Equa Flex vs. Morryde-Which Suspension Is the Best?

If you prefer going on camp or hiking adventures, this article is best for you. Having a recreational vehicle or RV should come as no surprise to you at this point in your career. Aside from that, the user may be required to drive for several hours to reach their location at some time.

Considering all of this, the ride for these bigger vehicles is not as comfortable as it is for a car. Because of this, people modify their automobiles to improve their driving experience while traveling in RVs.

When it comes to enjoying a smooth ride, your car’s suspension is one of the most important factors to consider. However, when it comes to upgrading it, there are many organizations from which to choose. Equa-flex and MORryde are two of the greatest brands available today.

Features of Equa-Flex

Features of Equa-Flex

Equa-flex suspension system improvements for RVs and recreational vehicles are among the most popular options available on the market. Lippert Components, a well-known manufacturer, is behind the creation of this product.

When choosing the goods, you should keep in mind that the brand offers you a few different possibilities to choose from. While most of the functions on these suspension compensators will be the same, there will be some differences. The only thing that distinguishes them is the material they are fashioned.

This solely affects the highest amount of load that the device can withstand. In light of this, if you are considering purchasing the Equa-flex, ensure that you first determine the weight of your car. After that, you can choose the product that corresponds to the weight range that your vehicle falls into.

Aside from that, the company also offers users the choice of using only the device or a combination of both. Alternatively, you may get the whole kit, including axles, for a lower price. These will aid you in installing the product on vehicles that are incompatible with the product.

Considering this, the kit may be a preferable option for most people because it simplifies the installation process. In addition, it eliminates the time-consuming task of manually searching for support. It is covered in rubber and is one of the most appealing aspects of this product.

This assists it in absorbing the majority of the shock that the car experiences when it encounters a bump. All of this will be eliminated by Equa-flex, and the user must be able to enjoy an exceptionally smooth driving experience.

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These rubberized equalizers are designed to be used in place of the regular equalizers on the double-eye composite leaf suspension of your tandem-axle trailer. The rubber cores absorb road shock and aid in reducing chucking, resulting in a smooth ride. Steel structure provides strength and durability.


1. A leaf-spring suspension improvement kit for a tandem-axle trailer ensures a smooth ride.

2. Equip your trailer with cushioned equalizers in place of the cast compensators that came standard on the vehicle.

3. Rubber cores aid in reducing chucking and minimizing road stress.

4. Steel construction with a yellow powder-coated finish that is corrosion-resistant.

5. Pre-installed bronze bushings provide long-lasting performance.

6. Installation is quick and uncomplicated.

7. Bushings are inserted into the holes in the equalizer.

8. Hangers for the center. Equalizers will be suspended.

9. Bolts and shackles straps are used to secure the springs to the ends of the equalizers.


  • Tandem-axle trucks with double-eye coil springs are an example of such an application.
  • Maximum 6,000-8,000-pound axle capacity
  • The center and top bolt holes are 9/16″ in diameter.
  • For equalizers, there is a one-year restriction.
  • Reduces chucking by absorbing road shock.

This set of cushioned Equa-Flex equalizers will improve the ride quality of your trailer’s suspension. While not as smooth as torsion axles, these units provide a pleasant ride at a fraction of the expense. Because of their rubber cores, the shocks and vibrations are effectively absorbed, and the chucking action is reduced.

When compared to typical cast equalizers, the Equa-rubber Flex’s cores absorb this energy like a sponge, rather than transferring it to the trailer and cargo as with conventional equalizers. With reduced wear and tear on the trailer, you’ll be enjoying a more comfortable journey.

Equa-Flex equalizers, which are cushioned, make it simple to enhance your trailer’s basic suspension. First, place one nut into each of the equalizers’ bolt holes. When integrating the equalizers into the trailer’s suspension system, you’ll need ten standard adjustment bolts and eight shackles straps.

In addition to suspending the limiters from the center hangers, eight of the suspended bolts will be utilized in conjunction with shackle straps to link the limiters to the double-eye leaf springs, resulting in a total of sixteen suspension bolts. Four more suspension bolts will be required if you want to replace all bolts that connect the springs to the front and back hangers.

Features of MORryde

Features of MORryde

For its customers, MORryde is a well-known corporation that makes suspension systems for them. There are a plethora of other products manufactured by the company as well. All of these may be found on their website, which you can access by clicking here.

Check the MORryde from Amazon.

It is even possible for the user to click on the equipment to access additional information. Apart from that, when contrasting the MORryde suspension with the Equa-flex suspension system, there are many different options available from the organization that you may choose from.

These have a variety of functions, and you can easily choose one that is most appropriate for your needs. However, the CRE3000 version, in particular, is quite close to Equa-suspension flex’s technology. There is also a rubber insert to protect the surface on the inside.

This will relieve stress on the chassis’ frame and aid in the removal of the majority of shocks. The two products are very similar when it refers to the installation process. Alternatively, the user may bring their automobile to the firm for service.

One thing to remember is to ensure that the device is correctly installed, as it may be somewhat hazardous if it is not firmly attached.

In addition, the MORryde device has a total maximum weight of 8000 pounds, whereas some Equa-flex devices can only support a maximum weight of 6000 pounds. In addition, the company offers variants that are specifically intended for tandem or triple axle length configurations.

Aside from that, the suspension system of the device is covered by a 2-year warranty. Whenever there is a problem with the gadget, you may file a claim, and the firm will then give you a fix or replacement.

How rubber Equalizers help to reduce chucking by absorbing road shock

How rubber Equalizers help to reduce chucking by absorbing road shock.

Inevitably, hauling a truck that’s still fitted with the conventional steel equalizers will result in a less-than-optimal towing experience. Because those typical equalizers enable the road shock from the trailer to be transferred straight to the tow vehicle, the ride will be unpleasant and bumpy.

Aside from that, road shock can place additional strain on the trailer’s frame and suspension and its running gear and other components, all of which can result in increased servicing time and costs. It can also cause harm to the inside of your trailer due to the frequent chucking and jerking that takes place inside it. Your electronics should not be tossed around in the RV before you set up tents, and you do not want your horse to be jostled around while you are transporting him home from the horse show.

These rubber equalizers contribute to the resolution of those issues. Rubber inserts reduce and lessen the vibrations and bounce caused by road shock while towing your trailer, resulting in an overall less rough ride. The inserts also buffer the back-and-forth movement, which helps to decrease chucking and jerking, which helps to keep you from being flung around inside your cab while driving.

Each of these compensators has a travel range of up to 3 inches in both directions. The greater the amount of travel in your suspension, the better it will adapt to road vibration. The use of equalizers allows your suspension to correct for a dip on one side when you hit a pothole, preventing your wheels from being forced to compensate on the other side. As a result, even when driving over uneven campsite roads or speed bumps, you’ll experience a more comfortable ride.

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Both of these have incredible characteristics that may make it difficult for you to choose between them. We will use this post to offer you all of the necessary information on these two suspension systems, and we hope you find it helpful.

This can be pretty beneficial; however, you should make sure that you read the recommendations carefully beforehand. Both of these are excellent choices but bear in mind that they will be most effective if you plan to tow a trailer behind your vehicle.

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