Can You Put a Garbage Disposal in an RV? Things to Know

Can you put garbage disposal into an RV? If you don’t have a sink or a dishwasher, then yes, you can install a garbage disposal. The only problem is that it won’t fit inside an RV unless you cut off the bottom part of the unit.

Garbage disposals are designed for grinding food waste down into smaller pieces that can easily pass through pipes.

They are typically installed under sinks in homes and apartments.

“You can get a garbage disposal for less than $100,” says Chris Kresser, author of Garbage Disposal Repair Manual. “But they aren’t cheap.”

What’s the process of garbage disposal?

A small, electrically powered device called garbage disposal is put under your kitchen sink. When activated, a cylindrical chamber of the device smashes up food scraps. The ground-up food waste is then flushed down the toilet together with other waste isn’t it surprising?

You can use a garbage disposal in your RV, but there are a few things to consider for your baby. The plumbing in your RV is important.

What should you think about before purchasing an RV garbage disposal?

The plumbing in your RV is different from that mate. It requires more than just plugging in and installing the waste disposal device. 

Make sure the plumbing in your RV is able to handle the waste disposal system.

This means that you will need a robust and dependable sewage system.

The size of your garbage disposal machine is another thing to consider. Some models can be huge, so you can’t have room for one under your sink if your RV is small. There are also small-space-friendly compact models available.

The concept of power is another just like the Human body. Some garbage disposal systems use a lot of energy to run. You may not have enough electricity while dry camping to run a big machine in your RV. In these situations, several solar-powered versions might be a good choice.

The amount of food waste you will produce is another important factor. You might not need a huge unit if you only cook for yourself and me as your guest. If you invite me, you need a unit that can handle more garbage if you enjoy parties or hanging out with your dear ones.  

You might feel Which garbage disposal systems should I use for an RV?

Can You Put a Garbage Disposal in an RV

I’ll describe three types of waste disposals you can install in your RV for you:

These choices will help you make your decision:

Normal Garbage Disposal:

Standard garbage disposal is the most common disposal as I recommend at low cost with blast you can purchase Waste King L-111 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord.

 It works well for general garbage and can be used in most RVs.

Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal:

A continuous feed garbage disposal is similar to standard disposal but is better for larger RVs, Our best overall best is the InSinkErator Garbage Disposal with Cord.

Portable garbage disposal:

It can be used in any RV. It is small, Portable disposal. It works best for RVs with little room where you might read this.

There are a few things to notice that I forgot, depending on the kind of garbage disposal you can use:

  • Do not use the disposal for hard, stringy, or oily garbage.
  • Don’t use any metal items that you have at your disposal.
  • Don’t use bones that are available to you.
  • Do not use coffee grinds that are available to you.
  • Don’t use cigarette butts (It’s injurious as well for health and disposal) in any way.
  • Never dump hot oil or grease down the disposal.

Your RV’s waste disposal should work smoothly if you follow these guidelines. 

Just be sure to pick the proper disposal method for your needs and RV.

Benefits of Garbage Disposal

The space is limited if you live in an RV like me. That is why having waste disposal in your RV kitchen can be so useful. You may save space by quickly and simply disposing of food scraps and other waste using a garbage disposal.

Now, I will disclose to you fellows about major benefits of having a garbage disposal in your RV 

1. Save room- It can help you save space, as we already said. 

You may quickly and effectively dispose of food scraps and other debris with garbage disposal instead of keeping them in your RV.

2. You can save money – This is another fantastic advantage of having a garbage disposal in your RV.

No need to pay for other junk removal or other waste disposal services if you can quickly dispose of food scraps and other wastages, in an empty pocket I can’t even think about it.

3. Maintain a clean RV – We all want a garbage-free surface in our RV by garbage disposal. So,  You can reduce food scraps and waste quickly and avoid cleaning your RV often. 

4. Prevent bad smells – If your RV has a garbage disposal, you can prevent unpleasant smells that may result from food scraps and other waste.

5. Preserve the environment – Having waste disposal in your RV help with environmental preservation as well for our family also. You may reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills by getting rid of food scraps and other trash soon.

Why We Can’t Use Garbage Disposals in RVs? 

If there isn’t any waste disposal in your RV, you may be thinking about why. They’re not built for RVs, not because your vehicle is too small to fit one. Surprising right? Let’s see why:

Origin of the Odor

Garbage cans (Trash Smell). And the smell can be excessive if the waste is stored in a can inside your RV. Garbage disposal would only decrease the smell.

Mosquitoes and other animals

The smell of waste attracts mice and other animals. The chance of mice and other animals entering your RV would rise if it had waste disposal.

Gray Tank Buildup

A clogged grey tank is one of the most common issues and I am sure you also faced it like me. The usual culprit for this is dumping excessive amounts of food waste into the drain. The issue would only get worse if you had waste disposal.

Additional Weight

RVs already weigh a lot, so adding the weight of waste disposal would be unnecessary. When traveling, every extra pound matters as we know.


Garbage disposals are sensitive to clogging, which can be quite challenging to fix if you are a noob like me,  avoid any kind of blockage if you’re driving.

Use of water

Water is used heavily by garbage disposals. Water is a rare resource in an RV. Lots of times during poop I faced it, Now it’s up to you whether you want it or not, in my opinion, If you have a water pump and portable generator you can go for it.

How To Install Garbage Disposal In RV? Problems Once and For All

In an RV, you can install waste disposal using this multiple techniques.

Either use a portable generator or hardwire it into the RV’s electrical system.

You need to buy a dedicated RV garbage disposal if you choose to hardwire, the disposal into the RV’s electrical system. 

You will need a normal household garbage disposal if you choose to use a portable generator.

The RV’s electrical system can then be connected to the generator using a regular extension connection.

Once you receive the garbage disposal, install it by following these instructions:

1. Disconnect the electrical system of the RV.

2. Take off the sink drain cover on the RV.

3. Insert the garbage disposal into the drain of the sink.

4. Using the mounting hardware that is included, attach the disposal to the sink drain of the RV.

5. Attach the garbage disposal’s electrical wiring.

6. Activate the electrical system of the RV.

7. Run water through the garbage disposal to test it.

You can also contact an RV dealer or a licensed RV technician if you have any questions about how to install a garbage disposal in your RV.

Last Verdict

A simple strategy to limit the amount of food waste you produce in your RV is to install a garbage disposal. But, using waste disposal in an RV could have certain disadvantages. 

Saving a few seconds on kitchen cleanup is far more important than maintaining the longevity of your sink, pipes, and grey water tank.

A higher chance of blockages is one of these, increased weight, and increased water demand. I believe that after reading the above, you can now make decisions with comfort.


How much power is needed to run an RV’s garbage disposal?

Around 1,200 watts are needed by a typical home garbage disposal.

Make sure your portable generator has enough power to run the garbage disposal if you want to use one.

Can I use my RV septic tank as garbage disposal?

Sorry, you can’t,  The septic tank’s vents may be harmed by the garbage disposal’s grinding action, which can cause a leak into the drain zone.

This may clog the drain area, resulting in failure.

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