Can a Toy Hauler Carry a Car? 5 Things You Should Know About

Maybe you are going to visit the countryside and you want your car with you then a toy hauler is the best choice. You may find it difficult to rent a car for a few days in a rustic area if you do not take your car with you.

Besides, it is also rare to find a good quality hotel in a rural area. As a result, the best solution is to take your toy hauler with you in which you can sleep as well as you can park your car in the backside of the RV. However, Can a Toy Hauler Carry a Car?

Can a Toy Hauler Carry a Car?

A toy hauler is suitable to carry small vehicles like motorcycles, bikes, and golf carts. It is also possible to park a smart car in the toy hauler. It was actually structured for 4-wheel quad ATVs. In the case of cars, all cars cannot be parked in the RV but there are some small models of cars that can go into the toy hauler and can be parked. Which cars can be parked in the garage of the RV totally depends on the height, weight, and width of both the toy hauler and the car. 

This was a general idea. Before buying a toy hauler, you should know about some important things. Continue reading to learn more about toy haulers. 

How many types of toy haulers are there?

RV is actually used for an off-roading trip or a family picnic. There are five types of toy haulers. Every type has different sizes and models. People buy different types of RVs according to their needs. The types are given below.

Travel Trailer Toy Hauler

Travel Trailer Toy Hauler
Source: trekkn

The travel trailer is a very common form of motorhome RV. It is used for recreational tours most of the time. The different sections of the RV are not separated from each other. That means the garage, the living space, and the kitchen have no separate areas. That is why you can use bigger space for any of the sections. You can use the whole RV in two sections if you park your car outside. There is a disadvantage that there is no toilet in this type of toy hauler. 

Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler

Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler
Source: drivinvibin

The fifth wheel toy hauler is a big-sized RV. It has a large living space. The living space is situated on the front part of the vehicle. It has a separate garage section. The part which is used for parking is bigger than other models respectively.

If you have a car you can park there or else you can park more than one small vehicle. It has a big rigger ramp door and also a very good quality floor that can carry more weight. Rather than that, it has a big storage space. You can store something that you need in the near future. 

Cargo Trailer Toy Hauler

Cargo Trailer Toy Hauler
Source: livingquarterhorsetrailer

A Cargo trailer toy hauler is used to carry vehicles from one place to another. This type is totally unique from other trailers because this RV does not have any living area. The cargo trailer is very popular for the big storage space. If you are looking for a big garage space then it is suitable for you.

There are two doors in the motorhome. One is a little side door and another one is a big ramp door that is used to load or unload your things. This type of RV is actually used for transferring vehicles from one place to another. One can use this for business purposes also. 

Class A Toy Hauler

Class A Toy Hauler is similar to a bus. It has an en engine which is located in the rear part of the RV. That is why it is also known as pushers. Class A motorhomes are the biggest toy haulers. It has a very big living area and storage. The front side of the RV is flat. It has a powerful windshield.

That is why the front glass is very protective. There is a way to identify the source of power. If the engine of the RV is located in the front then it is run by gas and if the engine of the RV is located in the rear part then it is an RV that is run by diesel. 

Class C Toy Hauler

Class C Toy Hauler
Source: transwest

The class C type looks like a truck or a pickup van. There is a box over the engine that allows a person to sleep there. In this case, the engine is always located in the front. Class C is smaller than class A. Besides, class C is more comfortable than class A. 

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How much weight can you put in a toy hauler? 

There is a difference in every type and size of a toy hauler. That is why this is obvious that they will vary in carrying weight. Some of them have reinforced walls and floors. They are stronger than the others. They can carry more weight than the others.

Therefore, it is very difficult to tell the exact weight that can be carried by all the motorhomes. However, in general, all the toy haulers can carry from 3000 lbs to 5000 lbs. That is why if you need to carry heavyweight, you should go for the bigger ones. 

Which cars can fit in a toy hauler?

The toy haulers are not so big that all cars can be parked in them. Therefore, it is important to know all the details about this topic before buying a car, if you need to park that car in an RV. Toy haulers allow all the small smart cars to park in the garage area but there are some 4-seat cars that can only fit in the toy haulers. We are giving five examples of small cars that can fit in the fifth wheel toy hauler’s garage space. 

CarLength in inchesWidth in inchesWeight in lbs
1. Smart Fortwo106.161.42050
2. Toyota IQ120.166.11896
3. Flat 500116.952.01100
4. Chevy Spark137.658.862246
5. Mitsubishi Mirage151.465.62095

Which toy haulers have a big parking space?

There are so many toy haulers. Every type is made in need of different people. However, if you are finding an RV for a big garage or to park your car then you will need a big toy hauler. Here are some models that will give you big space for your car. 

Toy HaulerLength in inchesWidth in inches
1. Grand Design Momentum 398M44’9”8’6”
2. KZ Venom 4020DQ43’4”8’4”
3. Keystone Fuzion 41343’8’6”
4. Heartland Torque Fifth Wheels Toy Hauler42’11”8’5”
5. Heartland Cyclone CY4005 44’8’5”


Toy haulers are very useful in different aspects. If you want to go to a rural area with your car you can take your toy hauler with you. You can use your RV for business purposes and you can also use it to live in. Besides, you can also store your vehicles there. 

There are so many types of toy haulers and every type has some different sizes. You can earn a vast knowledge about motorhomes and using these pieces of information you can choose the correct toy hauler for you. 

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