Hellwig vs. Roadmaster Sway Bar- The Best Sway Bar?

Traveling with an RV or motorhome can be hugely advantageous. These vehicles are designed with a variety of features to ensure that your trip is exciting. Additionally, users can add convenience appliances. However, due to their great size, these may be difficult to maneuver.

Manufacturers have responded by developing sway bars that can be installed on your vehicle. While some organizations may provide customers with a stock one, these will still have sufficient sway to make sharp corners nearly impossible. This is why it is typically preferable to have your car fitted with a third-party sway bar.

Hellwig and Roadmaster are two of the most reputable manufacturers of these devices. You might be unfamiliar with the distinction between the two. Fortunately, this article will outline the contrasts between these sway bars. To gain a better understanding, carefully read it through.

Sway bars: All you need to know

Nowadays, the majority of vehicles come equipped with a sway bar, some having even two. They should, however, be referred to as anti-sway / anti-roll bars. A sway bar’s function is to prevent your vehicle from tipping/rolling over when navigating corners.

You’ve probably felt this sensation while inside your car when you start driving into a corner, especially at high speed, and the car tends to lean or roll to the outside, away from the bend. A sway bar’s purpose is to generate a spiral force to counteract this tendency by applying a force to the other side of the vehicle and leveling it out, thereby eliminating body roll.

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The cost of a new sway bar

Sway bar kits range in price from $200 to many thousands of dollars. It is entirely dependent on the make or model of your car, the model you select, and the quality you desire.

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Importance of a sway bar to your vehicle

A sway bar, which can be attached to either the front or rear wheels, is designed to resist the car’s tendency to roll whenever it curves, consequently enhancing grip and cornering consistency. The sway bar’s purpose is to continue to maintain an even weight distribution from sideways.

As a result, the sway bar can be installed in the front or rear, or even both, to help reduce under and oversteer. Certain performance vehicles come equipped with customizable sway bars that can be tightened or loosened to your preference; aftermarket custom sway bars are also available.

How a sway bar operates

A sway bar withstands the twisting forces produced when one wheel swings up or down compared to the other when the car’s weight is shifted from one side to the other – as when leveling a corner. The bar maintains the wheel level in these circumstances.

The sway bar connects the suspension components of your vehicle and is connected to the arms of the suspension system. Sway bars are routed through bushings to protect them from rising and falling or simply twisting.

As a result, the weight of the car shifts patterns as it rounds a corner. The sway bar twists as the wheel gets closer to the trunk, pushing the weight to the other side of the vehicle. The car seems to level out as a consequence of this motion, which reduces roll during cornering.

Additional variables play a role here, such as the other suspension bushings and the engineers’ objective when tuning the car’s ride and handling characteristics. Additionally, the ‘stiffness’ of the front and back sway bars will typically differ. This is vital to understand since manufacturers generally strive to strike a balance between performance and comfort.

When one wheel comes into contact with a bump, a rigid (or thick) sway bar attempts to counteract the wheel’s rotation (up or down), resulting in an excessively rigid and uncomfortable ride. Additionally, depending on the setting of the remaining suspension, you may realize the car bucking off the bump.

Comparison between Hellwig and Roadmaster Sway Bars

Here is a quick comparison table;


Hellwig Sway Bar

Roadmaster Sway Bar

  • Price

Cheaper compared to Roadmaster.


  • Ease of installation

Can be installed independently

Difficult to install independently

  • Warranty

Provide a warranty

Provide a warranty

1) Hellwig

hellwig sway bar

Hellwig is a well-known supplier of sway bars as well as auxiliary springs to the automotive industry. The brand currently offers only these two items. You should, however, keep in mind that these products are available in a variety of lines. Their official website includes a complete list of their products.

By scrolling on them, additional information should be displayed, making selection easier. It is crucial to ensure you select the model of your vehicle. This can save you time and effort by assisting you in identifying relevant merchandise for the model.

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Furthermore, customers can purchase two sway bars. One is intended to be installed in the front of the vehicle, while the other is at the back. You may purchase both or just one of them. For a more steady driving experience, it is recommended to install both sway bars. The installation procedure is easy and self-explanatory.

The approach is advantageous as it eliminates the need for additional vehicle openings. The most astounding feature of Hellwig sway bars is their affordable price. These are less expensive than Roadmasters. As a result, choosing Hellwig should result in significant financial savings.

2) Roadmaster

Roadmaster sway bar

This is another manufacturer of sway bars. Numerous layouts are available to accommodate a wide variety of automobiles. Taking this into consideration, the user can search their scopes and then compare them to the parameters of their vehicle in order to locate a supplementary bar.

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When these brands’ ratings are compared, the results are largely identical.  Roadmaster sway bars, however, are more highly-priced than Hellwig sway bars. Additionally, they are utilized by a number of RV manufacturers.

Apart from that, another disadvantage of using Roadmaster bars is that they can be difficult to install independently. This is due to the fact that the user must drill holes in the base of their vehicle prior to installing the device. This may be concise for some, while others will necessitate visiting a mechanic.

Both companies offer customer service to address any problems that may arise with the devices. Additionally, they provide a warranty on their products, which means you can get replacements in the case of a major malfunction. However, there are certain standards that must be followed, as accessible on the official websites of both companies.

Is it worthwhile to invest in Hellwig sway bars?

Is it worthwhile to invest in Hellwig sway bars?

Without a doubt, Hellwig’s Big Wig is among the most remarkable sway bars for resolving this extremely deadly problem. Hellwig Products, based in Visalia, California, has earned a well-deserved reputation for delivering superior suspension products. The Big Wig, as the name implies, is quite large, weighing 45 pounds.

It is composed of heat-treated 4140 Chromoly steel, which Hellwig claims has a 50% better fatigue resistance than regular steel bars that have not been heat-treated. The Big Wig has a diameter of 1-5/16 inches and is powder-coated in an attractive deep grey hammer-tone color.

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Hellwig products are designed and manufactured in the US and come with a lifetime warranty. The business offers front and back sway bar kits for Ford, General Motors, and Ram heavy-duty trucks. As a result, Hellwig sway bars are an excellent value.

Do upgraded sway bars make a difference?

Weight, rigidity, and adjustability are the primary differences between conventional and upgraded sway bars.   Aftermarket sway bars are usually lighter, stiffer, and have a wider adjustment range than stock sway bars. Thus, it is worth upgrading your sway bars

Where are Hellwig’s sway bars manufactured?

Hellwig Products has been manufacturing innovative load management and sway control systems for state and international trucks, leisure vehicles, sports cars, historical automobiles, and fleet vehicles since 1946.

Whatever your application, Hellwig has a solution to enhance handling and towing. Unlike the majority of its competitors, Hellwig’s items are truly designed and manufactured in the United States of America to an exceptionally high standard of quality and with a limited warranty.

Are stiffer sway bars better?

Are stiffer sway bars better

Sway bars that are stiffer can simulate the effect of a more rigid suspension. The ride will be stiffer, and the vehicle’s response to road imperfections will be quicker. Several modern autos, on the other hand, present a solution. For example, the Mercedes GLE is equipped with Active Body Control. The basic suspension and anti-roll bars incorporate active air suspension.

However, if you want to improve the performance of your car, stiffer sway bars can assist. They minimize body roll and tilt, providing a more stable and responsive driving experience. Additionally, they are inexpensive.

While stiffer sway bars are advantageous for high-performance cars and those that transport or tow heavy loads, anyone can adjust their drive if they believe sway bars provide an excellent driving experience. Stiffening the sway bars on a regular everyday vehicle, on the other hand, may exacerbate the problem.

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In summary, there is less evidence that the sway bars made by Roadmaster are superior to those manufactured by Hellwig. This is why we recommend them. Users would only prefer Roadmaster if the bars were less priced.

If you are unable to locate a product that matches your RV, you can contact the manufacturer directly. The brands maintain a dedicated helpline that assists users in locating products and addressing any problems that may arise.

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