7 Easy Ways to Fix a Flojet Macerator Pump Not Working

Recreational vehicles are excellent vehicles to bring on field trips. These include a bathroom, bedroom, and even a kitchenette for self-catering. These enable you to rest in the comfort of your own home. Bear in mind, however, that maintaining your automobiles is equally critical.

Other than the engine, tires, and other components of your RV, you must also clean the plumbing system. This can be rather inconvenient, but manufacturers have developed solutions to help with this.

The Flojet Macerator Pump is one of these simple-to-use and simple-to-install devices. However, some users have stated that their Flojet Macerator Pump does not operate properly. This guide will walk you through various troubleshooting procedures that will assist you in resolving the issue.

Reasons why the Flojet macerator pump is not working

Reasons why the Flojet macerator pump is not working

The various reasons include;

Cemented black tank

One frequent cause of the pump failing to work is when the black tank in the vehicle’s toilet becomes cemented. This occurs when the tank has been left unclean for an extended period. Users need to regularly empty the tank to ensure that similar difficulties do not occur in the future with your pump.

However, if the issue has already happened, you will need to completely remove the Flojet Macerator Pump and its pathing. This is inconvenient, but there is no other method to clean the black tank. Once the equipment has been thoroughly cleaned, reinstall your pump; it should now operate normally.

  • Broken down motor

Another possibility is that the Flojet Macerator Pump’s motor has failed. This can occur as a result of electrical difficulties or as a result of motor aging. Users can troubleshoot the gadget to see whether the issue was with the motor and thereafter replace it.

Remove the existing motor and organize it for a replacement. There may be merchants in your area who have the motor available but always verify compatibility first. This will guarantee that you never run into problems again.

If you want to know the motor I used, check this replacement Flojet Macerator Pump motor from Amazon.

Device or component that is defective

If by now the issue persists, it’s possible that your device has developed a malfunction. Alternatively, the components may become damaged in some instances.

You’ll need to refer to the user manual and examine each component individually. This may take some time, but you will eventually determine which component is causing the issue. On the other hand, one can take the gadget immediately to the company for inspection.

Additionally, they should be able to supply you with solutions for the pump and arrange for its repair directly. Individuals may even be eligible for complimentary upgrades if their equipment is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

How to determine if the macerator is operating properly

How to determine if the macerator is operating properly

By checking them, you can determine the efficiency of the macerator pump. It should be capable of detecting indicators of system backflushing or obstruction.

 If you are unable to remain and observe the operation, keep your ears closer to the pump. If you hear a high-pitched whine, this implies that the macerator is running low on water, you may have a clog.

Since macerators require a great deal of energy, you run the risk of blowing fuses. Be exceedingly cautious when determining the amount of power supplied by the RV battery before purchasing a macerator pump.

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By slicing and depositing recycled papers directly into the waste system, the macerator contributes to the reduction of landfills. Due to the short cycle times, water and electricity consumption may be minimized, which is another way to reduce environmental effects.

Ways to fix a Flojet macerator pump not working

Here is a quick table;

Tips to fix a Flojet macerator pump not working


Essential product

  • Clean the black tank

To avoid cementation

Check the Macerator Black tank from Amazon.

  • Examine each component individually

To determine the cause of the problem

  • Replacing the motor

To do away with electrical difficulties

Macerator motor

  • Examine the plumbing


To remove all clogs and check the condition of the impeller

Check the Macerator impeller kit from Amazon.

To check for blown circuit breaker or fuse

Circuit breaker.


Check this Voltmeter from Amazon.

1. Examine the plumbing

If the issue isn’t with the electrical wiring, you should pay attention to the sound the macerator makes. High-pitched whines indicate that the macerator pump is empty, which could indicate a pump blockage. If you hear a grinding noise, it’s likely that the impeller is broken. Unplug the tubes and check them for any clogs. Remove all clogs and try the pump once more.

2. Check your electrical wiring

Inspect all of the connections before attempting to fix any electrical item, including the macerator pump. Examine the circuit breaker that provides electricity to the macerator before removing the pipework. You can quickly fix a blown fuse or a circuit breaker.

If you want to know the voltmeter I used, check this voltmeter from Amazon.

You should also test your electrical connections with a voltmeter to confirm that the circuit as a whole is functioning properly.

The operation of a macerator pump

When it comes to disposing of sewage from your RV, the macerator pump may help mitigate the problem. The waste is reduced to a slurry by crushing and grinding the bigger particles.

This is quite beneficial when pumping waste up an incline. Simply said, if you own a macerator pump, you have more disposal options. The method, as well as the associated advantages and disadvantages, will vary slightly depending on the type of macerator pump implemented in your RV.

Removable units and permanently integrated macerators are two types of macerator pumps used on RVs. Additionally, it’s critical to keep in mind that not all macerators are electrically operated. Hydraulic valves are a fantastic alternative for people who have a dependable backflow assembly to pair them with.

A macerator pump is basically a junk disposal for your black water tank. It is installed in the basement. It grinds the waste to a fine powder, resulting in a more fluid waste product. As a result, you may utilize fewer horses and easily pump waste over greater distances and steeper gradients.

  • Establish a pump’s connection to the waste disposal site
  • Attach the emission pipe of the pump.
  • Connect the hose’s other end to the disposal spot.
  • Attach the pump to an outlet or, if applicable, to the battery directly.
  • Open the valve to drain the water.
  • Press the start button to activate the pump.
  • Disconnect the pump once the waste stream has ceased completely.
  • For a few seconds, return the toilet to its initial position.
  • Restore normal operation to the pump.
  • Repeat the preceding two steps until only clear water is noticeable coming from the spouting.

In contrast to many other electric liquid pumps, if you operate the pump dry, you risk damaging it. However, even some of the most expensive macerators suffer from this problem, which is quite prevalent. Always turn off the pump after the flow has ceased to avoid damage.

Clear elbows should be acquired to connect the RV sewer pipe to its discharge valve fitting. While these are not always necessary, they are a valuable preventative measure to have on hand. Visualizing the macerator pump’s operation via clear elbows will be helpful. This method is recommended for detecting backflushing or clogging.

How does the macerator toilet work in an RV?

How the macerator toilet works in an R
Source: rv.com

When using a standard American toilet, waste and waste fluids are dragged down and out of the toilet by gravitation, which is placed beneath the waste level.

It is an up-flush toilet mechanism that redirects waste to a container concealed in the wall or behind the toilet once it has been flushed. While inside the container, a powerful macerator blade works to deform the sewage, which is then pumped out through a pipe connected to the home’s main sewer system.

These toilets are often more priced than a standard American toilet, but they are significantly less costly than the cost of building and installing a new pipe system to ensure the installation of a toilet in your home.

Check the Standard American toilet from Amazon.

It is not suggested to utilize macerator toilets as the basic toilet system for a large household or family. This is because if the pump is used daily, all day, by various individuals, it can become overworked and eventually fail.

How far can an RV macerator pump?

Most toilets pump water vertically, up to a 25-foot distance. This powerful equipment is no different. The premise that this macerating motor is capable of supporting a washer in addition to a toilet, sink, shower, and/or bath may be advantageous if you wish to install a great room rather than a toilet.

In a similar context, can nearly any toilet be fitted with a macerator? The macerator, on the other hand, can handle only one toilet excluding other bathroom fittings such as a sink or shower. You will want a lengthier extension piece to be able to connect the toilet. A removable wall panel must also be fitted behind the toilet to allow for access to the tank in the event of a spill.

Generally, macerators are regarded as a second toilet and are designed to handle a low volume of traffic. They should last at least two decades, depending on traffic volume. If used as the main bathroom, a macerator will last roughly ten years in a typical-sized home.


Whether or not to utilize a macerator pump is a matter of personal preference. Not everyone is willing to take on another piece of equipment that requires constant maintenance. Certain individuals may be unaware of the dangers inherent in the operation of a macerator pump.

However, one can install a Flojet macerator pump in their toilet, which when flushed will transform everything into a slurry.

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