Can an RV Air Conditioner Run Continuously? [24/7 Yes or No]

When you have an air conditioner and come home from work after a long day, and you turn the air conditioner off, and the house is hot it can be very boring. Therefore, most people prefer keeping it on all day so that when they come back home, they will get the house with fresh air inside. The air conditioner can run continuously either because of the settings or because it has faults.

Therefore, the issue of leaving the air conditioner on the whole day raises the question of can an air conditioner run continuously. Yes, the air conditioner can run the entire day without experiencing any other problems. All you need to do is adjust the thermostat slightly so that the compressor can still cycle on and off and work effectively.

The article below shows how to maintain the thermostat to run without stopping and answers the following questions: How long can you run RV AC? Is it bad for AC to run constantly? Should I leave my RV AC on? Why does my RV air conditioner keep running? Lastly are the frequently asked questions and conclusions.

Can an RV air conditioner run continuously?

Yes, an RV air conditioner can run continuously because of two reasons. The reasons are as shown in the table below:

MethodFunctionEssential product
The user wants it to run continuously and thus sets it with the thermostatFor cooling the house the whole day during hotter days.Check Amazon for the best thermostats.
Faults with the air conditioners’ parts like the condenser coils, clogged air filter, faulty fan, and othersFaulty parts are causing the failure of the air conditioner to perform some tasks.Check Amazon for the best condenser coils, air filters, and fans.

How long can you run RV AC?

Running the RV air conditioner can take up to eight hours when using a generator and can use almost two gallons of gas. If you need to use the air conditioner and don’t want to consume much of the electricity, choose to use portable generators since they can last longer.

With the generators, there are several types of generators that you can use, which include: diesel generators, LP generators, and gasoline generators. Therefore the generator’s amount of fuel will depend on the type of air conditioner you are using and how much time you would want it to run.

When choosing a generator to use, consider checking on some factors, which include:

  • Flammability chooses a type of generator that uses slightly flammable diesel, unlike gasoline and propane, which are highly volatile.
  • Environment: You need to choose a generator that will burn but does not destroy the environment. Therefore in our case, it is still fine to use diesel, unlike gasoline or propane.
  • The noise level is such that you need to choose generators that produce less noise and remember, in this case, diesel is the noisiest. However, when using a generator at home, ensure the windows are closed to prevent the noise from entering the house.  

Is it bad for AC to run constantly?

How long can you run RV AC
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You will prefer using the air conditioner constantly during the summer seasons since you need cool air in the house. Therefore, running the air conditioner without putting it off during the summer seasons is normal. However, there are positive and negative impacts of the air conditioner running constantly.

The good thing about running the air conditioner constantly is that it helps dehumidify the house so that you can feel the cold air only. Moreover, when the air conditioner starts and switches off, some wear and tear actions happen when you leave the air conditioner on; you will reduce the cases of the air conditioner getting old due to wear and tear.

However, at some point, if you leave the air conditioner on for long, it will stop running there could be something causing it, which could be:

  • There is a leak in the refrigerant.
  • Lack of enough air getting into the air conditioner that you need to change the air filter and open all the air vents to ensure a good flow of air.
  • Dirty air condenser coils or evaporator prevents the refrigerant from absorbing heat from the air.
  • A small air conditioner cannot work well with the house if it is big enough.
  • An old air conditioner that you need to replace with a new one.

Should I leave my RV AC on?

Should I leave my RV AC on
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Air conditioners are the most powerful consumers at home. If you have it when you leave it on, it will consume a lot of power at home. Therefore, you will need to switch it off to save electricity costs. However, the question of whether I should leave my air conditioner on is still upcoming. Below are the reasons to consider when you choose to leave it on or off.

Consider checking if it uses less money to leave it on or off. First, you need to know that it will run harder when the air conditioner is running than it consumes more power using much cash.

If it is bad to keep the system off if it is not safe, then you need to keep the air conditioner on all the time, but if keeping it off is also good to keep it on then you are good to go so that it keeps the house cold throughout. However, consider turning off the system for some time to allow cooling of the filters and other parts in the air conditioner.

Why does my RV air conditioner keep running?

 When the air conditioner keeps running without shutting off, you need to check on the electrical components and power when the room becomes too cold. In most cases, when you want to use the electrical components, it is better to check the following issues if they are okay. Check the frozen evaporator coils,  clogged air filter, bad electrical relay switch that you need to replace, a constantly blowing fan, dirty condenser coils, a bad thermostat, and other problems with the air conditioner system.

Therefore, if the air conditioner system keeps running, check on the parts above and fix them. If the air conditioner system requires proper repair from professionals, consider contacting the air conditioner experts with their contacts in the manual book for more instructions.

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Frequently asked questions:

What can one do if the air conditioner cannot turn off?

When the air conditioner is not turning off, consider adjusting the thermostat temperature settings, adjusting the fan settings, eliminating airflow restrictions like dirty particles, and cleaning the fan blower.


The air conditioner running continuously is with the users’ decision that they choose to keep it running the whole time to maintain the cool breeze in the house on hotter days. There could be issues related to the problem that you can easily fix or replace. The article answers all the questions it requires to make it complete.

There are reasons why the air conditioner will keep running and fail to shut off. You need to check and fix them immediately. Consider consulting professionals when you have any issue with the air conditioner, and you find it hard to fix. 

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