Tractor Fuel vs. Reefer Fuel- Which One Is the Best Fuel?

To explain, tractor fuel was regarded as a second rate fuel generated in the middle of gasoline and diesel in the ancient purification method of crude oil. The filtering method started during World War II brought the practicable to change raw fuel into a better significant fuel. But after some time, it began to vanish. All in all, power fuel was the top-quality tractor fuel.

Reefer fuel is basically a fuel that is easily noticeable by a red-colored dye in the American continents. The experience in our lives about road fuel, diesel, and gasoline are mostly put through to a levy. The red works when vehicles are on the road and the appliances. That implies that the cars do not have the road levy embraced in the price.

The article below will widely explain how tractor fuel and reefer fuel are used in the past and nowadays. More so, describe how different fuels run on various engines. Be attentive to grasp the whole idea of the tractor and refer to fuel. I have answered the frequently asked question for the readers’ significance. Later, the summary of the entire article will help you gain the needed idea and combine the details for your help.

Which one is the best you need to know?

Determining which one works better between tractor and reefer depends on different properties:

  • Purpose of using
  • Fuel consumption

I. Purpose of using

  • Tractor fuel

Keep in mind that tractor fuel is available in every gas station in any corner around the country. Tractor fuel, which some people refer to as the number 2 diesel fuel, is evenly used in every kind of vehicle, both off-road and on-road, and this creates an advantage for the users. Check Amazon for the best tractor fuel.

When you identify the importance of using this fuel, it contains high-quality lubricating contents with the best number of energy mixed elements. But in cold weather, tractor fuel freezes, causing damage to the vehicle’s features.

  • Reefer fuel

The users who use this type of fuel must have larger vehicles, and it is applicable primarily in off-road vehicles only. When you illegally try to use this reefer fuel vehicle on-road, the dye in the fuel can be identified with ease using a black light, and be ready for any consequences applied to you. Check Amazon for the best reefer fuel.

The importance of the fuel is that you don’t have to pay the levy.

II. Fuel consumption

  • Tractor fuel

The tractor fuel price is lower than reefer fuel, and the parts of your vehicle are always secured when using it. Choose the best power for your car to help you travel or perform mighty tasks.

  • Reefer fuel

As I have mentioned, it is that reefer fuels run-heavy power vehicles that consume more energy to accomplish the assigned tasks. As of now, you understand, and you can identify which fuel is best and for what purpose.

Quick Comparison table:


Tractor fuel

Reefer fuel


Number 2 diesel

Off-road fuel

Fuel price





Off-road only

Can you put a tractor diesel on a track?

Can you put a tractor diesel on a track

Absolutely yes because red diesel has no significant difference from other various fuels, which approves that you can use it safely. The energy will power your generator and act as heating fuel.

You should know that tractor fuel is basically produced for mining and agriculture. You can also use it in other off-road activities. It is only recommended to use reefer fuel in pickups if you plan off-road activities.

It is prohibited to use reefer fuel for on-road purposes because the tractor fuel tax is applied to every user who uses it, but for reefer fuel, no tax is charged; hence recommended for heavy construction and agriculture only.

The track can work, but it should be working in the mining, construction site, or agricultural field because when you use it on the on-roads as other vehicles, you might receive a heavy penalty when caught.

Is a reefer a diesel fuel?

 The answer is yes despite reefer fuel notifiable due to its unique color, it is one of the diesel termed as off-road fuel. The power reduces the cost so that users don’t have to pay the tax on it to use.

Reefer fuel is made from ultra-low sulfur B5 diesel and B20 biodiesel. They are then dyed to be distinguishable from paying tax on it. You acknowledge that refer fuel and diesel fuel are not the same. A reefer fuel is red in color and is basically referred to as a particular type of diesel. The valuable part of it is that it is cheaper to use than the standard diesel.

The reefer’s run time engine per hour in modern machines is technically between 0.4 and 1.1 gallons. A joint takes an extended function to be worn because it can work at around 20 000 hours, but the manufacturers have claimed the reefer units can reach up to 40,000 hours. It is remarkable for the users because that is about 300 000 miles.

The physical look of a reefer has a constant length of around 40 feet and approximately 13 feet in height. The load above is not required to exceed 44 000 pounds, but many users sometimes disobey the systems’ rules. It can concur with small-sized bags of moderate temperatures.

Can you run regular diesel in a truck?

Can you run regular diesel in a truck
Source: rigforge

The fuel between the regular gallons of diesel working in a truck is the same. But remember that regular diesel for lightweight vehicles such as cars, SUVs, and standard trucks. Apart from being the same, the truck diesel pipes have big nozzles compared to regular diesel vehicles.

Basically, there is no effect on doing the exchange between the types of diesel. The problem comes when you use off-road fuels on on-road vehicles and get caught. You will actually be fined because you are breaking the government rules.

For everyday driving activities, diesel number 2 is the best, and the diesel ratings are between 40 and 55. Regular diesel is clear and purified and goes to the light vehicles. The purity of the fuel is among the most essential aspects.

You must acknowledge some aspects because a truck is a heavy vehicle that has operated in reefer fuels to enhance plump in the mining or construction site. Regular diesel can work, but it’s light due to the nature it is made for light vehicles. So for a truck for the whole day, it will cost you a lot. In addition to that, you have to pay tax on it because you are one of the users.

How much fuel does a reefer use?

Modern vehicles that use reefer fuel approximately use one gallon of diesel per hour of the engine running. Because it is an automatic engine, the fuel consumption per hour is small. Unless it is manual, it will cost you a lot of money because the modern ones have the advantage to enhance less and the maintenance cost is also low.

When the vehicle has been filled with enough reefer fuel from out of the experience, the car can manage to travel for approximately forty-eight hours without opening the vehicle’s tank. If you are a driver who travels to different locations every day, you will have to fuel your car every day.

In the case of a reefer tank, it holds approximately 50 gallons of fuel and can last for more than three days, but it varies with the daily use of the user. Keeping a close look at the vehicle and maintaining it allowing enough temperature can positively affect your car’s fuel consumption.

From what I know, every day’s vehicle use determines the fuel consumption. Given your vehicle is in good condition, what will determine your fuel consumption is the use of the car on the road. But when your vehicle is in poor condition, fuel consumption can result from faulty engines, or some parts might be leaking unnoticed.

It is good to keep your vehicle maintained to prevent the everyday drilling of your pocket.

Frequently asked questions:

1. What amount of power is a reefer system in use?

Reefer systems need a three-phase electrical system that enables a voltage supply of around 450 volts. There are also available units with three-phase around 215 volts transformers. That means the units are available to run on around 55 Hz.

Summary of the article

My article above can lead on the right path to help how tractor fuel and reefer fuel interact. Furthermore, the various fields and the energies are applied between them and multiple vehicles.

According to the government guidelines, be careful to use which type of fuel on what grounds to avoid a penalty. When you find difficulty with the numerous powers misbehaving on your engine, kindly contact a mechanic for help.

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