How Much Weight Can a Travel Trailer Bumper Hold?

If you are going somewhere with your travel trailer, you need to carry some more weight. You will try to know if it is possible to have some weight with your bumper. If possible then how much weight you can carry. Besides, people sometimes want to carry more things to make their travel more comfortable. It is safe to take weight after knowing the capacity. 

Usually, the weight capacity varies from model to model. However, most of the bumpers are made for the safety of the travel trailer not to carry weight. If you want to carry weight with your bumper then you have to increase the strength of the bumper. It is common to carry the spare wheel on the bumper but if you plan to carry more weight, you need to use some extra tools to make your bumper stronger. 

Sometimes, people carry generators or bikes with bumpers. There are some techniques to carry things on bumpers. Continue reading to know about the methods.

How do you reinforce the travel trailer bumper?

How do you reinforce the travel trailer bumper

As the travel trailer’s rear bumpers are not that strong to carry weight, you have to increase the power of the bumper to carry things. There are some ways to reinforce your bumper:

1. Safety strut

The bumper of the travel trailer does not suppose to hold any weight. When you carry anything on your bumper you should use a safety strut. The safety strut is tied up with the bumper with nuts. There are no holes for the nuts in the bumper. To tie up the safety strut, you have to drill the bumper. That is why the weight does not affect the weld part. Thus, the bumper can hold 400 pounds of extra weight. Here is a sample of a good Safety strut check its amazon product page.

2. Bumper hitch receiver

A bumper hitch receiver is an instrument that reinforces the bumper. This tool works as a connector. You have to connect the bumper hitch receiver to the rear bumper. This receiver has an option to add something to it like bike racks, cargo racks, or generators. It prevents the pressure of the weight, which is why the weld remains well for a long time. Here is a sample of the Bumper hitch receiver.

3. Mount bike rack

Sometimes, people want to take bikes with them while traveling somewhere. However, most of them cannot take them because of the shortage of space. To solve the problem the Mount bike rack was invented. You can carry more than one bike with this rack. This rack is portable. You can use it when you need it and also change the position of the rack.

4. Trailer tray

A trailer tray is another tool that increases the weight carrying capacity of the travel trailer. This tray remains on the rear bumper. It can carry a generator or something like a wood box or a cooler. The Trailer tray increases the capacity up to 300 lbs. You can use this tool for having some extra weight.

5. Cargo rack

Sometimes, we need some extra luggage or take some extra things. This tool can be used for this. This tool is very strong and it can increase the weight carrying capacity up to 500 lbs. It is made of strong metal and it has also a side railing. Check the quality Cargo rack from Amazon.

Can my RV bumper carry a bike rack?

Can my RV bumper carry a bike rack
Source: rvshare

Usually, RV bumpers are not strong enough to hold or carry a bike. However, it is possible to carry more than one bike with your bumper. You just have to use extra tools. If it is necessary for you to carry your bike with you and you do not have enough space to carry it in the RV, then you should join a bike rack with your bumper.

To join the bike rack, you have to connect the bike rack with the bumper hitch receiver and the bumper hitch receiver must be well connected with the bumper. The bumper hitch receiver will divide the weight between the bumper and the bumper hitch receiver. That is why the weld will not be damaged. Thus, you should not carry your bike on your bumper without taking any safety action.

Are RV ladder bike racks safe to use?

Are RV ladder bike racks safe to use
Source: rvingknowhow

The RV ladder bike rack is a very popular rack. Ladder racks can be used on multiple things. The ladder can be used to go to the top of the RV. Besides, you can also use the ladder to bind something. It is also used as a bike rack. You can keep more than one bike with the ladder. It looks a little dangerous because the bike remains there vertically.

However, if you use all the belts correctly then it is very safe. If you do not release the cycle it will not be free on its own. There is one problem with the ladder bike racks. You have to hold up the bike to the ladder and tie the bike up. Some people find it difficult. Rather than that everything is fine. You can have a good-quality Ladder bike rack.

What is RV compatible bike rack?

What is RV compatible bike rack
Source: rvshare

There are many bike racks in the market. All the racks do not suit the RV. When the RV starts running then the rack tries to move in every direction. It is very difficult to hold the rack with the bike at the time of running. Besides, the rack shakes. That can be a cause of a loose connection of the rack with the bumper.

All bikes are not made in that way to control the pressure. That is why it is necessary to make sure the product is compatible with your RV and then you should buy. If you cannot choose the right bike rack that can cause big damage to your RV or your bike. You can see the reviews of the product before buying or you can also have research to make sure you do not get into any trouble. 


Recreational Vehicle (RV) or travel trailer has made our lives much easier. People can go on a tour with the whole family and take a lot of things with them because of the RV. The more people can take with them the more comfortable they feel. It feels like home when you can get all your things near your hand.

That is why sometimes people think that it would be better if I could take some more things. That is why the instruments mentioned above are invented. You can use these tools and easily carry up to 300 lbs extra weight. 

However, safety should be the priority. If you maintain all the rules correctly then you can avoid accidents or damages. Sometimes, your warranty will not be valid anymore if you use extra weight on the rear bumper. That is why you should check your documents clearly and then take any steps. It is advisable not to take any step that invalids the warranty. 

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