Long Bed vs. Short Bed f250 Trucks- Which One Is Best for Towing?

Pickup truck beds, which are commonly referred to as boxes, exist in a variety of sizes depending on the truck. Pickup trucks are generally available in three bed lengths: long, short, and standard.

When searching for a new truck to tow your trailer, among the most critical decisions you’ll make is whether to purchase a short-bed or long-bed truck. There are numerous options. Among many other options, consumers can pick between leather or cloth seats and a gasoline or diesel engine. That is purely subjective.

While you may be clear that you desire the capability and flexibility of a pickup truck, you may be unsure whether to get a long or short F-250 bed. Both are advantageous for a variety of objectives, so before browsing numerous choices, make sure you choose the ideal for your deliveries.

However, towing can add to the complexity of the decision made. As a result, we’ve compiled information to help you decide whether a long F250 bed is greater than a short one.

The best bed for towing between long and short F250 bed trucks

When it comes to towing, there is no competition between long and short-bed trucks. A longer bed results in a longer wheelbase, which gives a more stable towing experience for the driver.

A more stable towing experience eliminates the need to battle your RV on the road. It’s ideal to be safe at all times while towing, and a long bed is the best method to assure your safety, the safety of your passengers, and the safety of your RV on the highway.

While a properly equipped short bed truck is capable of towing a travel trailer, a long bed adds stability. When RVers change their tow trucks from a short to a long bed, they benefit from a smoother ride. The longer wheelbase plays a significant role in this better towing experience.

Comparison between long and short bed F-250 trucks

When selecting between a short bed and a long bed truck for towing, there are various aspects to consider. If you need to pull heavier cargo or are willing to overlook the drawbacks of operating a longer vehicle, a long bed truck is an ideal alternative. In many instances, though, a short bed truck will serve.

Here is a quick table;

Comparison feature

Long F-250 bed truck

Short F-250 bed truck

  • Sliding hitch

No need for a sliding hitch. Check the sliding hitch from Amazon.

Requires a sliding hitch

  • Price


Less costly.

  • Maneuverability

Less maneuverable.

More maneuverable.

  • Fifth-wheel

An optimal choice for fifth wheels.

A sliding hitch is required for fifth-wheels.

  • Towing capacity

Better capacity for towing.

Limited towing capacity

1. Long Bed Trucks

While long bed F-250 trucks feature numerous advantages, they do have some disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at them to evaluate if this is the best option for you;


Long bed trucks have the following advantages;

The optimal choice for fifth wheels

If you own a fifth wheel, a long bed is potentially the best option. Fifth wheel hitches eat up a sizable portion of the trunk space. The longer the bed, the more space you’ll have for cargo. Such wheel hitches are often fairly massive and can be quite difficult to remove.

Numerous RVers leave their hitches attached, especially during the camping season, to avoid the hassle of assembly and dismantling. By selecting a fifth wheel with a large bed, you limit your odds of becoming upset by the fifth wheel hitch when not camping.

If you want to know about the wheel hitch, check this fifth wheel hitch from Amazon.

Generally has a better capacity for towing

The broader wheelbase of a long bed provides additional stability and enhances a truck’s payload capability. A longer wheelbase results in a greater payload and towing capacity. If you want to pull a large fifth wheel, the additional towing capacity given by a long bed would be appreciated.

No necessity for a sliding hitch

By opting for a long bed, users eliminate the need for a fifth-wheel sliding hitch. These hitches are more expensive, heavier, and take up more space than conventional hitches. A long bed truck inherently creates greater space between the front cap of the fifth wheel and the rear of the vehicle.

RVers with short beds commonly employ a sliding hitch in order to maintain spacing during confined maneuvers. Due to the shorter length, some RVers have cracked back windows or damaged the sidewalls of their trucks or RVs. By choosing a long bed, you won’t have to worry about damaging your back window.


Even though a long bed truck can be an exceptional player when towing, it is not without drawbacks. Here are a few downsides of long bed trucks;

  • Expensive

If you’ve ever acquired a truck, you’re conscious that they are rarely cheap. If you’re hoping to save some expense, you may be surprised to find that these trucks are much more costly than short-bed trucks.  A long bed costs $200 extra in a Ram 3500 and $150 more in a Ford F150. 

  • Less maneuverable

Adjusting to driving a truck with a long bed necessitates some practice. You’re unlikely to drive around a parking space or make U-turns in one. When navigating, they require greater space and deliberateness. A long bed makes moving more challenging, especially in limited locations.

You may also find parking challenges. You’ll probably stroll from the back of the parking lot to ensure you have adequate turning space and aren’t occupying multiple locations due to the vehicle length.

  • Short Bed Trucks

While a long bed is unmatched in terms of towing capacity, short bed F-250 trucks can still make a significant difference. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of short beds;


They include the following:

  • More maneuverable

Short bed vehicles are significantly more maneuverable and easy to drive into narrow spaces than long bed trucks. Typically, a vehicle with a short bed is two feet shorter than trucks with long beds. While you may wish to park at the far end of the lot, you will have more options than you would with a long bed.

  • Usually less costly

When cost is a factor, small bed trucks can be less expensive than long bed trucks. You’ll enjoy the majority of the same impressive features and conveniences but at a cheaper rate. Whichever truck brand you choose, a short bed is substantially cheaper than its longer counterpart.

  • Exceptional for families

For families, short-bed trucks are a fantastic alternative. Whether you’re arranging a family vacation to the lake or a preferred campground, a short bed offers adequate accommodation in the bed and cab. Your family may stretch out and enjoy abundant legroom on the way to your next adventure.

  • An excellent option for travel trailers

If you want to buy a travel trailer, a short truck could be a great option. You will not need the optimum towing capacity or payload when pulling a travel trailer. When towing a travel trailer, the short bed vehicle provides ample storage room for your camping gear.


They include;

A short bed truck’s towing capacity is limited

Short bed pickup trucks, on average, have a lower towing capability than long bed pickup trucks. This includes the load capacity and weight ratio of the vehicle in relation to its gross vehicle weight (GVWR). If you plan to transport large items, a short bed truck may not be the best alternative. When purchasing a large RV, a short bed will limit your possibilities.

A sliding hitch is required for fifth-wheels

If you’re thinking of towing a fifth wheel with a short bed, invest in a high-quality sliding hitch. The space between the front cap and the truck cab can be quite small during tight maneuvers. If you do not keep this distance consistent, you risk damage to your RV’s rear window or the front cap.

 During these maneuvers, a sliding hitch increases the clearance between the vehicle and the RV’s front cap. While a sliding hitch is not always required when towing a short truck, the majority of RVers opt for one.

How long is the Ford F250 short bed?

How long is the Ford F250 short bed

The new 2020 Ford F-250 pickup truck is a large vehicle with an extended bed. The bed is 6.75 feet by 160 inches in total length. This truck’s short bed is available in five-foot, six-foot, and eight-foot lengths.

The bed of the F-250 crew cab can handle up to 4,263 pounds, offering sufficient space and the ability to transport a whole steel toolbox, the back windshield, and household appliances such as freezers and washers dry, as well as massive refrigerators. The rear end of this vehicle is even large enough to fit a king-size bed mattress

How long is the bed of an F250 long bed?

The length of the F-250 truck is 266.2 inches. This truck is made of an 8-foot cab and a 176-inch bed length. It is 80 inches wide and 81.3 inches tall. The length of the wheelbase is 177 inches.

Wrap up

As previously said, there are various aspects to consider when deciding whether to tow with a long bed F-250 or a short bed F-250 truck. If you require extra towing capacity or don’t mind the drawbacks of driving a large truck, a long-bed vehicle is an ideal choice.

However, in many cases, short bed trucks will suffice. Make an attempt to examine and pay careful attention to how other drivers drive. Additionally, you should question them as to why they chose long- or short-bed trucks.

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