How to Tow a Can-Am Spyder- Complete Towing Guide

A can am spyder is a motorcycle with three wheels used for recreational purposes. The vehicle has most parts like any other vehicle, like the single rear drive wheel and two wheels in front of the steering that uses a particular mode to operate: the ATV mode-like chassis.

The can am spyder then also needs towing to increase performance and reduce storage problems when using it. Therefore, with pulling, you can follow some steps and measures to make the process complete since spiders also need towing for the entire operation.

The article below shows how you can tow a can-be spyder by responding to the relative questions: How to Tow a Can-Am Spyder? Can you drag a can am spyder with a tow dolly? Can you flat tow a spyder? How do you transport a can am spyder? After that are the frequently asked questions and the conclusion to summarize the article.

How to Tow a Can-Am Spyder?

When towing a can am spyder, there are a few steps you can follow to achieve the process since pulling the can am spyder is complicated to many spyder owners and at some point makes them damage the whole system. Below are the steps to try:

Different methods to use for towing the spyder

MethodFunctionEssential product
Flat towingTo use the spyder in a manual modeCheck Amazon for the best can am spyder
Tow DollyRemoving the drive belt to reduce damage risksCheck Amazon for the best drive belts.

i. Ensure you have the trailer at least six feet by ten feet and a moderate height with the length, width, and height dimensions.

ii. Raise the spyder to some level that is not touching the ground and ensure the back and front end are at the same level.

iii. Tie the spyder so that it will not be moving during the towing process.

iv. Ensure the parking brake is on so that the spyder will not move.

v. Check the valve stem and the drive belt pulley since they can mess up when towing the spyder.

vi. Tow the spyder now by checking every part with care.

Can I tow a can am spyder?

Yes, you can tow a can am spyder whenever you want using the devices it requires. Remember pulling spyder needs you to have some tools that you can use for the towing purposes of the spider. Towing the spyder is excellent since it reduces some risks while operating the vehicle, like storage problems. Additionally, it provides security to the trailer by securely locking the rear wheel and giving support to the spider to be upright. When you are tying it down, it will be easier even without help from other individuals.

The only problem with towing spyder is that it has a limit of up to 400 pounds, a poor vision that if the teardrop is bid, you cannot easily view it properly.

Towing a can am spyder has some advantages over the other trailers since the spyder is easier to use, cheap to purchase, consumes less fuel, saves your costs, and reduces storage problems. The only thing you need to do with the spyder after towing is remove the unit from the receiver, store it in the trunk and drive the trailer.

Measures to follow after towing the spyder

1. Ensure you have the exact clearance in the front and rear end

2. Clear the sidewalls of the spyder to ensure it reduces interference with accessories.

3. Ensure the rear and front ends are at an equal distance from the ground.

4. Permanently remove air from the front end air dam to enhance vision.

5. Ensure you tie the front steering using tie straps.

6. Use windshields during windy seasons or when you are in windy areas to prevent wind from breaking the windshield.

7. Get a clearance front air ride system. Check Amazon for the best front air ride system.

8. Consider backing up the spyder frequently so long you have someone who monitors the back end.

9. Use the spyder on the road carefully when driving to avoid obstructions.

Can you tow a can—am spyder with a tow dolly?

How to Tow a Can-Am Spyder
Source: can-am.brp

Towing a can am spyder with a tow dolly is not good. you need to avoid such a practice with your spyder. There is only one way to tow a dolly with the spyder that you need to be sure about and cannot cause damage to your system. Therefore, you need to remove the drive belt from the spyder because it involves extra energy and is even hard to load, but it’s the only way to work with two dollies with the spyder.

If you try to work with it like any other towing method, you can easily damage the system, which is a loss to the owner, and you will need to purchase a new spyder. If you feel tow dolly has many activities, then avoid using the method to reduce the mess you can get.

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Can you flat tow a spyder?

Spyder is an automatic vehicle that you cannot flat tow since flat towing only occurs with manual cars. Therefore, you cannot flat tow a spyder. When you need to flat-tow a spyder, you need to change the vehicle to be manual for the process to occur since pulling is best with manual cars that it damages the automatic cars when you try working with it.

How do you transport a can am spyder?

How do you transport a can am spyder

To transport, they can be a spyder; you move them from one place to another. In most cases, you transport the spyder to store it if the riding season is over. Before transporting, you need to park the spyder up ready for storage to transport it directly to the store. Below are the steps for preparing the spyder for transporting:

i. Take the spyder indoors that you carry from the field to the storehouse, where you need to use a garage as it is the best place to store the spyder. The garage offers the best protection from external environments to the spyder that it will be safe in the area. If you do not have a garage, get storage facilities from online shops with the same benefits.

ii. Seal the spyder so that some animals will not get in touch and destroy some vehicle parts. You need to cover any holes with the garage and the spyder like the exhaust system where you use steel wool to coat and place cotton swabs with peppermint oil that keeps away the unwanted visitors.

iii. Follow the preventive measures from the manufacturer manual on how to store and transport the spyder and ensure you prevent moisture from getting into the vehicle.

iv. Create some space that is clear for visibility purposes that you check and see quickly if your machine has encountered any problem or not.

v. Choose to use a heavy truck, carry the spyder from its storage, load the car to move it from your current location to another, and tie up the vehicle tightly, so it will not rattle when the truck is driving.

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of the can am spyder?

The can am spyder is most suitable for recreational purposes


Towing a can am spyder is at some point stressing that you feel you can cause damages to the whole system when using it. Therefore the guide shows the various things you can major in before trying any towing process for the spyder.

Consider following the manufacturer’s manual with the instructions on how to use the spyder and how to tow to avoid some other issues with it. 

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