, airbag vests are an investment worth making.

After installing these, you will notice a huge improvement in the car’s performance. Apart from that, the flexibility to alter these air shocks is the biggest feature.

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