Eternabond Tape vs. Flex Seal Tape-Quick Differences

Eternabond tape and flex tape are good types of tapes that you can use to cover sensitive parts you need. They have similarities and differences according to their different features, including their performance. When choosing these tapes, consider checking the strength, long-term performance, and construction type you need to use them.

There are some other alternatives that you can use instead of the two tapes above that you can check their features to choose them. The different kinds of tapes include the 4EvaSeal video and gorilla tapes which are also good for use.

The article below shows the different features of the two tapes and answers the questions below: what is comparable to the Eternabond video? How long will eternal bond tape last? What is better than flex tape? And lastly, can you seal over endless bond tape? After that, there will be frequently asked questions and the conclusion to summarize the whole article.

Quick comparison table about the eternal bond tape and flex seal tape

FeatureEternabond tapeFlex seal tape
Period it lasts when in useLong term fix tapeShort time fix tape
Places you can apply itMinor cracks onlyCan fix big cracks
AdhesionStrongSlightly weak

What is comparable to eternal bond tape?

What is comparable to eternal bond tape
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The best comparable eternal bond tape is the 4EvaSeal tape you can test and measure its performance while comparing. There are also some other brands that you can compare with the eternal bond: the Sika Multi seal plus and Dicor Deal. The different brands also provide the same performance as the lasting bond you can only compare with 4EvaSeal. Check Amazon for the best 4EvaSeal tapes.

Eternabond has different modes that you can use for the same purpose and still for comparison purposes. The two modes are the eternal bond roof seal and the eternal bond RV seal. The two brands are tested and are all good according to the analysis from the laboratory results. A good lasting bond should be thin and should be less expensive.

The comparable tape with eternal bond tape is the 4evaSeal tape that has a thicker adhesive making it a good waterproofing tape for the following reasons: the thick layer helps in giving the tap extra ultraviolet light protection that it can work for a longer time, it allows the adhesive to increase the conform when working with rough surfaces. Lastly, the waterproofing layer seals mostly cracks, holes, and breaches. Choose to use thicker layers as they can work for long, unlike the thinner ones that are only cheap but cannot last for long.

4EvaSeal has stronger tensile properties than the eternal bond tape with tensile strength. The thickness of the video provides its tensile strength. Then the last feature was the adhesion which also has a better adhesion feature than eternal bond tape.

How long will eternal bond tape last?

How long will eternal bond tape last

Eternabond tape is a normal tape made using micro sealant technology. Eternabond works well for long-term effects and provides a permanent bond to the surface of the crack. Normally, the eternal bond tape should last for over 35 years, but you cannot use it forever.

In some cases, you can choose to remove the tape if you feel you are good with what you need it for. When removing the eternal bond tape after use, you need to follow instructions like heating the tape to avoid damaging the area you applied it for.

However, the shelf life of the eternal bond is like five years; if you have a roll and you cannot use it once, you can use the smaller amount within the registration for eight years without having other issues.

The best uses of eternal bond tape are for covering roofs to prevent leaks, repairing torn seams, leaks, and small holes secure wires that prevent them from flapping. 

What is better than flex tape?

What is better than flex tape

Flex Tape is a thick adhesive tape that has rubber at the back. Some people recommend using it since it provides a permanent bond with the surfaces you are using it for it has waterproofing abilities and provides a strong bond. Flex tape is better for performing minor cracks but not permanent proof you can have some other alternatives to use instead of using it. Some of the good features of flex tape are as follows:

  • It has a rubber that helps form a fit that allows good waterproofing features and good adhesion.
  • It seals in both air and water that you can apply in any case with your activities.
  • It is better for use underwater.
  • It can work in most materials at home that you can apply.

The only drawback of flex tape is that you cannot use it on plastic surfaces; it takes a long to stick properly, it is not strong, and after using, ensure you cut it, not toning it.

When you need the best tape to use instead of flex tape, use gorilla tape; all are good products, but it is much better since it offers good adhesion and waterproofing services. Below are some of the features of the gorilla tape:

  • It has a triple adhesive strength that makes it stick to the surface when you apply it, you need to follow some steps to remove it from the surface.
  • It is water-resistant and has ultraviolet protection that it can work well even in the worst weather conditions by surviving through high temperatures without losing its adhesion.
  • It adheres to most surfaces that you do not need to worry about it when you need to use it with your feelings.
  • It has extra strength compared to any other tape that even after you tamper with its application, you can still remove the tape and fix it again.

The only disadvantage of gorilla tape is that it leaves some sticky bonding after removing the video and cannot stick strongly to wet surfaces.

Can you seal over eternal bond tape?

You cannot seal over eternal bond tape since the tape is extremely plastic and best for use on underwater surfaces that when you seal it, the character will not be good for painting again.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any similarities between the eternal bond tape and flex tape?

Yes, there are several similarities between the two types of tapes: both have their best alternatives, are waterproofing, and work on most surfaces except plastic surfaces.


All the above tape is good for sealing cracks or any roof surfaces you want since they are all good. The article above shows the different types with their features that you can use when comparing the best to choose. Consider choosing eternal bond tape for use since it provides a permanent bond even though it is expensive, unlike the flex tape, which is cheap but temporary.

When choosing the best type of tape to use, choose according to the following factors. You know the building, RV, strength, adhesion, performance, and other RV characteristics. The elements help you do the best and most long-lasting tape you can use for sealing either the roof or any other surface. 

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