Can You Walk On The Roof Of A Forest River Travel Trailer?

There might be some situations where you need to inspect the roof of your trailer. Maybe last night there was a heavy storm, and you want to know if there is any damage or not.

Sometimes you need to repair damaged parts and air condition problems and clean your roof from time to time. Whatever the reason, you must get up there and walk on your roof.

But, you might wonder, can you walk on the roof of a forest river travel trailer? Is walking on the roof safe? What are the things that I need to know?

Don’t worry! Here we will discuss everything you need to know about your query. Let’s dive in!

Material On The Roof Of The Forest River Travel Trailer

Can You Walk On The Roof Of A Forest River Travel Trailer

Few types of common materials are used to make the roof. These materials are used throughout the RV industry or various brands.

Not all materials have the same weight capacity, and maintenance for these roofs varies based on the roof’s material. We’ll have a quick look at all the materials.

There are three types of material used in the roof. Those are aluminium, fibreglass and rubber (EPDM, TPO).


The roof is likely made of aluminium if you have an older model. The reason would be that aluminium lasts longer than any other material, even 20 or 25 years. 

Besides, branches can’t damage aluminium because it is very protective, and if you’re low on budget, this is the go-to option.

But aluminium comes with some issues. As a material, aluminium is heavier than other materials. Besides, they are not strong, and you can’t comfortably walk on them.


Fibreglass is the strongest material out there for the roof. Not just are they long-lasting, but they are very comfortable to walk on. You can customise fibreglass, and they are very low maintenance.

They don’t usually bend, and they are rot and rust-resistant. But, because of all the features, they are costly. And, of course, if there is damage on the roof, that will be expensive to repair. Besides, they are not good at heat resistance.

Rubber (EPDM, TPO):

Most go-to option in terms of convenience, price, and all the aspects, rubber is the most suitable option. Two options are available with the rubber roof: EPDM and TPO.

EPDM and TPO are ethylene propylene diene monomers and thermal poly olefin, respectively. Rubber is the most common material on the roof. They are easy to replace and lightweight and don’t cost that much.

But, as for the downsides, they can quickly get punctured and need tons of maintenance. The main con is they are as durable as aluminium or fibreglass.

There are more than 30+ products available in the Forest River travel trailer product line. Most of the roofs of these trailers are made of rubber EPDM or rubber TPO. And there are also fibreglass and aluminium roofs available. 

Now that we know all the materials let’s discuss how much they can carry. 

Weight Capacity Of The Forest River Travel Trailer Roof

Weight Capacity Of The Forest River Travel Trailer Roof

The weight capacity of a roof mainly depends on the material of that roof. But besides that, weight capacity also depends on the trailer brand and the size of the trailer.

In this case, our trailer brand is Forest River. And Forest River has small to large trailer options with various product ranges. And the roof material is primarily rubber, but other options are available such as aluminium and fibreglass.

The average weight capacity range of Forest River travel trailer is between 200 lbs to 300 lbs. But the exact amount ultimately depends on that particular trailer. There are a few ways to know how much the trailer roof can carry.

Ladder attached to the roof:

You will find a roof ladder. The manufacturer should write a number on how much the roof can carry. There should be recommended weight capacity written.

Some older models of the Forest River travel trailer don’t come with a roof ladder. That probably means it’s not suggested to walk on the roof. Even if it’s an emergency to get n the top, you should be aware of it while you’re there.

Manual Book:

Every camper comes with an owner’s manual book to help you along the way from time to time. There should be a chapter where you will learn about the roof material and how much it can carry above it.

Call the Forest River helpline:

If none of the options above is available, you should just call on their helpline. They will be able to help and make an extra suggestion about what you should be aware of while on the roof and how to maintain it.

Now we have an overall idea about what aspects affect whether you can walk on the roof of your trailer or not. We can now answer our main query.

Can You Walk On The Roof Of A Forest River Travel Trailer?

Yes, you can walk on the roof of a forest river travel trailer. The Forest River travel trailer roof can carry up to 300 lbs. But the weight capacity also depends on the trailer size and roof material. Most travel trailers have rubber and fibreglass roofs, making them very comfortable to walk on.

Besides, aluminium roofs are also available in the product line on the older models. There are precisely 32 products available in the travel trailer product line. Most of the product’s roofs are made of rubber TPO.

Most modern RVs come with a ladder and a better-quality roof. And, of course, Most of the Forest River travel trailer’s roof is walkable. But, there are some tips or rules to maintain. 

In the next chapter, we’ll discuss that.

Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Walking On The Forest River Travel Trailer

There are a few things that you should keep in mind that can keep you out of harm’s way while you’re above the roof and walking. Here are some general tips that you might need to maintain.

  • Ensure the ladder’s bolts and screws are in place and tightened.
  • You know some beams support your roof, right? Always try to walk aligned to that. Don’t walk in between unless necessary.
  • You don’t want to slip and get injured. Ensure your shoe or footwear has better grip or traction.
  • It’s better not to get on the roof after heavy rain or a car wash. It’s slippery, and you might get injured.
  • Don’t take anything heavy with you that can put extra pressure on the roof.
  • You can use plywood to balance the weight while on the roof.
  • It’s recommended to walk as lightly as you can.
  • Avoid going near the edges.
  • It might sound funny, but crawling helps distribute the weight. So, you might try that.
  • There will be wiring or anything electric for the air conditioner. Keep a safe distance from those.
  • The roof joint where the beams meet is the strongest point to walk on.

Maintaining these will keep you safe, and you’ll be able to solve the problem, whatever you were up there for. 

Maintenance Tips For Your Forest River Travel Trailer

There is some maintenance to do for your Forest River travel trailer. Doing these can keep your roof up to the mark, and it’ll be safer for you to walk on when you’re there.

Here are some maintenance tips for the roof that you should keep in mind.

The seals of the vents are vital. Besides, there are skylights too. There can be leaks sometimes if you don’t check their seals regularly. Ensure that there is no leak on the vents or the skylights.

Another important thing is to clean your trailer roof. As we know, nothing stays the same if we don’t take care of it. As for quality, if you don’t clean the roof, the top quality might decrease over time.

After heavy rain or storms, sometimes the roofs take a heavy beat. And there are some holes to be found there. Regularly inspect and repair them.

Last but not least, the drainage above the roof sometimes might clog. As the air conditioner is an ongoing system, blocking might occasionally happen on the roof. You need to clean the roof regularly so that no water is preserved above the roof.

Last Words

Now you know everything about whether you can walk on the roof of a forest river travel trailer or not. 

We discussed everything you need to know about the Forest River travel trailer roof, its maintenance, weight capacity, and tips.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding the Forest River travel trailer, any other trailer’s roof, or any related problem.

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