RV Kitchen Sink Not Draining [Fixed]

Maybe you just woke up in the morning and noticed that there is still standing water in the sink. Or perhaps you’re washing your plates, and the water is going slowly, which is irritating.

There are several reasons why the RV kitchen sink not draining

Well, food, grease, oil, and other stuff could clog up the system. Besides, the sink pipe is smaller than the home ones, so it is easy to clog. Or maybe it could be the roof vent.

Whatever the reason is, this is a huge problem. Don’t worry! We discussed all the causes and the possible solutions in detail which can solve your problem. Read along to learn more.

Why Is My RV Kitchen Sink Not Draining? [Reasons]

We are no strangers when it comes to kitchen sink problems. The kitchen sink can clog and make you suffer, whether in the house or in an RV. 

Most of the reasons you’re facing this problem lie primarily because you didn’t take proper care. Some common issues, such as not cleaning grease and food before putting it in the sink or hair there, can clog the system.

It is very likely that you didn’t clean your sink regularly, and that made the system not drain. Even a roof vent that is clogged can often cause this problem too. Well, of course, most of the reasons are caused by you.

However, there are proven methods that can solve this problem. Let’s go through every possible solution one by one.

How Do You Unclog A Sink In An RV? [Every Possible Way]

RV Kitchen Sink Not Draining
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Fixing your little problem is much easier when you have proper guidelines. Sometimes you might not have enough equipment or ingredients to solve this problem. 

So, we will provide a detailed solution so that you can solve it on your own with whatever you have in your hand right now. 

Remember, it depends on the location of the clog, and the solution varies on that. So, let’s start with our first one.

Classic Solution (Water, Soda, And Vinegar)

The classic solution contains;

  1. One-third cup of baking soda.
  2. One-third cup of vinegar.
  3. And 8 cups of hot boiling water.

First, pour the soda and vinegar into the drain. It will ease the grease part, and then it will be easier to clean the drain. 

Wait about one hour, and then pour the hot water into there. Doing that will clear out most of the grease. 

But remember, this solution only works if the drain system has less oil and other regular kinds of stuff like that. If the drain is severely clogged, you need different solutions.


Well, using microbes is another perfect solution, as we already know that every camper has a closed water system. But this is more of a pre-step or prevention from not draining to happen. 

Bacteria such as bacteria in K-67 can help in this type of situation. Microbes can clean oil, grease, soap, fat, toilet paper, etc., and keep your drain system clean. 

But even though when the system is clogged, pour microbes into the kitchen sink and let it sit there. In the next 24 hours, it will clean up most of the grease, fat, and other stuff it finds in its way—one of the easy ways to unclog the drain.

Besides, you can use drain cleaners for RV, which don’t damage the plastic pipes. It is not mandatory, but it can speed up the process if you pour them beforehand. 

Sink Plunger

Sometimes the ‘classic solution’ or putting microbes might not exactly work if the drain is too clogged. Because the grease or other pieces of stuff may be too solid, those solutions don’t affect that much. 

Here comes the sink plunger to do the work. Using a toilet plunger is also ok if you’re comfortable putting it in the kitchen sink.

Let’s see how we are going to do that.

  • Open the grey water tank.
  • Pour water into the sink partway.
  • In the drain upper part, where it opens, input the plunger.
  • And then start plunging away.
  • Keep doing this for a few minutes.

In this way, your drain will release most of the clogged items. Also, you can put microbes or drain cleaner for the next 24 hours to clean it properly. 

Drain Snake/ Drain Auger

Can’t unclog stubborn blockage? Well, don’t worry! A drain snake or drain auger can do the job for you. But remember that you should never use an automatic auger in the drain system in an RV.

Usually, the drain system is a bit fragile or not equipped to handle an automatic snake. So, the best way to unclog a kitchen sink is to use one you can operate with your hand.

  • First, insert the drain snake into the opening of the drain.
  • Be careful when you’re cranking it and slowly maneuver it.
  • You must turn the handle clockwise and push it as hard as possible.
  • Keep turning it until the drain gets free and breaks all the stuff clogging your system.
  • Lastly, the drain snake will push out the garbage, grease, and everything in the black tank.
  • Then you should flush the drain system at high pressure for a minute or two. This should clear out the whole system.
  • Then empty the black tank.

Cleaning The Drain Pipe

Sometimes the problem could be the drain pipe itself. What you should do is disassemble the whole drain system altogether and clean each part properly.

  • First, switch off the water supply system to the camper.
  • Turn on the sink faucet so that all the outside junk clears itself.
  • Unscrew and disconnect each part of the system.
  • Take a cleaning brush or rig to clean each part manually.
  • Carefully clean all the blockage.
  • Then, after the clean-up is finished, connect all the parts and assemble them.

Removing The P-Trap

Well, sometimes that ‘U-shape’ pipe under your kitchen sink can cause this problem, called a p-trap. Usually, the junk gets clogged up in that particular place, and the drain system fails.

To solve the problem, you need a wrench and a bucket. 

  • Put the bucket under the pipe.
  • Remove the screws with the wrench and disconnect the p-trap.
  • All the stuff will go to the bucket, and it won’t get messed up.
  • Clean the pipe and put it back again.

Caution: beware of using CO2 capsules or putting high pressure on the system. As it can break the system altogether. 

Roof Vent Clog

Sometimes the problem could lie in the roof vent. When the vent is not working correctly or is clogged with something, the drain system will be slow or won’t work.

Disconnect the roof vent and clean it. Then let the water run into it for a few minutes to ensure it isn’t clogged and working fine.

Can You Put Drano Down A Camper Sink?

Can You Put Drano Down A Camper Sink

Yes, you can put Drano down a camper sink. For a drain cleaner, it has been used at home and even now in a trailer. And at the same time, it doesn’t cost that much.

But you need to be extra careful while using this method. The sinks in the RV are not as strong as the home ones. Besides, it contains a caustic chemical. 

Remember why we didn’t use cleaner besides eco-friendly ones? The same reason why using a Drano would be a problem is because it can damage the seals or valves and create problems in the drainage system.

How Do I Get Rid Of Standing Water In My Kitchen Sink?

There could be many reasons you have standing water in your kitchen sink. That could be the food you put in your sink, or it could be the grease or any other stuff that is stuck in your drain system.

Well, you can use the classic solution, put microbes in the drain, and pull out the blockage using the plunger or drain snake. 

You can disassemble the drain and p-trap pope to clean the system. Last, of all, clean the roof vent clog. Any of them can solve your problem based on where the clog is.

How To Prevent RV Kitchen Sink Not Draining Problem

How To Prevent RV Kitchen Sink Not Draining Problem
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Nobody wants the hassle of cleaning up the sink every month or spending money on professionals to clean it up. So, why not take preventive measures before the sink gets clogged up?

Well, there are some common ways to ensure this never happens again. Put a screen filter in the drain opening. Before entering the drain system, it will catch all hair, food, or other items. 

Besides, wipe off the food from the plate and use the toilet, not the sink. Put anything out from the sink which won’t go down in there.

Don’t put soap near the sink. Use handwash or anything like that to wash your hands after eating. 

And even if you do, be careful to use it so that the pieces of it don’t get down into the sink and create a blockage. 

Check the vents regularly to ensure they are not clogging the system. And, of course, clean the sink once a month properly. Fill up the sink with water and let it go through to ensure it’s working correctly. 

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Final Words

A problem in the drain system can be painful. It is disgusting and can piss you off. So, we tried to provide you with the information and solutions to every problem that can solve your problems.

There are several solutions based on where the problem lies in the drain system. Find where the clog is, follow the steps we discussed, and you’re good to go!

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