How To Turn On Outside Speakers On Camper (For Different Types)

Outside speakers are not used most of the time. Besides, even if you want to turn them on, sometimes you might find yourself not finding the switch or buttons to turn them on.

Moreover, there are tons of options out there in the market. In each speaker and RV type, the options are different as well. But don’t worry! We got your back!

Here we will discuss all the possible options on How To Turn On Outside Speakers On Camper

Additionally, we will provide the information you need just in case you need to fix the speaker or wiring and the control.

Let’s dive in!

How To Turn On Outside Speakers On Camper (Step-by-Step)

How To Turn On Outside Speakers On Camper

Outside speakers come in many models. And all of those have some standard features and processes to turn on. 

Whether a Furrion DV7100, Jensen, Forest River model, or any other model, you can easily navigate the wires and turn them on. 

When you have a single zone head unit, the inside and outside speakers of the camper are likely connected or wired together. 

You find the button behind the radio if there isn’t any other speaker unit in your RV.

There should be two buttons named zone one or A and zone two or B in a Furrion model. The B zone is for turning on the outside speaker. Turn that on.

Sometimes the button is around the fade or balance control button. Most of the time, the wiring is on the opposite side of the outside. So, you might need to check that as well. Just change the button from inside to outside.

In other types of speaker options, there are three speaker controls in your stereo. A or 1 is the main audio or sound button, and the other two are auxiliary or secondary buttons. Most likely, the outside button is between those two buttons or zone.

Usually, A or 1 is for the bedroom speaker, B or two is for the dining area, and C or 3 is for the outside area. These buttons can vary depending on your speaker type and RV.

One important thing to mention here is that when you switch among the buttons, the volume is turned down to 0. So, you need to turn that up as well.

So, you just need to turn on the C or whichever button for the outside. If that’s not working, there are probably some problems with the wiring. You might have loose wiring back of your stereo.

RV Outside Speakers Not Working

There could be many possible reasons why your RV outside speakers are not working.

As discussed, one of the many problems might be the loose wiring. To fix this issue;

  • You need a switch which you will find in any radio shop.
  • Then, you need to unplug all the wirings connected to your speaker. Those are located outside of your stereo.
  • Stop the unplugging until you find the outside ones.
  • Place or connect the switch between the lead speaker.
  • Or another way is to use a switch box for the speakers. You can navigate through the speakers using the box.

Another problem could be related to fad control. There are two control, rear, and back. So, if there is any issue with the control in any of them, the outside speaker might not be working.

But there are other issues that experts notice from time to time in a Jensen Head unit. In those cases;

  • You need to press the right button in control and release the button when you get the balance.
  • You can select from the left or right one of them.
  • Adjust any one of them. 
  • Set the fade to 0.

And you’re all set.


We hope you have the information on how to turn on the outside speaker in your camper. Besides, all the possible ways you can fix your little problem in case your run into the problem. 

You can turn it on using the zone 2 or B button, switching the front and back options, or just the control panel. Though, it mostly depends on your audio type and RV.

Happy Camping!

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