Are RV Breakers The Same As Home Breakers? [Explained]

Sometimes, the electric system of the RV gets overloaded. In this situation, the RV breakers trip and save the system from overloading and catching fire.

Home breakers are great. And you might be thinking if you can replace it with the RV breaker or not and vice-versa.

Whatever the reason, the question remains, are RV breakers the same as home breakers?

No, they are not the same. RV and home breakers work in the same way, but they are not the same. Both come in different styles and works differently.

There are also other things to know about these two breakers. Stay with us to learn more!

RV Breakers Vs Home Breakers: A Quick Glimpse

RV Breakers Vs Home Breakers

The primary purpose of the breakers remains the same whether it’s on an RV or in a home. 

As we know, sometimes the electricity runs too much through the circuit. In situations like this, breakers shut off or trip to protect the whole system. The entire circuit and the wires will overload and catch fire if they do not shut off.

So, the conclusion is that the purpose for both breakers is the same: to protect the home’s electric system or RVs.

But, of course, the usage of both is determined by the place or where they are being used. In this case, those places are home or an RV. 

Now, there are some differences between RV breakers and home breakers. Let’s see the basics one by one.

Difference Between Rv Breakers And Home Breakers

Now, knowing the differences might help us to know and gather the basics about these two breakers. Let’s dive in!

AspectsRV BreakerHome Breaker
Trip LevelLower than home onesHigher than RV one’s
Pole LevelDualSingle
LocationBased on the RVElectrical panel
FeaturesSpecifically for RVNormal
DurabilityBetter than Home breakerLess than RV breaker
Water resistance?YesNo
Sizes3 types (15/ 20/ 30 amps)2 types (20 and 50 amps)
PriceLess than Home one’sExpensive
WarrantyLonger than Home BreakerLimited

We can answer the following question as we know the fundamental differences.

Are RV Breakers The Same As Home Breakers? [Answered]

Are RV Breakers The Same As Home Breakers

No, the RV breakers are not the same as home breakers. The RV breakers come with dual-pole levels, whereas it’s single for the home ones. The feature of the RV breakers is made explicitly for RV uses, have a better warranty, lower trip level, and are lower priced than the Home breakers.

We already know the primary purpose of an RV circuit breaker, which is to protect the electric system of the RV. Besides, there are some other reasons too.

The circuit breaker is connected to all the pieces of equipment in your RV, such as a fridge, fan, lights, electric heater, etc. The breaker will trip or shut off if those appliances draw too much power, and the system can’t take that anymore. 

That will shut the entire system down and prevent the wires from catching fire and overloading. The breaker is a safety net between the electric system and a mess.

The circuit breaker can be in many places depending on the RV model. Those places include the bed, inside the cupboard door, and around the refrigerator.

When you turn on the air conditioner, there is a chance of tripping the wires. Besides, if most of the appliances are run together, there is also a reason the circuit could shut down automatically.

You can always troubleshoot the breaker by resetting it or turning off all the heavy appliances that are drawing too much energy and flowing through the electric system.

Types of RV Breakers

The RV breakers usually come in two types of amps; 20 and 50 amps. The breakers may vary based on your panel and overall electric system.

But there are common types based on pole number. Those are;

  1. Double-pole breakers: These types are generally used for big appliances, such as AC or anything that consumes much power.
  1. Tandem breakers: These are used for small appliances, such as bulbs.
  1. Solar panel breakers: Lastly, these breakers shut off the circuit when there is too much power consumption from the solar panel system.

Now that we know all the types of breakers available, let’s see what to do just in case we need to reset or replace any of the breakers.

Resetting and Replacing an RV Breaker (Step-by-Step)

Whether you need to reset or replace the RV breaker, you must consider and make sure of a few things. Those things include the place of the circuit and connection to the main power supply.

Ensure the place is not wet at all. The circuit and all the areas should be dry and clean. Besides, you must connect the circuit to the primary power supply.

Then, we can move into resetting or replacing the RV breaker.

In case of resetting the RV breaker, maintain the following instruction carefully.

  • Find out where is the breaker panel.
  • You will find a leaning-off breaker in the breaker panel.
  • Turn off all the appliances that are connected to the panel.
  • Then, put the level of the breaker to the off position. Then, again, turn it to the on position. 
  • It will resupply the power to the appliances, and the system will start working again. That’s it.

But, if the breaker is ultimately broken or tripped, you might need to replace the breaker. So, here are the guidelines to get you through the process;

  • Shut down everything connected or any appliances connected to the circuit panel.
  • Remove the circuit cover.
  • Remove the breaker by pulling it towards to end of the wires.
  • Unplug all the wires connected to the panel.
  • Replace it with the new breaker.
  • Reconnect the wire and tighten the panel.

And that way, you can efficiently rewire or reconnect the breaker.  


Are RV Circuit Breakers Universal?

No, the RV circuit breakers are not universal. The design, power output, trip level, and all the significant factors of an RV breaker depend on the model of that  RV.

How Long Do RV Breakers Last?

RV breakers can last five to ten years or even forty years. The health of the breaker, the appliance level, and other factors play a crucial role in breaker duration and how long they will last.

Can I Replace A Circuit Breaker Myself?

Yes, you can replace a circuit breaker yourself. But it is not recommended. It’s always a good idea to call for a professional. Doing that by yourself can have dangerous consequences.

Last Words

We hope this article answers your question about whether RV breakers are the same as home breakers or not. 

Of course, the RV and home breakers are not the same and come in different types. But you can install the RV breakers and use them in your home.

Call a professional if you need to replace the RV breaker. Let us know if this article helped. Good luck!

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