Can You Flat Tow a Volkswagen Beetle?[Explained]

Volkswagen Beetle vehicles need towing to increase their performance on the road and reduce some other risks that can damage the car. It is good to tow the vehicle when driving as part of the maintenance feature to the vehicle.

There are many different towing modes you can choose to use with your vehicle, including flat towing, dolly two, and trailer. In most cases, dolly tow and flat towing are the most common methods since they are cheap and can work with smaller vehicles.

The article below shows different ways of towing the vehicle as it answers the following questions: How do you pull a Volkswagen Beetle? Can a 2012 VW Beetle be flat towed? Can you tow a VW bug with a tow dolly? Can you flat tow a 2006 Volkswagen Beetle? Then there are the frequently asked questions, and lastly, the conclusion.

Different techniques of towing Volkswagen Beetle

TechniqueFunctionEssential product
Flat towingWorks with vehicles that operate with the automatic transmissionCheck Amazon for the best Demco classic base plate kit
Dolly towIt is good with manual transmission vehicles, and it is also cheapCheck Amazon for the best Roadmasters
TrailerWorks with heavy trucks only 

How do you tow a Volkswagen Beetle?

How do you tow a Volkswagen Beetle

To tow a Volkswagen Beetle, consider following the following steps:

i. Hook up the Beetle to the tow bar to each passenger seat, put a manual transmission into neutral, press the start button, and release the parking brake. The process will activate the accessory function, and the steering wheel lock will disconnect.

ii. Using the passenger door, get in and touch the start button again where the ignition goes to the accessory and the wheels unlock and turns off the accessory function by pressing the start button again. The steering wheel remains open, so you need to test it by turning the wheel.

iii. Exit the vehicle from the passenger door and ensure you are not looking at the doors with the FOB so that it will not engage with the steering wheel lock.

iv. If you want to test the procedure above and feel comfortable using it, take a slight ride in the tow to ensure the Beetle follows the coach. You can choose to steer the wheel by turning to test it.

Can a 2012 VW Beetle be flat towed?

Can a 2012 VW Beetle be flat towed

Flat towing has been a common activity for the last years before 2012, and it was great without any issues relating to it. The 2012 version, however, has more improvements than when you tow, you need to produce a car with more seats and a manual gearbox according to the new version of the Volkswagen Beetle.

There are some issues with towing the new vehicle since the Blue Ox has a base plate ready for towing. Therefore, with the car, check if it has a speed of five, then is the average for pulling such that when the rate is higher, you can do flat towing with it. Consider flat towing the vehicles only if you are using it with the manual version.

The last method of towing cars is the flat towing method. Here the car has all the wheels that touch the grounds. The method needs a tow bar tool that has some advantages when pulling. The toolbars help connect and disconnect the vehicle easily and faster than it is cheap.

The best toolbar to use is the self-aligning coach mounted receiver tow bar. The receiver can be adjustable from different sides, allowing other methods to be applied during the towing process. Flat towing causes tires to get old due to the wear and tear they experience. When towing a car with two wheels, consider disconnecting the drive shafts with the flat towing process since the process is popular.

Can you tow a VW bug with a tow dolly?

Can you tow a VW bug with a tow dolly
Source: cartowdolly

Yes, you can tow a VW bug with a tow dolly. A tow dolly is the fastest and safest method to use, with it being affordable to get. There are many different ways of towing that you can use, like flat towing, using a trailer, and dolly pulling, which are all different.

Flat towing helps add more miles to the car and reduces the risks the vehicle gets. The method requires you to cut holes in the car’s front panel since the tow bar system is an expensive tool that can be used under certain conditions. Therefore, when you are towing the VW, ensure you use the tool for the car only, but if you want to use it with a different kind, you will need to purchase a different one that is expensive.

You can use a trailer for the towing process, which is much more expensive than any other method since it only works with heavy trucks and many vehicles going inside.

In this case, a car dolly is the best for Volkswagen’s Beetle as it transports the car safely and securely, preventing any user’s worries. Dolly tow allows the user to tow the vehicle, whether at home or on the road, convenient to use. With the method, you only need some small space for the process.

A dolly tow is best for different trips you want to experience and can provide extra insurance that you can wish with your vehicle. It can protect the car from other risk factors or can cause damage to the car while riding. The best tool for the towing process is the Demco Kar Kaddy X Tow Dolly, which has disc brakes that will fit appropriately to the Beetle. The dolly has hydraulic disc brakes that increase the braking power, and you do not need a trailer brake controller since you can control the brake with a surge brake actuator on the coupler of the dolly.

Can you flat tow a 2006 Volkswagen Beetle?

Yes, you can flat tow a 2006 VW Beetle depending on the mode it operates with. If the car runs on an automatic transmission, the only way to use it is the dolly tow since the manufacturers recommend using it. However, if the vehicle runs on a manual transmission, then you can choose flat towing it so long as you restrict the speed it will be using.

To flat tow, the 2006 VW Beetle, consider purchasing the towing tool, an expensive device. The best tool to use here is the Demco classic base plate kit. Check on the manufacturer’s manual book to see the best tools the car should use with its operations.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the types of cars that are dolly towed?

Toyota Prius, Honda civics, Toyota Camry, and others.


Flat towing a Volkswagen is a common activity that most drivers prefer doing with their vehicles to increase the life of their cars when running. The article above shows how to tow the car and answers some of the questions about towing the car.

Consider checking the article carefully to check if you can work with the tools with towing and identify the different types of towing you can use. To know which type of towing and the towing to use with your car, check the manufacturer’s manual since they provide all the requirements for your vehicle.

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