Dometic 320 vs. 510 – Which RV Toilet Should You Go For?

Trying to choose between a Dometic 320 vs. 510 RV toilets? To provide you with a better understanding of what you need from the Rv toilet and which series to pick, we compare these two series and their dimensions. safety, use, maintenance, warranty, and product liability in this article.

I would wake up really early and go into the hotel bathroom, put a towel over the toilet, and put my laptop there. I’d put my headphones on and just write. And so now when I do writing sessions, and I am stuck on a part, or I can’t figure out a chorus, I’m just like, ‘Give me a second,’ and I’ll go to that bathroom.

The biggest differences between the 320 and 510 series are their size and weight. With the 320-series, it feels more like a toilet from home because it is much heavier and more pronounced. Long term, its greater bulk also makes it more durable and sturdy.

Regardless, both products are fantastic options to think about, especially if you need an RV toilet that is sturdy and dependable. Make sure to carefully review your RV’s toilet specifications to choose which one works best for your vehicle. In this capacity, it’s crucial to compare the features of the Dometic 510 and 320.

To give you all some context on Dometic before reading the article, we’ll talk about some facts regarding the company and its series. Following our analysis, we’ll go over some fundamental details of the toilet, including how RV toilets operate and more. Let’s look at it!

Information Regarding Dometic

The Swedish company Dometic is well-known throughout the world and has a long history of producing products that are popular both indoors and out. The business keeps track of every one of its customers, no matter where they are, and is constantly looking for new opportunities to improve its offerings and agreements.

Dometic can be found virtually everywhere thanks to its nearly 40,000 affiliates and stores worldwide. Dometic has provided a wide range of goods that enhance the human experience ever since it was founded in 2001. It is safe to state that Dometic is very dependable given its size.

What Is an RV Toilet, and How Does It Work?

The unique toilets used in RVs are designed to function with the vehicle’s water system and holding tank. Consequently, we may claim that they were created specifically for recreational vehicles.

You no longer have to urinate in the jungle while hiding from a wild animal.

In order to feel like you are at home, this is the finest solution. The advantage of RV toilets is that they are incredibly effective and consume a lot less water. They often need more regular upkeep than a toilet in a home. It’s not too difficult to install an RV toilet.

Simply move the centerline of the bolts to the base’s bottom back by following the directions in the instruction manual. Unfortunately, the two-bolt foundation of the toilet needs to be altered to accept four. But since the modification is still doable, it’s hardly the end of the world.

Dometic RV 320

When it comes to RV toilets, the most significant element of a person’s personal highlights frequently involves comfort. The comfort of the Dometic 320 series standard height toilet is its best feature, in our opinion. It is nearly hard to distinguish between this toilet and the one you use at home. The bowl itself is made entirely of vitreous ceramic and has a full-size wood seat in a home style.

Concerning this matter

The toilet measures 22″ L x 14.75″ W x 19.75″ H and weighs 36.99 lbs. It has a deep, 100% vitreous ceramic bowl, a full-size residential-style wood seat, and is 11″ from the center of the bolts to the back of the base at the bottom. Spill-Resistant Rim Design | One Pint of Water Needed for Gravity Flush.

Dometic RV 510

White Dometic Ceramic Full-Rim Elongated Standard Height Hand Sprayer, 41 to 50 lbs.

Dometic 510, a standard-height toilet uses less than 1 pint of water every flush and is ideal for permanent RV or boat use. While traveling on land or water, the broad wooden seat offers comfort. You can wash away difficult waste using a hand sprayer.

Features Head to Head Dometic 320 vs. 510

When purchasing an RV toilet, there are many things to think about. If you’re truly considering a purchase, don’t miss this section.

Dometic 320 vs. 510

Build Quality and Appearance

Designs are pretty straightforward across the series, though both series offer most of the same features, colors, and options, like Perfect for full-time RV, a standard-height toilet uses less than 1 pint of water per flush. The extended wooden seat provides comfort while you’re on the road or on the water, Hand sprayer lets you wash away stubborn waste at 510 series.

Both 2-Bolt installation, Foot pedal makes flushing fast and easy, Deep ceramic bowl matches the design of a residential toilet, Ceramic is long-lasting and easy to clean, Enclosed rim keeps water jets covered to prevent splashes, Simple gravity-flush design – installs directly above your holding tank in 510 series and in 320 installs directly above your black-water tank.


Perfect full-time adventurers, durable, seat length,standard-height RV toilet is 320 series because of its light-weight and easy to handle everyday use.

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Best Features and Technology

Despite the lower prices, you do get some decent Rv toilets like the Dometic 320 series, Their models are Perfect for full-time adventurers, this durable, standard-height RV toilet can handle everyday use. The Elongated design provides plenty of comfort. The sturdy ceramic bowl is easy to clean. Each flush uses just 1 pint of water.  (a favorite of mine).

By comparison, the Dometic 510 series contains a little bit high length and a hand spray otherwise all specs are as same as 320, so I think budget 320 is seductive.

Measure to Fit

The rough-in size of both Dometic Series RV toilets is 11 inches “. If the rough dimension you provided is less than 11, choose a toilet model with a lesser demand or think about making modifications to make it fit. When choosing the ideal model for a simple DIY improvement, keep in mind the toilet’s overall size and take your own measurements. The rough-in measurement is the minimum distance you’ll need from the wall to the center of the flange on which the toilet will sit.


So here both are winners for me as far as both are non-beatable.

Which one is ideal for full-time?

It’s an adventure to travel the country in a 320 RV, and you’ll want your luxuries to match that way of life. The wooden bench retains warmth on stormy nights. When you take up residence on your boat, the 510 Rv toilet makes it ideal. It is simple to sit down on and get up from because it is a regular home toilet. The sturdy wooden bench retains warmth on frigid nights. Furthermore, cleaning the solid ceramic bowl is simple.


If you call your camper or houseboat your home, these are the toilets you’ll need when nature calls.

Pros of 320 and 510 Rv?

Dometic 320Dometic 510
For an RV toilet, it offers excellent comfort.It is quite luxurious.
On yachts, motorboats can also use the toilet.The whole device comes with everything you need, and installation is straightforward.
It has a fantastic rim design that guards against spills.You can use a hand sprayer to remove any remaining dust.
The entire package comes with everything you need and is simple to install.Installs just above your black-water tank and has a straightforward gravity-flush design.
The convenient foot pedal is perfect for cleansing thoroughly or adding water fully.Most existing floor flanges can be fitted with a 2-bolt installation.

Cons of 320 and 510 Rv?

Dometic 320Dometic 510
The toilet’s two-bolt base will need to be modified to accommodate four.Consume up room and need more upkeep, not to mention that you eventually have to empty the dreaded black water tank.
The thickly coated wood might occasionally make it slippery.Regardless of your camping style and feelings about black water tanks ( a holding tank for toilet waste), it helps to know your options.
Flushing could become more powerful.If you prefer to keep things simple and aren’t afraid to occasionally go outside, you might decide to avoid using the RV bathroom.


The Dometic 320 and 510 RV toilets perform all of their intended functions and even more.
Regardless, both units are great to consider, especially if you need a solid and reliable toilet for your RV. Be sure to look closely at your RV’s toilet requirements to see if one fits your RV better than the other. It’s always important to look at Dometic 320 vs 510 features in this capacity.


Despite how wonderful both can occasionally be beneficial to be reminded of their advantages. After all, the main reason someone would think about using a certain product is because of its advantages. However, the advantage of these two is that it shortens stops.

Instead of constantly stopping to use the restroom, everyone else besides the driver is allowed to do so whenever they need to. As for the driver, pull over, stand up, take care of business, and then continue driving as soon as you can. Along with having a huge benefit in avoiding pauses, it is simple to use and eases travel anxiety. Considering how stressful traveling may be, talking about the effects of an RV toilet while traveling is a huge advantage.

How great is that?

Great For Travel, Saves Stops, is Easy to Use and Lowers Anxiety vibe will give you probably Dometic 320 series.

Keeping clean

After you’ve emptied your tanks of both, it’s imperative that you clean them out. This is usually done by pouring the recommended cleaning products down the toilet bowl, then emptying it at the next dump point.
So it’s easy to say both can be clean easily.

You can empty your tank easily

Rv toitet west disposal

Every RV varies with how large of a tank it has. If your Dometic 320 has a holding tank, you may want to empty it every 1 to 3 days. If you have a larger tank like Dometic 510, you can probably get away with emptying it every 3 to 5 days. Each RV should come with a recommended time slot for emptying it, so be sure to pay attention to that.

Warranty and Customer Service

I’ve read good feedback about both these series and their customer service. There aren’t many series you can actually call and talk to someone who knows what the heck is going on. Dometic 320 RV provides a robust 2-year limited warranty on its RV, and Dometic 510 also provides a 2-Year limited warranty.


We hope you liked reading our comparison of the Dometic 320 and 510. Both are excellent RV toilets that are worth considering, but if you intend to travel extensively, I would suggest the 320 series. Every person should think about experiencing RV travel at least once in their lives because it is such an amazing experience.

There is nothing more enjoyable than hitting the road with a big group of friends or family, seeing the area, and having a great time. Regardless, make sure to research the Dometic 320-series and 510- series to determine whether they will fit your RV. You won’t regret making the decision!

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