Can You Flat Tow a Nissan Frontier – Complete Guide

Can a motorhome pull a Nissan Frontier? This is a question you might have if you own an RV. The solutions are provided in this complete guide. Can an RV pull a Nissan Frontier? Is it secure to pull a Nissan Frontier behind an RV? How do you pull a Nissan Frontier behind an RV?

Can You Flat Tow a Nissan Frontier?

You can pull the Nissan Frontier behind a motorhome. The transmission will define the towing technique. You can flat-tow the Nissan Frontier if it has a manual transmission. The Nissan Frontier can only be safely towed with a tow dolly or car transporter if it has an automatic transmission.

You can tow a Frontier behind an RV, as we explain in this comprehensive article. Consequently, if you’ve been wondering if it’s sustainable, this guide provides all the answers.

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If you have an RV, you might wish to pull your smaller vehicle whenever you travel. Bringing your smaller vehicle along makes the trip much more straightforward. Once you are there, you can leave your RV parked and use your car to drive around or buy groceries.

This relieves you of the constant stress of where to park your RV or how to manage this large vehicle. Furthermore, compared to ordinary cars, RVs typically use more fuel. Parking your RV and using the smaller vehicle will result in significant fuel savings.

You might be wondering if you can tow a Nissan Frontier behind your RV if you own one. The answer is that a Nissan Frontier can be pulled by an RV. The transmission of your car will determine the towing technique. If the Nissan Frontier is a manual model, you can tow it via flat-towing, in which case all four wheels of the car will be moving.

There is no safe way to flat-tow a Nissan Frontier behind an RV if it has an automatic transmission. Any attempt to do so could seriously harm the car. You should hence look into other options for moving it rather than attempting to pull it behind your RV.

Safe Motorhome Towing Techniques for a Nissan Frontier

Can You Flat Tow a Nissan Frontier - Complete Guide

Here are the procedures to follow in order to ensure the safety of the vehicle, you, and other road users.

Set up the tow hitch

You should then proceed to install a tow bar, which you will attach to the tow hitch of your RV when the tow hitch has been installed.

If your motorhome already has a tow hitch, make sure it’s safe. When you’re in the middle of the towing process, it can come off if it’s not secure. The Frontier will then roll back, resulting in an accident or major damage.

Fix the Base Plate

The next step is to attach a base plate after the tow hitch has been installed. The installation instructions often come with the base plate. Simply make sure you listen to these guidelines exactly.

The base plate will then be attached to the front of your Nissan Frontier. The tow bar should be attached to the base plate after it has been mounted at the front of your car. Your RV and your Frontier should now be safely connected.

Set up the tail lights

Installing tail lights should come next after you’ve completed connecting the Frontier to the RV. Forgetting to install tail lights can risk your safety and the safety of other drivers. In addition, they are necessary for practically all countries.

As a result, you must not neglect to complete this critical step.

You will receive installation instructions along with the tail lights you order. Then, wire them according to these directions. You should test them and have someone else verify that they are functioning properly after installation.

Place safety cables

Adding safety cables to your towing system is highly recommended even though they are not required. If the Frontier separates from the tow hitch, safety cables will offer a backup level of protection.

If this occurs, the frontier won’t roll backward, preventing a major accident or incident from happening. Therefore, make sure the setup includes safety cables.

Install a Supplemental Braking System

A supplemental braking system is meant to brake the Nissan Frontier when you tow it behind the RV, as its names indicate. When using this technique, you can brake the RV and the Nissan Frontier jointly.

There are many advantages to installing an additional braking system. You will first have a lot safer and more controllable towing experience.

Second, you will reduce the pressure on the brake system of your RV. Additionally, the stress placed on the Frontier’s suspension, wheels, and tires will be eased.

Third, adding an additional braking system will reduce the force that is placed on the tow bar each time you use the brakes. And as a result, the tow bar will last longer. Additionally, the majority of states demand that towed cars have additional brakes installed.

Your towing setup is finished at this point. You are now prepared to travel. Make sure to stop approximately every 500 miles to check the configuration. Additionally, you should take advantage of this time to turn on your Frontier and let it idle for about two minutes.

RV alternatives to flat-towing a Nissan Frontier

RV alternatives to flat-towing a Nissan Frontier

As was already indicated, a manual-transmission motorhome is required in order to flat-tow a Frontier.

However, what happens if you wish to tow your RV together with your Nissan Frontier even though it is automatic? To tow a Nissan Frontier with your RV, you have other possibilities that you might explore. Among them are:

Trailer Towing

The Nissan Frontier must be loaded using a detachable utility trailer or folding pull-behind trailer for this technique to work. Using the tool provided, you will attach the pull-behind trailer to the RV. The Frontier may then be loaded onto the pull-behind trailer and its wheels can be fastened with cords after it has been safely connected to your RV. You are then prepared to leave for your destination.

Towing a dolly

In addition to flat towing, dolly towing is also an option. If you don’t already have one, you will first need to buy a tow dolly in order to use this method. The tow dolly will then be connected to the RV after that.

The front of your Nissan Frontier is then attached to the tow dolly. In this way, the vehicle’s front wheels will be lifted, leaving the back wheels to carry the weight of the vehicle. However, this technique is only applicable to Nissan Frontier models with front- or all-wheel drives.

Can You Flat Tow Any Other Nissan Models?

If they have a manual transmission, the following Nissan model cars can be flat towed safely:

  • Versa Sedan
  • Nismo Sentra
  • 370Z Nismo
  • 370Z Coupe
  • Sentra SR Turbo
  • Sentra

Frequently Asked Questions:

Nissan Frontier: How Long Will It Last?

ANS: A Nissan Frontier should normally last up to 100,000 miles, while proper maintenance could extend the vehicle’s lifespan to 200,000 miles or more. With models from 2005 to 2010 being the worst offenders, some Frontier model years are known to have more frequent and serious faults than others.

The Nissan Frontier is a 4WD, right? [Using Trim Level]

ANS: Seven of Nissan Frontier’s, 12 possible options include four-wheel drive. The King Cab has two 4×4 trucks, the Crew Cab has four, and the Crew Cab Long Bed has only a 4×4 option. These three models (King Cab, Crew Cab, and Crew Cab Long Bed) are available in two, four, and two, separately. When it comes to Nissan Frontiers, people have a variety of choices that comes complete with 4WD.


We’ve learned in this report that the Nissan Frontier can be flat towed, but only if you’re towing the four-wheel drive version. Nissan’s lower model automobiles, such as the Versa and the Sentra, may also be flat-towed in safety. We were able to provide a list of substitute towing techniques for your Frontier, which is great.

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