Atwood Water Heater Switch Not Lighting Up [Fixed]

You just woke up in the morning. You went to the control panel of your camper and turned on the water heater switch. But the button is not lighting up.

You might be annoyed by this issue. Whatever the situation, this is a very common problem when dealing with a water heater-related issue. 

So, you might be asking, why is my Atwood water heater switch not lighting up? Where’s the problem?  How do I solve it?

There are a few reasons, such as a blown fuse, circuit problem, circuit board issue, broken igniter, thermocouple issue, and ECO problem.

Whatever the cause might be, we got the solution for you. We will guide you through the process in this article.

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How To Turn On My Atwood Water Heater: In Brief

Before turning on the switch, ensure enough water is in your camper’s tank. In your monitor panel, you find the controls for everything.

The water heater, pilot switch, and everything are there to turn on the water heater. Also, ensure that your water pump is turned on as well.

Then, turn on the lp light. After that, when you switch on the Dsi fault, it turns red, which means the 12V is engaged.

The water heater works fine as long as the lp light is on. 

But, sometimes, the light doesn’t light up. What does that mean? Where is the problem?  Let’s find out! 

Atwood Water Heater Switch Not Lighting Up [Reasons And Fixes]

Atwood Water Heater Switch Not Lighting Up

There are some common causes reported by the camper owners behind this particular problem. But don’t worry! We have solutions for these causes as well.

We will discuss the reasons behind this problem in detail why the water heater switch is not working. And then, we will provide solutions for these problems. 

Let’s get into it!

Circuit Breaker Problem

Sometimes one of the main culprits is the circuit breaker and temperature fuse. Sometimes it’s as simple as a loose connection.

But sometimes, maybe the circuit breaker gets tripped, and you won’t be able to resolve this issue until you reset the entire circuit breaker.

There are a few reasons why your circuit breaker is tripped or broken. Those causes include problems with a thermostat, or maybe water got there.

Whatever the reason might be, we need to fix it. In this situation, you might need to buy a new thermostat and replace it with a new one.

Besides, you need to replace the water heater fuse, just in case. Also, repair any wire connected to the circuit breaker if anything is broken.

Circuit Board Problem

Sometimes the circuit board is the problem, not to mention its faulty design, which makes things more complicated.

You might question why it is connected to the switch. The main reason is that if there is any problem with the circuit board. 

Even though everything is smooth, the system won’t work because the circuit board passes the gas to reach the heater.

To get a decent idea if the board and circuit are working or not, you need to get a VOM. that way, you will be able to examine if there is enough gas supply to the heater. If the mark is below twelve, then there is a problem.

Igniter Problem

Having a broken or faulty igniter could also be a reason. Your heater switch will not light up if there is any problem with the igniter.

When you turn on the igniter, you will hear the sound when you turn it on and see a spark. But, if you have a faulty igniter, you will listen to the sound, but there will be no spark in the igniter. That’s how you will know if there is any problem with the igniter or not.

The problem is simple, and so is the solution. Here’s how you’re going to fix it.

  1. You can see the screws that are holding the igniter, right? You need to unscrew those.
  2. Then, clean the entire area of the igniter properly. Ensure that no dust or anything can block the igniter from working.
  3. After that, screw the igniter back in its place. If it’s not working, you need to get a new one.

Thermocouple Problem

The thermocouple is one of the most annoying things the owners find while dealing with water heater problems. As it is one of the essential components of the entire heater system, the system’s issue will also be complex.

The thermocouple works in a two steps process. Those are;

  1. First, it absorbs the heat of the pilot.
  2. And then, secondly, the gas reaches the burner because the thermocouple lets it through.

So, now you can understand why a problem in there might be a huge problem. As it works as a channel between these two components, if something is not functioning correctly, the gas won’t pass, and the burner will not light up.

Most of the time, resetting might not work, and it’s not an option either. But you can always replace it with a new one. Let’s see how you can install or replace a new thermocouple and do that step-by-step.

But before, you need a few pieces of equipment to help in the process of replacing a new thermocouple.

You will need a complete wrench and screwdriver set with all the sizes. That will help you screw and unscrew all the nuts in the way.

Besides, you will also need a bar of soap and long matches. And, of course, last but not least, you will also need a new thermocouple.

How To Install A New Thermocouple Into A Camper

How To Install A New Thermocouple Into A Camper

We can install the new thermocouple if you have everything we mentioned. 

  1. There are a few things that you need to turn off or shut off first. Those are the shut-off valve and the control valve.
  2. Now, grab the screwdriver and unscrew all the nuts which connect the thermocouple. Besides, you will find nuts attached to the main gas line and the pilot. Those need to be unscrewed as well.
  3. Then your first task will be pulling out the pilot.
  4. Hoping you already got the thermocouple that exactly fits your current one. Replace it with the old one.
  5. Then screw all the nuts that you unscrewed earlier.
  6. And, of course, turn on the shut-off and control valve again.
  7. The soap will come in handy now. Add the soap with water and put it in every joining between the lines.
  8. Turn on the light, and you will find if something is malfunctioning or any kind of leak.

That will do the trick, and finally, you can light up the switch.

But, there is the last cause that needs our attention. We will discuss that now.

Emergency Cut-Off (ECO) Problem

The emergency cut-off button can also cause the problem. When you turn on the switch, you’re supposed to hear a clicking sound.

If you didn’t hear anything, then probably check the eco button. The valve in the gas area, which is responsible for letting the gas flow, and the control valve are connected by the eco button.

The switch is not supposed to work if anything is faulty in the eco button. So, you need to fix it.

The best solution is to fix the part that connects with the circuit board. Then, the system will pass the gas, and the switch will ignite.


Why Is My Atwood Water Heater Not Working?

Your water heater is not working because of a few reasons. The causes include a blown fuse in the circuit board, faulty wiring, a faulty igniter switch blown up, the thermocouple not functioning, or the ECO not working.

Do Atwood RV Water Heaters Have An Anode Rod?

No, the Atwood RV water heater doesn’t have an anode rod. Usually, the rods are made of magnesium instead of aluminum. That’s why some other brands’ water heaters have anode rods, but the Atwood water heater doesn’t. 

Where Is The Fuse On A Hot Water Heater?

Your RV has a control panel with every switch to run your RV. The fuse that runs the water heater is on the main control panel. At the bottom, you will find all the fuse and necessary components to run your water heater.

Final Words

We discussed all the possible causes of why the Atwood water heater switch is not lighting up. And then we provided you with all the solutions that we know of.

We hope this article helped you fix your solution. Let us know if there are any other solutions.

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