How to Reset the Onan 5500 Generator That Will Not Turn Over

The Onan 5500 generator not starting is an obvious problem that many generator owners experience. Hence, this problem results in a clunking sound inside the generator. In an instance where the oil, gas level, spark plug, and the fuel pump is working in a good manner your problem came from other different sections.

This is the best article for you as it narrates the possible reasons why the problem keeps happening and the best troubleshooting techniques to use to prevent and correct the issues. The common problems include a problem with the battery, faulty circuit board or starter solenoid, and the remote switch start. The best thing is that the issues experienced are temporary and they can be corrected within a short time when identified.

It is always good to identify the affected part before performing any troubleshooting process. For a safe and secure fixing, know the problem first always. My article will help you to understand what causes the Onan 5500 generator not to turn over and their solutions. Check also the frequently asked questions and their solutions and lastly, the conclusion of the whole article.

How do I reset my Onan 5500 generator?

How do I reset my Onan 5500 generator

Onan 5500 generators have been of great benefit to people. The production of electric power for home and business use has helped. When a generator works with time it will start to indicate some error code issues to the user which should be addressed.

The codes in the generator are self-detectors for easy identification and problem-solving. The use of the codes makes work easier for the one troubleshooting the issue. Because the time used to search for the error is used to correct it. After the troubleshooting process, clearing the fault code is efficient.

These are the following steps to use to reset your generator:

Step 1

On the generator, locate the primer button which is usually suited around the unit, just under the gas tank. The primer button is used to start and stop the generator as another function.

Step 2

Drag the primer button downwards for 45 seconds. This is where the first resetting process starts.

Step 3

Release your hand from the button to cold booting of the generator to the end and then activate the generator.

Step 4

After about 15 minutes of the generator being on the code will be erased by then. If the code fails to erase the generator might have further problems and it is advisable to contact the expert on Onan generators.

How do I Reset my Onan generator?

Performing a reset program on your Onan generator is quite easy. Provided you have the required knowledge to help you troubleshoot. What you have to do is find the location of the primer button then drag the button down for approximately 45 seconds and then release the pressed button. After the steps above, power on your generator.

First basics you check when your Onan generator fails

BasicsFunctionsEssential products
Fuel levelTo keep your generator runningCheck the best Fuel injectors from Amazon
Oil levelTo prevent the generator from shutting downCheck Amazon quality Generator engines
Plugs and filtersTo allow fuel to get into the generator 
Final inspectionTo ensure every component is correctly connectedCheck Amazon’s best Governor Actuator

Fuel level

If your Onan generator is powered on it can be using either gas or diesel. A line of connection between the motorhome fuel and the generator is marked. Many times this line is not too long to be able to drill oil from the tank if the fuel is below a quarter full. Insufficient fuel causes the generator to turn off and no operation will go on. It is good to keep your generator tank above the line of the quarter mark.

Gasoline models are affected by temperature and hence hot environments can lead to evaporation. When evaporation occurs your generator will not power due to a lack of sufficient fuel. Propane-powered generators are affected by cold conditions. Moreover, ensure the fuel line is open and not pinched.

Oil level

If the fuel supply is above average and the generator keeps on shutting down then you have to check the level of oil in the generator. When the oil is heated it becomes thin and thus causes it to fall below the expected average. Remember Onan generators have small oil deactivation that can lead to powering off on their own.

Plugs and filters

The rule of thumb states that for higher maintenance of the generator is to replace the oil, plugs, and filters after every 6 days. Ensure the fuel filter is clean to enable fuel flow to the generator. Perform the change of spark plugs and filters, cleaning the system using carb cleaner. Moreover, changing the voltage regulator slip and inspecting the circuit breaker.

Final inspection

After performing all the required processes, cross-check to correct any faulty connection you identify. Perform overall cleaning of your whole system to prevent rodents and bugs from building nests inside it.

How do I test my Onan generator solenoid?

How do I test my Onan generator solenoid

Testing the Onan generator solenoid is very easy, don’t feel you have reached the end of the world. From my experience, it is just the same process when testing the starter relay and solenoid.

  • Use the below types of equipment for the task:
  • A set of wrenches
  • Spanners
  • Voltmeter/multicenter
  • Tiny jumper wire

Follow the steps to achieve your goal:

1. Identify the starter solenoid

2. Perform a tap test and inspect the battery

3. Examine the power current from the solenoid

4. Calculate the voltage reduction from the solenoid

Why does my RV generator not start?

Equipment needed

  • Petroleum jelly

Some of the causes for RV generators not starting

  • Battery connections
  • Low oil
  • Old gas
  • Spark plug
  • Air filter

Air filter requires ample airflow to form together air and gas. The mixture occurs in the carburetor for heating in the engine of the generator. Not even if one component misses the generator will not activate. Some of the common reasons for the generator failing is this item is not there or dirt if the generator is not used for long periods.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is the best size generator to run a home?

Most generators rated around 6,000 watts are the best option to run simple home appliances that include the refrigerator, cooker, and lighting circuits. So, a higher watt generator is usually the best for running whole home appliances.


After reading this article, you will be able to understand how the Onan generator works and the possible causes that can make it fail. Moreover, there are different ways you can use to test the Onan and 5500 generators. It is good to ensure you keep your generator clean and higher maintenance to enable longevity of the machine.

The solutions to some of the problems are explained in my article above to help you get the required content to troubleshoot the process.  Kindly follow my tips to help you build a good interaction between you and the machine. In case of difficulty, call for help in the nearest generator workshop.

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