Bulletproof Hitches vs B&W- Which Tow Hitch Is the Best to Use?

Bulletproof and b & w are both two types of hitches that help in the process of towing vehicles. The hitches are of the same purpose that most people cannot easily differentiate them and hence ask questions to know their differences and similarities.

Therefore, the hitches have similarities and differences in their features, and there is one that outstands the other even though all the elements are almost identical. The difference can be with their types, stowing ability, security, and size that you need to choose to work with your vehicle.

The article below shows the differences between the hitches and answers some of the questions below:  Are Bulletproof hitches any good? Are B&W Hitches worth it? Which trap is the strongest? Do Bulletproof snares rattle? After that are frequently asked questions and lastly, the conclusion.

Quick comparison table of the two hitches

FeatureBulletproof hitchesb&w hitches
Type of hitchHeavy-duty hitch with two ballsHeavy-duty hitch with three balls
StowingIt cannot be bestowedCan bestow
AttachmentsHas the pintle attachmentIt lacks the pintle attachment
SizeUses the size of the shank with the vehicleThe size is adjustable and can work with any size you want.

Are Bulletproof hitches any good?

Are Bulletproof hitches any good
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Bulletproof hitches are good to use so long as you get the right size of trap that fits your vehicle. Below are some of the steps you need to follow when you want to use the bulletproof hitches:

1. Get the measurements for the opening of the receiver tube to identify the size of the shank with your vehicle. The shank size should range from two inches, two and a half inches, to three inches. However, three inches applies only to specific vehicles that you need to be keen with the type of vehicle you have when you want to use it.

2. Park the vehicle on a flat ground that ensures it is balanced and get measurements from the floor to the bottom inside the receiver tube and record the measures to apply later.

3. After getting the results, you can now identify the size of the bulletproof hatch that suits your car and choose it for use.

Towing mistakes that are common

Very few people tow their vehicles and come up with a clear output of what they need to have. Failure of good towing results in some other mistakes with the car that you need to be keen on with the towing process. Below are some of the errors that are associated with towing:

Overloading of the vehicle

When using any vehicle, whether a heavy truck, choose to load the car correctly to fit its size. Therefore, if you have any load, consider balancing the load in the vehicle, including placing the heavier load at the car’s front end. Poor balancing of the vehicles’ load can affect how the car runs on the road. After balancing the car, you need to have the bulletproof hitch that offers a good sway control system that helps in slowing trailer sway with larger vehicles to enhance the towing process and make it safer.

Not forgetting the sideways, ensure they are also balanced since sides that are not balanced are risky as they can lead to overturning the vehicle while running. Therefore, ensure everything in the car is in the right position to make the experience smoother.

Improper tire pressure

Before leaving for any journey, consider checking the tire pressure with your vehicle. Remember, inflated tires are very dangerous when you run the car with them, and you can check the manufacturer’s manual to get the exact pressure needed for your vehicle. Avoid putting too much pressure on the vehicle, but always choose to add stress after some time when driving the car.

Poor settings of the hitch and trailer coupler

Before towing, it is good to check for every part of the vehicle and ensure they are at the right place in the car. The checking process reduces some risks related to tire blowouts and so on. There are several ways you can use to check the parts in the vehicle if they are okay, which are as follows:

Ensure you attach the proper pins to ensure everything is connected properly after lining up and the coupler is on top. The pins will attach themselves to the hitch, which connects the receiver tube and the ball to the channel. Secure the safety chains crossed to create space so that they are not getting in contact with the ground. Check the breaks to ensure they are functioning if there is a disconnection from the vehicle the brakes will activate.

Ensure all lights work in the vehicle after connecting it to the electricity source and test the wires with the brakes.


Failure to lubricate the coupler and hitch does not necessarily fail the towing process but rather causes friction which is not good for the vehicle. Friction can cause damage to the trap and coupler most bulletproof users recommend using a thin layer of antifriction grease on all the balls for towing.

Towing needs one to apply all the skills they have and know to develop a good experience. It only needs one to have some tips that most people forget and ensure you are safe.

Are B&W Hitches worth it?

Are B&W Hitches worth it
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B & W hitches are worth using as they have their own experiences that you may want to choose for. Below are some of the features of the trap above:

They are adjustable

The hitch is adjustable, and you only need to pull two pins which are the two and stow that offers multiple height options. Choose to invert the tow and stow it with the receiver to change the position of the hitches. The feature allows you to choose the right size of the hitch to use with your vehicle.

It stows behind the bumper

Not every time you have your car, you are towing or stowing. When you are not using anything with the towing process, you can easily keep the stows away from the shins and garage door by storing them behind the bumper.

It has multiple sizes of balls

With the hitch above, multiple balls have the tow and stow, accommodating all the vehicle’s coupler sizes.

It is secure

The hitch has the stow and tow, which have the highest security feature that it cannot be stolen since when you lock it on the vehicle’s receiver, no one can remove the swing arm unless you open the lock. It is because the slide pin maintains the position of the swingarm, which enhances its attachment to the hitch.

It has a lifetime warranty

Choosing such a hitch is important because it gets repairs and replacements from the manufacturer for free.

Which hitch is the strongest?

The strongest type of hitch to use should be in class five of the hitches: the bulletproof and the B & W hitch, which are all strong. When choosing, check on the other features that create their differences and the features that suit you. Both pitfalls have a lifetime warranty that you can use while getting repairs and replacements from the manufacturer for free.

Therefore, in this case, consider using B & W hitch as the strongest since it has some other good factors that accompany it like it can be towed and is secure for use.

Do Bulletproof hitches rattle?

Do Bulletproof hitches rattle
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Yes, the bulletproof hitches do rattle due to the unnecessary movements of the couple that causes the hitch to rattle. However, you can still find ways to fix the rattle with your hitch. Below are some of the steps to follow:

 i. Use grease that you apply in the hitch to prevent friction that can cause rattling

 ii. Use ball covers that prevent the ball from corrosion that reduces the rattling when towing.

Frequently asked questions

How can one lower the pintle hitch that makes noise?

To lower the pintle hitch making noise, consider drilling and tapping the bottom of the receiver tube so that the existing bolt can add tension on the insert as it works with the ball hitch.


Hitches in any vehicle help tow the vehicle so that it can enhance its speed and performance. Therefore, you need to check on the best hitches to use for the purposes that in this case, we are discussing the bulletproof and b & w hitches. The article below shows their slight differences and discusses more of their operations. Kindly check on the paper to get the fine information you need about hitches.

When choosing the right hitches for your car during towing, consider checking the manufacturer’s manual and get what the car is recommended to use. However, you can use the b & w since it has some good features that you can apply for use with your vehicle, like the security and versatile strength it has. 

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