Can You Put A Doggie Door In An RV? Facts You Should Know

Sometimes you might find scratches on your RV door. Those scratches came from your dog while he was waiting for you to open the door. 

If you leave your dog inside the camper for a long time, it might get nervous and create a mess inside the RV.

In situations like this, you might wish that you should have got a doggie door. But you’re confused about a few things and question if it’s a good idea. And, can you put a doggie door in an RV?

Yes, you can put a doggie door in an RV. Although, you might need to consider a few things before getting one and know how to install it correctly. Among other factors, there are many market options for a doggie door.

That’s not all. We will discuss every essential and related factor here to help you decide. Read along to learn more!

Is There Any RV Available With A Dog Door?

Is There Any RV Available With A Dog Door
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No, there aren’t any RV brands or models with preinstalled dog doors. When buying an RV, you will notice there isn’t any dog door in them because that’s the standard.

But, you can later always install or customize the RV with a dog door when needed. Sometimes, dogs scratch or damage the doors if they are inside the camper and want to come out.

Now, in situations like this, you might wish that there should be a doggie door in the RV. Now, you might question, can you put a doggie door in an RV?

Can You Put A Doggie Door In An RV?

Can You Put A Doggie Door In An RV

Yes, you can put a doggie door in an RV. There are many customization options for installing an RV doggie door. You can put a doggie dog in an RV as you install it in a home. 

But, you need to be careful while installing the door as the thickness of the RV door is not the same as home doors. Besides, the wrong measurement or any wrong step in the process might cost you a lot to fix it.

Getting professional help would be the best idea when it would be difficult to do it yourself. Besides, professionals can get the exact measurement and overall idea of how to do it.

Putting a doggie door in an RV will make it easy for the dog to come out. And you wouldn’t have to open the door whenever the dog wants to come out. Also, it will help your RV keep pet hair clean everywhere.

Whether you do it yourself or get someone professional to install a dog door in your camper, it is best to have an overall idea of how you can do it.

Now, learn how to install a doggie door in your camper.

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How To Install A Doggie Door In An RV

When you’re sure you’re going to Install a doggie door in an RV, you must also know the process.

Step 1: The first thing is to select where you want to put the doggie door. Well, you don’t want to get your dog hurt or items getting destroyed inside, right? 

So, you need to pick up a place where the dog can comfortably go in and out. The optimal location is sometimes around the back door area.

Step 2: The measurement of the door has to be exact. Otherwise, it might get you fixing the door again and cost you a lot.

Step 3: After measuring the door perfectly, you need to buy the door from somewhere. You can find the doggie door in offline stores or online shops. 

Find and order the door that matches the exact measurement of the door. Double recheck the measure to be sure.

Step 4: You will find the instruction manual when the door arrives or after purchase. Usually, that will say how you should install the door. 

Measure the door and cut the place properly and carefully. If you’re uncomfortable doing it properly, ask a friend for help or call a professional to help you.

It won’t take much time to install it. Cut the place where you want to put the doggie door, and put the door properly. That’s it.

That’s basically everything you need to know about installing the doggie door in an RV.

Now, it’s pointless if the dog can’t use the door, right? So, you need to teach the door how they can do it. With a bit of patience and trust in your dog, they will get to learn quickly.

Don’t worry about that, and you got this. Also, your dog can now enjoy the freedom of having a dog door food them and all the benefits that come with it.

Do Doggie Doors Let Hot Air In?

That depends on the flap you use in your doggie door. Usually, when you install a doggie door, the flap comes with the doggie door by default.

The flap can be a glass door, slide door, vinyl, aluminum, plastic, etc. If you have one of those flaps like vinyl or anything not solid material on the door, the doggie door will let the hot air inside the camper.

Otherwise, if the door’s material is made of aluminum or glass, the door won’t let anything in, just like your house ones. 

Downsides To Getting A Dog Door In An RV

Downsides To Getting A Dog Door In An RV

Getting a dog door in an RV has some problems or downsides. These problems can be temporary or permanent depending on a few things.

One of the main problems you might face is the weather problem. What I meant by that is, if you’re using a door with vinyl or plastic or anything that can’t keep the hot or cold air outside the door, that’s a problem.

Because when you’re somewhere cold, the cold air will keep coming into the RV. So, you might need a better door. But that’s going to be a bit expensive.

Another problem is the place where you’re camping. For example, you’re staying in a forest area or somewhere with hunting animals that can harm your dog. 

If the dog goes out, it might get hurt in those areas. So, you might want to keep the door closed for the time being. 

Some campgrounds don’t allow dogs or pets to wander at night. So, if you’re not careful and forget about closing the doggie door, you might have to pay fees.

And the most critical problem you might face is theft. Thieves and other animals can quickly get into the camper easily. You must choose the door size wisely and keep all the security measures. And, of course, you need to be careful.

Final Words

We hope this post answered your question and you were able to decide if you want to install a doggie door in your RV or not.

Considering your situation, places you visit, your dog size, budget, and other factors, decide which will be better for you and your dog.

We will meet at another article. Until then, good luck!

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