Can I Put a Digital Thermostat in My RV? Myths Explained

RV owners like you and me love their RVs because they offer them a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But sometimes, even the comforts of home can get old, right? Can you imagine having to heat or cool your entire RV every day? Yes! That would be exhausting right?

A Digital thermostat allows you to control your heating and cooling remotely. This means you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off the air conditioner or leaving the heat on overnight.

We all know how important it is to have a comfortable temperature in our RVs, but what’s the best way to achieve that? Some people pledge to manual thermostats, while others prefer digital ones. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to put a digital thermostat in your RV, so you can enjoy a comfortable temperature no matter where you are.

Digital Thermostat In RV is A Great Way To Increase Your Benefit!

In the modern era, Digital thermostats simply use modern technology to identify the room’s temperature and apply that information to activate the heating or cooling system. Trust me it’s an effective way to manage the thermostat circuits that run your HVAC system because it is more direct.

Most digital thermostats of RV are simple and vary temperature controllers since they require very little processing power. But, if we look at the cons this lacks we can consider, these models are becoming more intelligent and have access to more options and capabilities when controlling your settings.


  • In terms of temperature control, they provide a lot more possibilities.
  • They can be programmed to your needs.
  • They consume less energy.
  • They act much quicker to temperature changes as well as these guidelines.
  • After certain times, alerts are sent out (via beeps, SMS, or emails)


  • More Expensive to Buy
  • A thermostat can be difficult to program. But if you follow our guidelines, It will be easy peasy.
  • Use correctly to minimize savings

How to choose the Best Digital Thermostat for your RV

Can I Put a Digital Thermostat in My RV

Your HVAC system must be the right size in order to make your RV comfy.  Now, there are various kinds. You can compare various products by being aware of the important variables. A programmed or Digital thermostat offers numerous benefits, but to order, and pick the one that fits, you must first figure out which ones are available. Giving  best shot below about what to choose before purchasing it:


The latest Digital thermostats can cost 40$ to 100$, whereas with a few you are getting manual thermostats. Pricing-wise, Digital electronic thermostats fall within the middle level. Every type of HVAC system is not suitable. Make sure you do your research to avoid wasting money. Energy savings can result in properly installing it and decreasing utility costs.

Communication friendly

A Digital thermostat controls simply the heating and cooling of your RV. You can use an app-enabled device with a wide range of features. Whether you want to turn on the heat before your trip anywhere or to a vacation site halfway across the world, it enables you to manage the temperature of your RV from anywhere. And because it’s a Digital device, many popular thermostats can be managed by voice commands using Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri on a connected Digital display or speaker.

Fairness of temperature

The temperature in the room has to be comfy what you expect. Manual thermostats cant provide you with that. With the help of Digital, you may set up a heating and cooling plan and control the limit.

Even if you plan to join a hangout or family picnic on vacation, you can adjust the temperature based on your RV. Some Digital thermostat sensors are easy to warm room temperature and give appropriate heating and cooling. You can set ideal temperatures and automatically Timing schedules.

Neighborly Device

The majority of RV heating and cooling systems are connected to all major brands of digital thermostats thanks to their advanced technology. Your RV should work with Honeywell products. It shouldn’t matter where you get your heating and cooling either. It is possible to use electricity, gas, and oil for heating. Adding additional systems like humidifiers and dehumidifiers with Digital thermostats is possible.


Turn off your entire HVAC system before you remove and install the new one. Some older battery-powered thermostats might still appear to be on even though the system is powered down. You’ll need to remove the faceplate of your old thermostat to get at the low-voltage wiring and backplate. Some digital thermostats include stickers to connect the wire instructions.

If your system already has a C-wire, you can skip this step. Once the backplate is securely attached, connect the thermostat wires to their corresponding terminals. If it doesn’t attach easily, don’t force it; wires could be in the way. Connect the Thermostat to WiFi and set up its apps with your smartphone.

Installing a digital thermostat in your RV

First, you required some tools & supplies alike:

The first step is to get your hands on a digital thermostat. Once you have purchased one, it’s time to install it.

Drilling the Holes for the New Thermostat

So you’ve decided to install a digital thermostat in your RV. Great choice! Now the next step is to drill the holes for the new thermostat.

Use a drill bit that’s the same size as the screws that came with your thermostat. Drill the holes in the middle of each stud, and remember to wear safety glasses! Once the holes are drilled, use a level to make sure the thermostat is mounted straight. Then screw it with a screwdriver and attach the thermostat to the wall.

Mounting the New Thermostat

Shut off the power to your RV by flipping the breaker switch to the “off” position. This will prevent any accidental shocks while you’re working.

Then remove the old thermostat from the wall and disconnect the wires and you can make a video of it because it will help you to rewire it. Be sure to label each wire with tape or a marker so you know where they go when you reattach them later.

Next, use the screws that came with your thermostat to attach it to the wall. You may need to drill new holes, depending on where you decide to mount it.

Wiring the New Thermostat

Now it’s time to wire the new thermostat. This is pretty simple—all you need to do is match the colors on the wires to those on the thermostat.

If you’re unsure which wire goes where consult your RV’s owner’s manual. It should give you a diagram of how the wiring should look. Once you’ve got everything hooked up, it’s time to test it out!

Testing the New Thermostat

Finally, turn on the power to your RV and test your new thermostat. It should start working right away. If not, consult the instructions that came with it for troubleshooting tips.

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Best RV Thermostats with Fully programmable

For many RVers like me, programmable Digital thermostats are a “must-have.” A programmable RV thermostat I think is the IceCube of my sleep.

There are many models available, so I’m sure you will find one that’s ideal for your RV, also we are always here to serve you any solution platters.

1. Editor’s Choice: Honeywell 1 Week Programmable Thermostat

This programmable thermostat, which Honeywell makes, has a ton of choices and is a favorite of mine, if you use am pretty sure you will be fond of it at this price.

2. LuxPro PSD010BF Thermostat

Our favorite RV digital thermostat is the LuxPro PSD010BF because it has perfect temperature control, uses little energy, and is simple to use.

3. Digital Thermostat with Wi-Fi from Emerson

If you’re shopping for a Digital thermostat, the Emerson Sensi WiFi Digital Thermostat is a fantastic value. Although it offers a solid three-year guarantee and useful features, you might want to think about one of the other high-end thermostats in our guide if you’re seeking energy management capabilities.

In Closing

Digital Thermostats can be viewed as the “brains” of your RV’s heating and cooling system. Like many RV components, thermostats have improved over the years. An RV digital thermostat that is programmable will help provide more control of your comfort while saving your energy. 

At a terrific price from 30$ to 200$, you are getting a flexible Digital thermostat that can detect when you’re at home and when you’re not, as well as a partner, with whom you contact through app and voice control. 

So you’ll have no trouble at all. Just be sure to follow our instructions carefully, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Happy travels!


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If you have an RV, you know that one of the challenges can be regulating the temperature. You want to be comfortable when you’re inside, but you don’t want to run up your electric bill. So, can you put a House thermostat model in your RV? The answer is yes!

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So, you’re thinking about getting a Wireless thermostat for your RV? We don’t blame you—they’re fantastic! Not only do they make life a whole lot easier, but they can also save you a bit of money on your energy bill each month.

The best wireless thermostat for RV will depend on your needs and budget. Some of the best wireless thermostats on the market include the Nest Thermostat, the Ecobee3 Thermostat, and the Honeywell Lyric T5 Thermostat. Each of these thermostats has its own unique features and benefits that make it stand out from the rest.

How to Disable a Non-Working RV AC Thermostat?

If your RV air conditioner thermostat is not working, you can disable it by removing the batteries. Turn off the power to the air conditioner at the circuit breaker. Remove the access panel to the thermostat. Locate the batteries in the thermostat and remove them. Replace the access panel and turn on the power to the air conditioner at the circuit breaker.

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