Can You Use a Mr. Buddy Heater in a Camper? [Answered]

We all love to travel, and as we are going on a vacation in a winter place, we need to keep warm. And for that, we use a heater in our home, but what are the options for a camper?

There are many great options in the market, and Mr. Buddy Heater is a recommended product.

But of course, you’re worried a bit, and you want to be sure about using a propane heater such as Mr. Buddy in a camper. 

So, you might be asking, can you use a Mr buddy heater in a camper?

To answer your question, yes, you can use a Mr buddy heater in a camper. This product comes in many sizes, with advanced ventilation and a CO detector. Besides, this is great for heating your trailer within a short time. 

But there are a few things you should keep in mind. We will discuss all the factors and possible good practices you should do in detail. Read to learn more!

What Are The Suggested Heaters Inside A Camper?

Wherever you’re going with your camper, a heater is a must-need during your adventure. Even though a built-in trailer is suggested, a portable one is also a good choice when it is a Mr buddy heater.

Usually, the best solution for using a heater inside the camper is the one that is specifically made for inside use. For example, Gasland, Camco, and Bluu already have portable propane heaters on the market. 

That being said, you can also use Mr. buddy heater, which also comes with portability options and many designs for small or big space areas. 

Let’s get to know more about this in detail.

Can You Use A Mr. Buddy Heater In A Camper? [Yes/No]

Can You Use A Mr. Buddy Heater In A Camper

In short, yes. But, the answer to this question lies in a few facts and situations. Besides, there are always safety concerns when using a Mr buddy heater inside a camper.

The first thing is, even though Mr. Buddy heater is suggested for outdoor use, these are also best for indoor use. 

As for safety concerns, it has a built-in oxygen sensor. If the heater senses carbon monoxide in the air, it automatically shuts off. 

This heater can heat up to 225 square-feet area, the size of medium size camper. It doesn’t matter in which setting you’re running a heater; it can produce enough heat inside your trailer. 

Even though it comes with many safety features, it’s straightforward to set up inside a camper. 

Every product has some shortcomings, and so does a Mr. Buddy Heater. As you already might know, it has only a 1lb tank capacity, which is low. And because of that, the heater losses propane quickly.

But there are always some safety rules you should follow. Properly following general practices while using a heater can prevent accidents.

Let’s go through the facts one by one to learn how to use inside a camper properly and what we should be aware of.

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Risks of Using A Mr. Buddy Heater In A Camper

You might be thinking, what could go wrong? What are the potential risks when using a heater in a camper, right?

Well, the main concerns are whether, in a situation, the heater might be a cause for starting a fire. As we know, propane is much weightier than air. So, it can spread everywhere in your camper, even the ground areas.

So, if there is a situation where the tank is leaking, it might cause an instant fire inside your camper.

Another risk is, as it’s a propane or gas heater, it could poison the air or, as you say, cause carbon poisoning.

Using propane results in creating carbon monoxide, like any other gas. If a good gas detector is not inside the camper, it can cause carbon poisoning.

If there is already carbon poisoning in the camper, you might feel headaches, upset stomach, and dizziness. Besides, carbon poisoning can harm your body in many ways if you inhale large amounts.

If you’re not careful, it might happen and cause something terrible. So, what should you to that this might not happen and you can avoid these?

Prevention And Safety Measures Using A Mr. Buddy Heater In A Camper

Well, you can always follow a few rules and safety measures to prevent any damage to yourself and your camper. 

The most important thing is to use a CO (Carbon Monoxide) detector. Buy a useful one that can detect and protect your camper in any situation.

Take all the precautions discussed in the previous sections to use a Mr. buddy heater indoors. And make sure you’re using it in the right way.

We also discussed the carbon monoxide symptom, right? Keep in mind those things and beware of them while using the heater.

Always turn off the heater as soon as the camper is adequately heated. And never leave it to turn on and go to sleep. Most accident happens during this period.

See if there are any faults or leaks in the heater tank or anywhere to avoid further incidents.

Another important thing is never to keep the propane tank inside. And always be careful when lighting a fire or anything that can burst the tank. 

Even though the capacity is low, you shouldn’t fill the tank at its eighty percent capacity. It is a good practice.

Last but not least, crack a window just a bit.

Final Words

We hope this article helped you answer your question if you should use a heater in your camper or not. And of course, you can use the heater with some precautions and good practices. 

As the heater comes in many sizes, It can heat up low to medium size campers based on its capacity. Pick which one suits your camper size. And you’re good to go!

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