Keystone Alpine vs. Montana-Which One to Pick?

Keystone is a common brand used for camping times that are both fifth wheels and comparable with slight differences. Some time back, Keystone used to make Everest, which later changed to the alpine as the new version of the products. The products are both from the brand company, so it is hard to know their differences.

However, the article needs to cite the differences between the two products, which can be from the features they contain in the exterior, interior, bedroom, kitchen, and living room. One has more features than the other. The price will also differ according to the quality of things it contains. Therefore check the article to study them.

The article below shows more information about Keystone and Montana and answers the following questions: What is the difference between Keystone Alpine and Montana? What is the top-of-the-line Keystone 5th wheel? Is Keystone Montana a good brand? Are Keystone Montana fifth wheels good? Lastly are the frequently asked questions and the conclusion that summarises.

What is the difference between Keystone Alpine and Montana?

FeatureKeystone alpineKeystone Montana
QualityFewer quality featuresHigh-quality features
RefrigeratorLacks a fridgeHas a fridge
WarrantyMore warranty timeLess warranty time
LightHas LED lightsHas grey lights
InsulationR 11 wallsR nine walls

Keystone Alpine

Keystone Alpine
Source: bigadventurerv

Keystone Alpine is a keystone product that offers high-quality features since it is a fifth luxury wheel that provides a good quality with high-end standard and optional features that most car owners prefer. The newest feature is that it has a one-touch six-point level-up system that provides an easy time with the full body paint that protects it from extra turn high gloss fiberglass front caps.

The other feature of the Alpine that makes it fine is the Equa flex suspension and thermal shield holding tank that protects the whole system.

Alpine being the luxury fifth wheel brand, has a design for the new generation of discriminating campers that need styles like innovative floor plans and modern amenities. Alpine is good for use with the high ceilings, water bodies, and panoramic frameless windows.

The keystone alpine has different floor settings that depend on the type you have and the size of the floor to use it with since they include:  a fireplace for a cozy evening, for hosting movie nights with a good size LED TV  and theatre seating, separate living room, under the deck and other floor settings.

There are some common features of the Keystone alpine as below:

  • It has a wide body construction.
  • It has a road shock absorbing hitch pin
  • It has LED lighting that improves vision capabilities.
  • Has laminated walls with aluminum construction.
  • Has large and tinted safety glass windows.
  • It has an external ladder to provide support when using it.
  • It has hardwood that makes it long-lasting.
  • It has a three-year warranty that you can do all the repairs and replacements for free.
  • It has a smoke detector that detects any occurrence of smoke.
  • Has propane gas detector.
  • Has a fire extinguisher to keep off fire emergencies.

It specifies that it was made in 2022 with a new condition in Kansas City with its stock number. The Alpine is from the keystone RV made with an alpine model mostly used with trailer vehicles, and it is not self-contained.

Keystone Montana

Keystone Montana
Source: terrytownrv

Keystone Montana is good for camping since it contains some good features. First, when you have the Keystone, you will find a nice living room with dual opposing slides and good space with the kitchen.

The pending lights in the kitchen provide enough light for cleaning the room after dinner and when preparing food. Moreover, there is a coffee station that you can use when making your tea easily.

Some more features include a hide bed sofa, dinette chairs, and an RV refrigerator with it. When using Montana, you will start at a cheaper price while going up until you find the most expensive one. Montana is the best quality of Keystone that you can choose to use.

Below are some of the features of the Keystone Montana:

  • Has cabinet doors and handles
  • Has good quality appliances and good construction
  • It is light in weight
  • It has the solar prep that makes the solar installation cheaper
  • It has a large living room area
  • Has large tanks and vents
  • Has light gray cabinets

What is the top-of-the-line Keystone 5th wheel?

What is the top-of-the-line Keystone 5th wheel
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Keystone alpine is the top-of-the-line keystone fifth wheel that changes the lifestyle on different levels. Alpine is top since it has some additional features in the base model, unlike other brands that have them in the luxury options.

You cannot easily get issues with the alpine brand due to depreciation, unlike other brands with luxurious features only. When you get into the fifth alpine wheel, you always feel at home since it has everything you need at home. Remember, it has an oven with a see-through door, which is a rare feature in the other types of ranges. There is also more space that gives you a chance to cook for the family without struggles.

Alpine has an air conditioner that you can use in any condition, like the winter months, where it has fewer degrees with heat pads in their tanks that are forced to get heat.

Is Keystone Montana a good brand?

Montana is a good brand and appears to be the best among the two since it has some standard features and has good roof insulation that prevents the room from being too hot during the summer seasons. Keystone Montana is a good brand since they make quality RVs’, camper trailers, fifth wheels, and miniature trailers.

Are Keystone Montana fifth wheels good?

Keystone Montana fifth wheels are good since it is among the best five appearing in the top three of the best fifth wheels with the Keystone brand. Using Montana has a few shortcomings that when you use it, you will have time for the repairs and other issues. Some reasons that make Keystone Montana fifth wheels good include:

  • It is attractive that the brand company has made decorations with the wheel so that you can feel good while using it, unlike other brands that only have the dull color on their wheels which is not attractive. The different colors are maple, white, and grey, which attracts you to buy it.
  • It has a spacious floor plan that you are not feeling cramped in since plenty of slides and open floor space can accommodate the whole family. With the right layout of Montana, the room can even accommodate eight people.
  • It has a washer and dryer hookups that, after installing, you can wash and dry while camping without going out and looking for places to pass your belongings. The feature allows children to be clean since they cannot get in contact with water used after washing, making them muddy after playing with it.

Even though the Keystone Montana has some good features, there must be drawbacks that disappoint you from choosing it, which include:

  • It has a poor quality with its materials due to the change of its brand after the Thor industry bought them.
  • It contains fewer storage capabilities that sometimes you wish to have an extra cabinet or drawer to keep your sensitive documents inside, but you are not getting any chance.
  • It overloads easily since it has fewer storage capabilities.

Frequently asked questions:

What are the similarities between keystone alpine and Montana?

There are many keystone products’ similarities since they are from the same brand company. They have the same features and parts in the camping site like the bedroom, kitchen, living room, interior, and exterior.

What is the most recommended Keystone among the two?

The choice of Keystone among the two is very hard since all have some outstanding features. With Alpine, it is clear that since it is a new version of Everest, the elements will be better than before. Alpine has some modern features, and on the other side, Montana has its good old parts that are the same as Alpine. Therefore, choose the best one for you since all the two are good for use.


Keystone alpine and Montana are both from the keystone industry, and their differences will exist due to different advancements of their make. The article provides the possible discrepancies with the two keystone products and answers some of the questions that arise, like the top line Keystone 5th wheel, if the Keystone Montana brand is good, and others.

When choosing among the two Keystone, consider choosing Montana since it has some good qualities you can choose for. It has some good ownership experiences that are amazing. 

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