Keystone vs. Jayco- Which RV You Should Go For

Telling the difference between Keystone and Jayco RV is challenging since they are from the same manufacturers. The differences are not that visible that you can quickly note. It would be best to do some research to identify what differentiates them.

However, the differences exist when they are from the same company but with different management. Different management can set their differences in price and type of materials they use to make their products. one will either spend less cash while the other spends more.

The article below shows the differences in qualities of the Keystone and Jayco and the companies own. There are the frequently asked questions and lastly, the conclusion.

Quick comparison table:


Keystone RV

Jayco RV


less warranty time

More warranty time


Good floor design

Good floor material made of plywood





Less comfortable

Much comfortable

Is Keystone camper’s good quality?

Is Keystone camper's good quality
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Yes, keystone campers are of good quality since they make good and quality RVs, camper trailers, fifth wheels, and small trailers. Keystone is the leading manufacturer of the fifth wheels for vehicles that you can consider using it. Keystones have different types and sizes of towable products such that they can work with smaller trailers that can work with newer fuel-efficient cars and smaller cars to an excellent fifth wheel.

The Keystone campers have their best type of RV, the Keystone Alpine fifth wheel, which is the top best type of the fifth wheel that most luxurious people prefer to use. The device has top features that other brands lack, making you choose it for use. Check Keystone RV at Amazon for the best quality

Keystone campers are manufactured in America at a particular plant, and we all know products from America are top-notch with fewer issues. Therefore, if you want to get one of the Keystones products, consider visiting the plants to get one or even watch how they are making the products.

Keystone has the following exemplary features about it since it has a good layout:

1. Quality of construction

Keystone has the best construction qualities since it has an attractive design offering a four-season living package. Most of its models have better insulation with sidewalls laminated with color-coded wires. The features increase the quality of the product to attract the customer to choose it.

2. Chassis

Keystone has the best chassis as chassis can ensure that the wheels have the best radius when turning in the industry. Keystone can reduce or eliminate the chucking feature when towing.

3. Power and energy consumption

With power and energy consumption, we are majoring in consuming fuel when driving. Keystone products can work with the solar system in that they do not use more fuel hence conserving power and using less energy to work.

4. Luxury features

Keystone has luxurious features like comfort, such that it has a full walk on the roof and a sound insulation race track that facilitates enough space for storage as it combines its two abilities. The luxury comes in with the insulation features with the wheels, big sofa, cabinets, taller ceilings, and large windows that ensure free circulation of air.

Advantages of Keystone

  • It is affordable and also has a good quality with their parts
  • They are attractive due to the floor plan and design that are eye-catching
  • They are easy to maintain since they have cheap parts with them.

Does Jayco own Keystone?

Keystone is owned by the Thor industry, the most significant industry that manufactures the trailer and fifth wheels. Therefore, Jayco does not hold Keystone. It is good to know which company owns a particular product to know if their products are reputable or not. Thor industries own the Keystone RV, and they are the most significant industry in North America with quality products.

Are Jayco campers good quality?

Are Jayco campers’ good quality
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Jayco campers are of good quality since they are almost the same as Keystone as they are from the same industry, Thor. Thor industry manufactures virtually the same products that are hard to differentiate between the two items.

The product has some features that are good for it but at the same time lacks some features that can make you choose Keystone. Below are some of its good features:

1. Construction quality

Jayco has good reviews when it comes to its construction if you own it, you will not consider anything when purchasing but rather choose it for use. Jayco also has customer service as they serve their customers well, unlike KeystoneKeystone, whose customers are not happy about their service.

2. Quality floors

Jayco has quality floors since they use plywood to make their floors and roofs, where plywood is a strong product that makes the foundations strong. Their problems exist with the floor plan, which is poor. However, unlike weaker nails, Jayco uses screws that hold the floors tightly.

2. Headroom

With the headroom feature, Jayco is outstanding as it offers its customers more headroom. The headroom provides a warranty of three years which makes it top notch for use as you can do repairs or replacements for free and pay less when purchasing the replacement parts.

Advantages of Jayco

  • It has a family-friendly floor such that the bottom has a good quality.
  • The trailers have good comfort, and they are flexible.
  • The trailers can work with extreme weather conditions since they have a good roof and a climate shield system.

Which Camper brand is best?

Which Camper brand is best
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Deciding on the best camper brand is hard unless you know all their features and how they work. With the two items in the article, it is hard to choose the best camper brand since all of them are from the same industry. And we all know a company makes products of the best quality if their reputation is good.

Both the brands offer good features that are almost the same you need to be keen to identify the differences. Therefore, when choosing which one is the best, consider checking the price difference as one will always be cheaper than the other. If you choose a brand over their prices, you will select KeystoneKeystone as it is more affordable while Jayco is expensive.

The other factor in differentiating them is the floor quality since KeystoneKeystone has a poor floor quality but a good design. In contrast, Jayco has a good floor quality but poor design. Also, there is flexibility and comfort where Jayco offers more comfort with most of its parts than KeystoneKeystone.

Therefore, the best camper brand to use is the Jayco. Even though it is expensive, it has some outstanding features that you can admire. However, if you cannot afford Jayco, choose to use KeystoneKeystone since it is also suitable for use and is from the same industry.

Buying guide for RV

When shopping for the best Rv, you need to check on some good features that will help you get the qualities you desire. Below are some of the things to consider when buying the RV:

1. Model of RV

When buying RVs, check on the model of the RV. The model helps you get the length of the RV, its construction which involves the quality of materials they are made of, the layout and design of the RV, and its price. The RV model determines its price such that those made of low-quality products will be more affordable than those with expensive consequences.

2. Fuel consumption

Choose an RV that consumes less fuel with its engine to save fuel consumption and save you from purchasing more power with your vehicle that you will use the money for other purposes with the car.

3. Price

The price of the RV should be a priority when purchasing the product. Please choose a product that you know you can afford instead of selecting a product you cannot pay for.

4. Build quality

Check the build quality online to know the manufacturing and inspection processes. It is good to check the build quality to get the construction insight of the RV you are choosing.

5. Warranty

Choose an RV with a warranty period of about more extended warranty period so that you can repair and replace the old parts with free charges and with less spending on buying the parts.

Frequently asked questions

What are the different brands that Keystone makes?

Keystone RV makes many different types of brands running on most roads. The brands include Alpine, Springdale, Summerland, Montana, Raptor, Passport, etc.


The two products are from the same company but with different management, creating their differences. The article above shows the differences between the two products and the best of the two products.

Check on the buying guide to get the information you need when purchasing the products above to choose one that is the best for use. Read the article carefully to get the complete information you need for the RVs. 

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