Why Won’t My Camper Pop-up Interior Lights Not Working? Troubleshooting Guide

You’re on a vacation trip and suddenly notice your interior lights are not working correctly. It’s a hassle during trips or night outs with friends and family. 

So, you might be wondering, what went wrong? Why won’t my camper pop-up interior lights not working?

The reasons behind this problem could be a few. Most common is the safety switch malfunctioning, inverter or circuit not working, or the house battery problem. 

Don’t worry! We got your back. We provided detailed information about these problems and how to solve these. Let’s dive in!

Why Won’t My Camper Pop-Up Interior Lights Not Working? [Reasons and Fixes]

Camper Pop-Up Interior Lights Not Working

Depending on your camper and light type, the problems might lie in a few familiar places. First, we should look into those sections or parts of our camper and then fix the issues.

But first, we need to know where the problem is, right? Exactly! Let’s dive in!

Here is a checklist that you should first check whether those are working or not;

  • Check if the tripped circuit breakers are ok or not.
  • Did any of the fuses blow up?
  • Is there any loose connection from the energy source?
  • The main battery switch is working, and if it’s on or off.

If there is a problem in these locations, fixing them won’t be a hassle, and you can do them yourself. Let’s dive into our first problem and the solution.

Safety Switch Problem

When your camper is consuming 12V DC, likely, it automatically shuts off downwards. Sometimes, there is a safety switch at the top of the ceiling. Turn that on. 

But putting it upwards might solve this if the switch is not broken or malfunctioning. So, you might need to fix that.

The position of the switch might vary from place to place based on your camper model. It should be around the sink most of the time. Or sometimes, it’s in the lids for the benches. Or, sometimes, a switch under the gallery might be broken.

You must set the kitchen and engage the safety switch to turn on the popup interior light. That should fix the problem. But if the switch is defective, you should fix that.

But you should remember that 12v doesn’t usually work when the camper is in travel mode. And never try to bypass the system. You will only complicate the problem.

Breaker and Connector Problem

You will find a wire harness connected to the roof circuit panel. You can find it from the outside.

If the connector plug is not connected correctly, the lights won’t work. Make sure that connector is working fine. If not, you might need to replace that.

Besides, check whether the fuses are correctly connected and working or not. Lights on the outside and inside works through different energy supply. The problem lies if there is a problem with the 12v DC or the fuses.

And by any chance, if you ever overload the circuit connected to the light, it probably tripped the breaker. It might have to replace and reset the overall system as well.

Inverter/ Converter Problem

Sometimes, even though the v outlets are working fine and providing power, it doesn’t ensure that the converter is also working smoothly. 

Most built-in charging system comes with a built-in converter and charger. When the main 12V is plugged in, this provides the power directly to your lighting system. But, if the converter has a problem, it will not give the power.

Check if there is any problem or not in the converter.

House Battery Problem

Even though this is not the primary issue, you should definitely look into this. Sometimes the battery can be dead, although the pop-up runs with the 110 system.

In this case, you need to check a few things, like if the water pump or radio is working or not. If those work smoothly without the backup battery, the problem lies in the inverter. 

Otherwise, you should fix this battery, or getting a new battery would be an optimal solution.

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Will Trailer Interior Lights Work Without Battery?

Yes, the trailer interior lights will work without a battery if there is any alternative saucer of energy, such as the primary or in-house energy supply system. Usually, the interior lights are charged from the 12V DC. So, the lights should work just fine even if the battery is dead.

Why Are The Lights In My RV Dim?

If the lights are running on your alternative or reserve battery, this should be why your RV’s dim light. Or another reason could be a loose connection in the wiring system or the inverter problem. We provided the solutions in the previous section for these problems. 

How Do I Change The Interior Lights In My RV?

Unscrew the fixture of the lights. Get new connectors and lights if the previous ones are damaged. Unplug the previous connectors one by one. Then, connect the new ones and the new lights. Set and screw the lights. That’s it! 

Final Words

There could be a few common reasons why the camper pop-up interior lights are not working. Such as house battery, inverter related, safety-switch broken or malfunctioning. 

You can quickly fix these issues with a couple of equipment and replacements. Hope this article helped you understand the situation better and solve your problems.

Besides, to better understand how two types of camper electric system work, learn the 12V side of life. It will help you fix your problems with the camper’s overall electric system whenever you face related issues.

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