RV Bathroom Lights Not Working but Outlets Work [Fixes]

You just turned on the bathroom lights, and it’s now working. Then you notice that the outlet lights are working fine. Besides, all the other lights and appliances are working smoothly as well.

So, you might ask, why are my RV bathroom lights not working but outlets working? And what are the solutions for this issue?

Sometimes the lightbulb itself can be blown, or there can be damaged wire in the system, or the fixture can go wrong, loose connection between the source and the lights, a circuit breaker, and even a GFCI and battery problem. Also, a fuse can blow, and the converter is not working is also a problem.

Whether the cause might be, we need to fix the issue, right? Here we discussed all the reasons and how you can set your bathroom lights. 

Let’s dive in!

Bathroom Lights Electric System: Basics

We already discussed how the three electric systems work in your RV. As you might already know, the bathroom lights are connected to the 12-V DC. 

Most of the small components are run by the 12-V DC. The lights, fan, and other parts that don’t need that much energy to run are provided by this system.

And as for the outlet lights, those are powered by the same energy supply. So, you might question why the bathroom lights are not working even though the outlet lights are working just fine.

There could be a few reasons. Let’s find out!

Why Are The RV Bathroom Lights Not Working But Outlets Work?

RV Bathroom Lights Not Working but Outlets Work

When dealing with RV, problems are most probably caused by anything related to electronic components. In this case, it is accurate and related to bathroom lights. 

It is confusing when the outlet lights are just working fine, and the bathroom lights don’t. You need to check a few things, and sometimes, you must repair and even replace some components.

Whatever the reason might be, we have the solutions. Let’s discuss the reasons one by one in detail and find out how to fix the bathroom lights not working problem.

The Light Bulb Problem

Sometimes, the lightbulb itself is the problem. Do you remember the last time you changed the bathroom bulb of the RV? If you do not, you may have used the bulb for a long time. And it was overused and old; you should’ve changed it long ago.

The solution is simple, get a new bulb and replace it with the old one. That’s it. Ensure that you get the correct type of bulb for the right socket. Otherwise, the bulb won’t fit.

But, sometimes, the problem is not as simple as that.

Loose Connection or Disconnected To The Power Supply

Somehow, the power cord could get disconnected from the 12-V DC power source from the appliances it was supposed to supply the power.

Or maybe there was a loose connection. Whatever the problem, you must check if the power is back on while plugging the cord into the source. If it doesn’t work, the cause lies somewhere else.

Bathroom Light Switch Problem

If you notice that you need to press more or put more pressure on the switch to turn on the bathroom light, there may be a problem.

And, suddenly, one day, you will notice that the lights are not turning on. The problem is very common, and, of course, there are ways to fix this.

But first, how will we be sure that the switch is the problem? We need to test the button. Now, you might question, how do you test an RV light switch?

The process is very straightforward. You just need a multimeter and a screwdriver. First, turn off all the power sources connected to the switch, especially the 12-V DC source. Then, unscrew the fixture and disconnect the switch.

Now, you need to use the multimeter. Check whether there is any signal in the switch’s terminal or not. The sign shouldn’t zero if the switch is working. If it is, the button is malfunctioning, and you need to replace it.

Get a new switch, and connect the wiring. Then, screw back the switch to the fixture. Then, turn it on, and it should be working.

The problem is probably in the fixture if it’s not still working.

Fixture Problem

The fixture can cause a significant number of problems. As we know, some of the older models of the RVs come with the wrong fixtures. 

Besides, a few models have limited power supply from the source. That means it won’t let the power pass entirely to the lights. There could be a few causes.

To know what is causing the problem, unscrew the nuts of the fixture and remove it. Check whether there are any broken parts or not. Ensure that the wiring is ok. 

Even if everything is fine and not working, you can find a new unit and change it yourself.

Wiring Problem

The wiring system of the camper is very complicated, and that can go wrong at any time. You might even understand sometimes which part of the wire went bad.

Sometimes, the mouses chew the wires and make things terrible. Whatever the reason might be, this problem needs to be fixed immediately.

If you don’t have any previous experience with fixing the wires, don’t attempt to resolve any wiring problem in your camper.

Always hire a professional who can solve the wiring problem. But, for your basic knowledge, here are some things you should know.

  • Always disconnect all the power sources from the wiring, and turn them off.
  • The technical or you should deal with the wiring connections with care and caution.
  • Connect the sources and turn on the power only after you’re sure everything is connected, and you’re good to go.

The wiring problem is critical; if it’s resolved, you just solved one major problem. Even after fixing the wire, if the lights aren’t working, you should look at a few other places.

Fuse Problem

The fuse is a small part of the entire system, yet essential. One main thing you should check if the lights aren’t working is the fuse.

You will find the fuse box in the control panel. Check whether the fuse of the lights is blown or not. 

If you find a blown fuse, you need to change the fuse and replace the old one with a new one.

Circuit Breaker Problem

Finding a problem in the circuit breaker related to bathroom lights is pervasive. The purpose of the circuit is to cut off power if the other major appliances draw too much power.

The circuit breaker sometimes cuts off power to keep the supply balance between the appliances and the source. In this case, it’s ubiquitous that the circuit breaker is tripped off.

So, what should we do to fix this problem? Simple! You just need to reset the entire circuit system, and you’re good to go!

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Problem

Another significant component of the energy system is the ground fault circuit interrupter. Sometimes, if too much power is consumed by the critical appliance you have, such as a fridge, tv, and other devices, then you’re possible that the GFCIgot tripped. 

GFCI’s purpose is to protect you safely, your RV’s electric system, and other appliances. In this case, you just need to go to the control panel. Then, troubleshoot and then reset the GFCI.

You will see the GFCI is set as an off button. You need to put it on; that’ll do the job.

Battery Problem

The battery problem is not common among the new models of the RV. Because most of the modern models use a 12-V DC system. 

In this case, if you’re using a battery, that means you’re using a separate supply system. If the battery is dead, you just need to recharge and plug it back.

But if the battery is old and doesn’t work correctly, it’s time to buy a new one.

Converter Problem

Last but not least, the converter problem is also common. The converter’s purpose is to convert the AC to DC, the primary power supply system to the bathroom lights.

If the converter is not working correctly, then it means that the lights are not getting power. In that case, you need to reset the converter or get a new one.


Why Did My Bathroom Lights Stop Working?

The reasons behind your bathroom lights not working could be a loose connection, a blown fuse, poor wiring, a circuit breaker problem, a fixture problem, a converter, and even a battery problem. You can quickly fix these issues.

How Do You Test A Bathroom Light Fixture?

You need a multimeter to check whether the fixture and wiring are connected and working. If the meter read says zero, the system has a problem.

Do Light Fixtures Have Fuses?

Yes, light fixtures have fuses. You will find a tiny, separated, and dedicated fuse for the different institutions and lights, including the bathroom lights.

Last Words

We hope this article answers your RV bathroom lights not working, but outlets work problem. We discussed every possible way that can cause the problem.

And we provided the information you need to fix the problems. Let us know if there are any other fixes or not.

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