How to Troubleshoot RV Power Cord Reel Not Working

An RV power cord reel failing to work is not a new issue for users. Many have experienced these problems and even solve them when they identify the issue. You might have planned for your weekend very well but a faulty power cord reel fails to perform, destroying your all daily plans. The problem comes when the electrical cord is affected and it is advisable to correct it when identified.

If you have a faulty power cord reel you can replace or reset and solve the problem depending on the section affected. Don’t hesitate to call for help if the problem is beyond your measure. My article is best for you if you want to understand how and what affects the RV power cord reel. Whether you are new to power cords or familiar with how they work this is still the best article.

Following my guides and tips will help you, correct the affected parts of the RV power cord reel or even the whole machine. You have to carefully flow step by step following my guides to find a solution. Lastly, understand how the RV power cord reel is affected then; check at the solutions in the frequently asked questions section, and finally, the summary of the whole article.

What are the RV power cord issues?

RV Power Cord Reel Not Working
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From my experience of working with RV power cords, I can say that you will possibly realize when your RV power cord is bad. Provided you have checked everything is working properly but it’s only the power that keeps on letting you down then the power cord is affected or the connectors.

Some of your appliances can stop working when your RV power cord goes faulty. Power flow can still occur as a result of the battery or the generator as the equipment you are using drains the devices you are using.

Loosely connected plug or the cord from the plug, naked wires result in the plug not receiving the required connection and will fail to work. It is good to replace the plug when it becomes too hot when connected to the power source.

Perform a test for your cord to find damages in the power cord. This helps you to know if there are torn wires inside the power cord. If the damaged parts are not addressed within a short period can lead to more fatalities and the torn wires can lead the power cord to stop tasking.

Causes that lead the RV power cord to be faulty

Causes that lead the RV power cord to be faulty
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The RV power cord going faulty has several different ways to enable that. To understand how this happens, it is good to know how your RV power cord works. Don’t think this is impossible and you have reached the end of the world. I assure you it is very easy to do provided you have the needed concept.

The power cord in your vehicle bounces when you are driving no matter the speed or the care you take on it. The only way to reduce such issues from happening is by protecting physically. But most of the time the RVs pass through terrible roads can lead to bouncing.

When the RV power cord is plugged in the elements most of the time get damaged whether your RV is comfortable and the cord will be seen. Moreover, this indicates no matter the season the weather conditions get access to the cord. All of these issues cause damage to the power cord.

Long usage of the power cord can wear out and hence needs replacement. Lastly, inspect the power ratings of the RV cord and the position you decide to plug the power cord. While some RVs use lighter cords others use 30 or more amp cords.

How can I troubleshoot RV power cord reel not working?

Doing corrections for your equipment you can do yourself without seeking help from anyone. But most of the power cord interactions are done by an expert. A 30 amps standard RV cord of power is dangerous and can cause more fatalities.

It is only good to deal with power cords if you understand what you are doing. If you are familiar with electric power and you are doing fine with it, performing changes on your RV cord /plug without the help of an expert saves you a lot of cash.

Quickly check the troubleshooting table

TipsFunctionsEssential products
Doing replacementActs as safety measures for you and your RVCheck Amazon for quality Power cords
Plug replacementTo prevent overheating 
Power cord replacementTo prevent damageCheck for the best Wire cutters from Amazon

Follow my tips below to help you troubleshoot the RV power cord:

Do replacement

Performing replacement without repairing the components is the first step you should do. Sometimes it cannot be a solution to some of the problems you are experiencing but it will help you for safety. But if you identify your cord has incurred unbearable damages don’t try to start repairing it because it can lead to shock and harm the whole components.

The RV power cords use 30 or 60 amps then using electrical tape and quick steps to correct is not advised. This can be the most favorable option to do in recent days but can lead to more fatal replacements and repairs in the future. On the section, the patch cord accommodates a large amount of current and is so dangerous.

Doing a permanent replacement is better than performing a quick which is the same as a cheap repair. Mostly the statement is true if the cord is chopped or tampered with.

Plug replacement

The plug can be damaged if no observable signs can be seen. If you see any observable signs and overheating just do the replacement to save your cash. Use wire cutters, wire strippers, and a screwdriver.

Power cord replacement

It is a good idea to replace the power cords with an expert to save any damage if you are not sure of the connection. But it can cost more money when you call the help desk. Remember if something fails to work then the power flowing can damage any component turned on. Install the new power cord by chopping the cover rubber of the wire, and then reattach the wires firmly in a secure manner.

Frequently asked questions

1. What length can an RV power cord run?

The distance usually varies with the size of the wire used. If you have a higher wire for the extension cords the longer distance you can achieve and the vice-versa. Using a 200-foot extension cord leads to a very small problem.


After finishing reading the article above you will know how you can interact with the RV power cord and the possible side effects they can cause if not addressed carefully. To deal with an RV power cord it is advisable to understand what you are doing before indulging yourself to search operations.

By now you know the standard solution you will do if you face the problem above. I believe you can correct all issues after reading the article. In case you find difficulty in troubleshooting just contact an expert who can help you and your appliances to be safe.

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