Can Dog Breeds Allowed in Campgrounds? Do’s and Don’ts

Who doesn’t love dogs, right? Besides, it gets somewhat lonely when traveling solo on your camper or camping. And even if you’re with your family, having a dog is always a blessing.

Sometimes you go around and park your camper in some campgrounds. But when you have a dog with you, there are a few things that you need to consider. 

Besides, not every park allows every kind of dog breed. So, you might question, can dog breeds allowed in campgrounds?

Yes, your dog will be allowed in a campground if your dog breed is not on the banned dog breed list. There are some common dog breeds that campgrounds don’t qualify for. 

As for the other factors, you need to know how many dogs a campground allows. We’ll discuss these all.

But first, let’s get to know, in brief, the best dog breeds for a camper. Let’s dive in!

What Is The Best Dog For An RV?

There is no exact answer to this question. Which breed of dog you want in your camper depends on a few factors. Those factors include your RV size, maintenance, and most of all, your preference, what you like the most, such as;

  • The activity level of the dog is a factor.
  • Noise level and how much you can tolerate.
  • Weather of the place where you’re traveling or parking. The main reason is not all dog breeds can tolerate every weather.
  • Do you like small dogs or big ones? Size matters!
  • Space in your camper for the dog.

Considering every factor, you should decide what type of dog you want. 

Depending on these, we will recommend a few breeds briefly to get an overall idea of what you should get.

Here is the list of bog breeds you should look for;

  • Bichon Frise.
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
  • Dachshund.
  • Dalmatian.
  • Golden Retriever.
  • Greyhound.
  • Great Dane.
  • Jack Russell Terrier.
  • Labrador Retriever.
  • Maltese.

These all are great breeds. And per your reference, you should get one. But there is an issue that we need to discuss. Not all campgrounds allow every kind of breed. 

But now the question is, are there any breeds that campgrounds don’t allow? Well, there is! Let’s see which species campgrounds allow and don’t allow and how many dogs a campground allows.

Can Dog Breeds Allowed In Campgrounds?

Can Dog Breeds Allowed In Campgrounds

Yes, dog breeds can be allowed on campgrounds. But, you always need to maintain a few rules and regulations for the campgrounds. Besides, there are some specific dog breeds that many campgrounds don’t allow.

Most of the campgrounds are public places. The main reason behind restricting some dog breeds is that those breeds can be aggressive and harm people. Besides, every campground has to maintain state rules. 

Most RV parks allow pets, as long as you maintain the rules. The rules include;

  • You need to keep your dog in a specific pet zone.
  • You can’t take as many pets as you want. Every campground allows a limited number of pets.
  • As dogs can be violent, they are only allowed in some specific dog-friendly or dedicated areas.
  • You must show the documents that your dog’s vaccination is complete and updated.
  • The dog should be on a leash when not inside the RV.
  • Your dog should always be by your side, so it is constantly monitored.
  • Keep your dog clean.
  • And most of all, no campgrounds allow aggressive behavior even if the dog is not on the banned breed list.

Maintaining these rules with the allowed dog breed will keep you out of trouble. But, before going to a state, you should look for a few things. 

There are many campgrounds with different rules and regulations. Before going to a state and possible campground, these are the things you should keep in your mind.

  • List down all the campground lists where you’re going.
  • Before going to a campground, do your research correctly. Collect information from the campground’s website and social media page. Even if you can’t find any, you can directly call the management and ask if your dog breed is allowed or not.
  • Read the pet policies of the campground beforehand.
  • Read the rules and regulations you must maintain while in that park.
  • Besides, not just your pet, things you should do as the pet owner in that park.

Do these, and you’re good to go!

But, there are some typical dog breeds that most parks don’t allow, and there are limitations on how many dogs breed one campground allows. Let’s discuss this here.

How Many Dogs Do Most RV Parks Allow?

How Many Dogs Do Most RV Parks Allow

Three friendly happy-playing dogs in the summer park. German shepherd, American Staffordshire terrier, and french bulldog holding one stick. Different dog breeds have fun together.

Depending on the RV park’s size, the rules vary. Besides, it also varies based on your camper size as well. When entering an RV park, you need to pay a certain fee. 

And based on the size, the campgrounds allow two to four dogs. But, generally, most RV parks allow the highest two dogs per camper. That’s the basic rule.

You might have more dogs than the allowed number; what might you do then? You can contact the management or the authority if they will let them or not.

And many campgrounds have dedicated dog sites where you might be able to reserve places for your dogs. Otherwise, you will have to find another campground.

What Dog Breeds Are Not Allowed In Campgrounds?

What Dog Breeds Are Not Allowed In Campgrounds

Now, we will discuss which dog breeds are not allowed on campgrounds. There are a few dog breeds that are somewhat more aggressive than others.

Also, there are jurisdictional breed restrictions and liability insurance requirements that you need to follow.

Most campgrounds don’t allow those breeds for the safety of others and maintain the camp’s environment. We made a list for you so that you have an idea about this. 

  • Akitas.
  • American Staffordshire Terriers.
  • Chow Chows.
  • Doberman Pinschers.
  • German Shepherd Dogs.
  • Huskies.
  • Malamutes.
  • Mastiffs.
  • Pit Bulls.
  • Rottweilers.
  • Wolf-mixes.

But the list is more extensive than this. And the list is different based on the campground and state’s rules.

Besides, there are also weight limitation rules on some campgrounds as well. Many RV park doesn’t allow big dogs such as more than sixty pounds.

Before going to a campground, we suggest contacting the camp authority and verifying if your breed is allowed there or not.

Is There Any Way To Alleviate The Dog Breed Restrictions?

No, there is no way you can alleviate the dog breed restrictions. It is not just juridical restrictions, and there is also liability insurance.

Besides, these rules are made for the safety of the people and the dogs in that RV park. So, there is no alternative way to alleviate the restrictions. And you need to find another campground that allows your dog.


How Many Dogs Can You Bring To KOA?

You can bring up to three to four dogs to KOA. The first two dogs are free of charge when you enter the park. But, you need to pay a certain amount per dog. KOA allows all kinds of dog breeds. And the dog leash won’t be more than six feet long.

Is Goat Rock Dog Friendly?

No, Goat Rock is not dog friendly. Goat Rock doesn’t allow dogs in there.

What Beach Allows Dogs In California?

On a total of 24 beaches in California, dogs are allowed. Those are; Coronado, Rosie’s, The Original, Hendry’s, Huntington, Fiesta Island, Carmel, Moonstone, Crissy, Baker, Leo Carrillo, Big River, Kiva, Fort Funston, Corona Del Mar, Doran, La Jolla, Poplar, Monterey, Ocean, Asilomar, Pismo, Silver Strand, Cardiff State. 

Final Words

The bottom line, most campgrounds allow dogs. Though, a few dog breeds aren’t allowed in many RV parks for a few reasons and restrictions.

But you can always enjoy your nomad life with your dog in most places. Happy Camping!

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