Can I Use a 125V Cord on a 120V?-Things to Know Before Using

Sometimes people face problems because of the electrical sockets. They are not aware of the voltage problem. If you do not know the voltage of the source and use a cord on the outlet and the voltage does not match then it could be a cause of an accident. Besides, even knowing the voltage people often cannot get which voltage cord they should get. For example, you can get confused about whether can I use a 125V cord on a 120V?

The electrical voltages actually work in a range. If the voltage of your outlet is 120V that means your voltage can be 110V to about 130V. That is why if you use a 125V cord on a 120V outlet, it is totally fine. The system will work very well and no damage will occur. 

This is only one problem related to voltage and there are many more problems. To know more about problems continue reading. 

Can I use a 250V plug instead of 125V?

You can always replace fewer voltages with bigger ones. If you need 125V somewhere you can use 250V there but you cannot use less voltage. If you use more voltages plug it is also risky but the risk is minimal than in other situations. If you need a 125V fuse and use a 250V fuse somewhere the work will go on.

However, if the voltage goes up to 250V somehow, the fuse will be damaged, but the chance is very little. On the other hand, If you need a 250V fuse but you use a 125V fuse, the moment you will connect the system to an electrical source the fuse will be burnt or damaged. That is why it is better to use exactly the same voltage that is required.

Is 125V a standard outlet?

125V outlets are one of the most used outlets all over the world. In the USA, houses are permitted to use approximately 120V. That is why most of the outlets of houses are rated as 125V. Though it is not the standard outlet, it is the most used outlet. 

What is the most common electrical outlet in the USA?

The most common electrical outlet in the USA is a 3-Prong outlet. It is used in all modern and recently made houses. Now it is replacing the 2-Prong outlet. This outlet is also the same as the 2-Prong outlet but the difference is in the third prong the wire is used for grounding. This outlet is safer than the previous one. 

What is the difference between receptacle and outlet?

What is the difference between receptacle and outlet

Receptacle and outlet are very common words. Sometimes, people get confused about both words and some do not get the difference between both words. The receptacle is the place where the prong of the plug gets into. On the other hand, the outlet is the whole box where there can be more than one receptacle. The outlet actually covers the wires of the source behind the walls because of our safety.

What are the types of electrical outlets?

There are different types of electrical outlets. They are good at different works. Every type has a different capacity and working ability. Therefore, they are used in different places. Some popular electrical outlets are given below.

i. 15A- 125V Outlet

15A- 125V Outlet outlets are in two versions. One is known as a two-pronged outlet and another one as a three-pronged outlet. The difference between these two is the three-pronged outlet contains an extra wire. The wire is used for grounding. By using the wire people are safer than before. Even if one of the wires has a loose connection, people are safe now because the third wire will help prevent the shock. That is why it is wise to use the three-pronged outlets. Here is a sample of a three-pronged outlet check if you want.   

ii. 20A- 125V Outlet

20A- 125V outlet is more powerful than 10A- 125V outlet. You can use this outlet when you need more power. For example, you can use this in your kitchen or laundry room. Here is the 20A- 125V outlet check it from amazon.

iii. 20A-250V Outlet

20A-250V Outlet is usually the most powerful outlet. 20A-250V Outlet is used in places that have powerful machines. The machine can be an air conditioner, air compressor, or any big machine of some factory. These types of appliances need more power and if the outlet is not strong enough then this can cause an accident. This outlet needs a double pole circuit breaker. It is wise to call a mechanic to install this because this is very dangerous. If you want to know the Outlet I use, Check this 20A-250V Outlet.

iv. Tamper-resistant receptacle

Tamper-resistant receptacle is one of the safest outlets in the market. Recently, this outlet is giving very good backup and that is why people are buying this product. This outlet does not let anything in through the receptacles without the prongs. Therefore, it is safe for a house that has children. You can check the Tamper resistant receptacle from Amazon.

v. USB Outlet

In this time of technology, there is no house that does not need USB cables. This is very irritating to carry an adapter with you all the time. To get rid of the adapter, this outlet is invented. In this outlet, you can find the USB port on your wall. Thus, you can get rid of your adapter. To buy this product click here

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 110 volts the same as 125 volts?

Actually, the voltage number inscribed on the plug packet does not mean any particular number. It is just an electrical rating. 110V, 115V,120V, or 125V all those voltages mean the same thing because all of the voltages work in the same range. 

Can I use 125V in the USA?

Yes, you can definitely use 125V in the USA. In North America, most houses contain 220V to 240V outlets. You can use 125V there but you have to make sure that you use a step-down adapter. If you do not use any step-down adapter the cord cannot handle 240V and the plug can be burnt or there can be fire.

Can I use a 125V cord on 220V?

If your electric source gives 220V, you cannot use a 125V cord without a step-down adapter. The step-down adapter decreases the voltage of the source and protects the cord from being burnt. That step can save you from a big accident.

Can I run outlets and lights on the same circuit?

You can definitely use the outlets and the lights on the same circuit. If you use a 15A circuit breaker then you can safely use both on the same circuit. 

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Electricity is one of the best inventions of the world. It has done so many good things for us. However, we also have lost so many valuable lives for being unaware of the danger of this. There are so many things that we have to follow during the work of electricity.

If we do not follow the rules, it can be dangerous for us and many severe accidents can happen. The voltage is a crucial thing to avoid accidents. If we follow the rules to use a cord in an outlet then we can be safe. 

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