Jake Brake Not Working on High [Quick Guide to Fix]

Users find it disgusting when the Jake brake was initially functioning properly and after a while, it stops functioning. This is not a new case in our brake systems because almost every user has experienced this kind of problem. Given other parts work properly your brake system can still fail to work based on some negative circumstances.

If you are new to how Jake brake works and the possible causes that lead the system to fail, this is the best article for you. To the ones who have some information on how Jake brake works there is better information for you also. Provided the smart wheel, clutch, and brake switch is working properly Jake’s brake can still not work given if you cut the truck on and off.

There are many reasons why Jake’s brake may fail like a problem with the power switch or fuse, an issue with the speedometer, cruise, and the floor mat. Take your time to follow my tips and guidelines to help you prevent any problems from occurring. Don’t forget to find solutions in the frequent questions related to the Jake brake system and finally, the summary of the article.

Is there a fuse for Jake Brakes?

Is there a fuse for Jake Brakes

The terminal on the vehicle ignition switch powers the Jake Brake. The electric current helps to energize the Jake Brake when the switch is activated. To protect your circuits from power surges and other issues a 10-amp fuse or circuit breaker is used.

As a user, you might wonder if further extensions can be done to the Jake Brake. Don’t see as if you have reached the end of the world because this is easy with a more easy way. Remember that the Jake Brake you are using cannot tamper with the engine.

Cummins engine brakes are among the best electrical engines that many people use. The engine works when the depleted back pressure enables your vehicle to stop. Creating friction against the piston on each stroke manages the flow of depleted gases. This results in the reduction of cycles made by the crankshaft and the tires.

How do you check Jake Brakes?

How do you check Jake Brakes?
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As we all know Jake Brakes are used to slow down or stop the trucks. Some refer to the Jake Brake as the second option to use in certain situations because they work the same work as the service brakes. The diesel engine is used to run it. The equal pressure applied in the truck power slows and stops the truck.

Look at some of the best tips below when using a Jake Brake

  • It is not recommended to use the Jake Brake when you are at a higher speed it can cause fatalities.
  • You can decide to use the Jake Brake together with the foot brake and ensure you have an adequate amount of fuel in the engines.
  • It is good to test the brakes before starting your journey and the engine is operating at its optimum temperature.
  • Better use of the Jake Brake in hills and mountains sites adds to the lifespan of the brake shoe because it prevents wear and tears on the tires.

On how to operate Jake brakes there are several techniques you can use including:

  1. Always allow it to be active all the time
  2. Flip on the switch button as required

Different truck drivers can decide to activate the jake in the morning at the start of the day and turn it off at the end of the day. But for me, I prefer to use the Jake only when I need it. It is not good to use the brake at all times. Shifting the truck without holding the clutch causes Jake to tamper with my operation, as it enters the medium shift.

What is wrong with Jake Brakes?

Conditions to follow before using Jake brakes

ConditionsFunctionsEssential products
Don’t use it in icy or slippery areasTo prevent the truck from sliding and causing accidentsCheck Amazon for the best truck engines
Abide by the signs “No Jake Brake”It prevents the drivers to make noise when applying the brakes in some areasCheck Amazon for the best clutch to use in trucks
Don’t use it on low oilAs it consumes a high amount of fuel when in use 

I believe if you have traveled to some areas you will find posts written “NO JAKE BRAKES”. Someone who isn’t familiar with these road signs will fail to understand why this happens. Why are Jake brakes not loved sometimes?

Jake brakes perform the tasks of compression when releasing the brake. The diesel truck stops due to the help of the jake brakes, and the exhaust valves open at the upper end of the compression stroke. This works the same as removing your form from exerting pressure with the help of gravity and other forces to stop your vehicle.

Many times when the commercial truck’s exhaust valves are opened the truck tends to make a heavy noise. This is brought by the compression release brake.

Why ban jake brakes?

Why ban jake brakes
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In some places, people don’t like the sound of the trucks when the jake brakes are applied. And a very small population understands that the jake brakes are very efficient to stop the truck. The jake brakes help truck drivers to maintain their control over the truck and increase the lifespan of the service brakes. Many manufacturers know that jake brakes are the best option for the longevity of their rigs.

Areas where jake brakes are prohibited

Residential homes near toll roads say that the jake brakes can cause damage. People around the place don’t hate the sound produced but the people want peace mostly in the morning and evening hours.

As for me, I understand the benefit of the jake brakes and the noise they make is not a big deal. It is good to educate people on the benefits of compression release brakes.

What activates a Jake Brake?

To turn on the jake brake the clutch, throttle, and the gear are both released. It is always the driver’s task to know the best transmission gear in place by looking at the numerous reasons. Some of the reasons include the steepness of the road and the amount of load the truck is holding.

Frequently asked questions

How can a Jake brake be activated?

When the driver takes his foot from the fuel pedal and the Jake is on used together with the foot brake then the activation process commences. If you ever experienced this you will possibly agree that Jake working is not necessary for the truck.


After going through this article, you will be able to understand how the jake brake works in different conditions and the reasons why some areas prohibit its use. It is good to be well versed with the rules and the working of the jake brakes to prevent you from getting into search troubles.

I believe you also know the possible solutions you can use to troubleshoot the issues for the normal working of your vehicle. In situations where you find difficulty where your jake brake is not working, call for help from the manufacturer to send you an expert. 

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