Why Does Jensen RV Radio Have No Sound? [Troubleshooting Guide]

When your Jensen RV radio was normally working at its best and then after a while, no sound was heard from the system the problem might be due to the power surge that resulted in the lock. This is not a new problem for all electrical users as many solutions to solve the issue are in place. The prevention measures are available to help you prevent the same issues shortly.

You can get that your speakers are both on and connected to power with the mute settings turned off. Even the fuses are working properly, not burnt, with no mechanical or electrical issue in them. But still, no sound is produced. You should not worry because the problem can still be solved. By following my tips in the article below you will be able to sort out the problem with ease.

Whether you are new or old to using Jensen RV radios this is the best article for you. What you should do is inspect the whole system when you realize no sound is produced in your speakers. Just stick to my plan to achieve this. Furthermore, check the solutions in the frequently asked questions to answer some of your burning questions, and lastly, get the summary of the article in general.

How to reset a Jensen RV radio?

How to reset a Jensen RV radio

If your Jensen RV radio has been misbehaving and doing unnecessary actions then it is the most favorable period to boot the radio. Use the steps to do the reset process. Eliminate the faceplate from the vehicle stereo you are using. Drag the reset switch on the front part using a sharp object like a ball-point pen.

I guess several people now know the goodness of booting and restarting a computer. Many people don’t get the reason why rebooting a radio system is of value. The rebooting process helps to restart all programs working in your radio system.

When your Jensen RV radio is faulty and you want to repair or maybe sell and buy a new one just try to reboot. The problem can be corrected sometimes if the radio needs rebooting. Remember doing the reboot process does not require you to have a lot of experience to do so because this can be done by everyone.

But rebooting and resetting do not mean the thing because rebooting is just shutting down the flow of power and resetting means deleting every data and beginning afresh.

Why is no sound coming from my stereo?

Most of the time when the car stereo has no sound in it then the cause can be short/grounded wires, defective speakers, incomplete setup, and faulty fuses. To correct the issue your first task is to identify the origin of the cause and the cause itself.

Check some of the causes below

CausesSolutionsEssential products
Poor connectionEnsure proper wire managementCheck Amazon’s best Car speakers
Faulty speakersMaintain good care of the speakers 
The bad state of the fusesUse new fusesCheck Amazon for quality Car stereo
Incomplete connectionCross-check the connection before  powering onCheck for the best Car radios from Amazon

Management of the wire

Radios have different kinds of wires connected to them performing different functions. If no sound is produced by the car then check the connection before proceeding to something different. Poor connection leads to no sound produced and if it is the case correct the issue.

The car radio has three different wires connected to the deck and this includes black-ground, red battery, and yellow power. Ensure your steroid has all three wires connected accurately. This helps the radio to work as expected by the user. If you check and get that the speakers receive the required amount of power then look at the connection of wires with the speaker.

Different wires have different markings on them for example while others are labeled on their sides, others through labels and color codes. Ensure a good connection and an appropriate wire is used. Note different wires differ in model and date of manufacture.

Maintenance of the speaker

If you maintain your speakers correctly and after a certain period one of the speakers produces no sound then test the speaker with a battery, and if no sound is produced just purchase a new speaker and replace it.

State of the fuse

Most radios consist of fuses in them and when they are exposed to large amounts of currents they might blow out hence no sound is produced from the speaker. If you realize you have a faulty fuse purchase and do the replacement then the sound will be produced.

Cross-check the connection

In the case of incomplete connection, cross-checking helps you to correct the possible errors you get when you realize them. This process is done when you have all the replacements and connections when troubleshooting the process.

How do I reset my Jensen JWM40?

Click the enter button to factory reset. After resetting you have deleted all of your data in the device and you have to start from scratch. Click the AUX switch several times to toggle between the AUX IN1 and IN2 from every mode audio which is connected to a portable device.

How do I connect my Jensen stereo to my TV?

Follow the steps on how to connect the stereo to television with ease and without much strain.

Step 1: Turn on your television

Step 2: Click the menu button on your remote

Step 3: With the help of the arrow keys move left to right and top to bottom to choose audio

Step 4: With the help of arrow buttons scroll down and select deactivate TV speakers

Step 5: You can click exit or tap the menu button to go back

Step 6: With the help of arrow buttons scroll and click setup

Step 7: With the help of the arrow buttons scroll and click AUDIO OUT

Step 8: Click the exit button

Step 9: Activate your radio, using the AUX button choose AUC IN2

Step 10: With the help of volume control increase the volume

After you have followed the steps carefully you will be able to connect the TV with the speaker at once and work in the most efficient way you want. Pay a close look at your devices to prevent any damage and for your safety.

Frequently asked questions

1. What causes the Jensen RV radio not to work?

When you turn on the Jensen RV radio #JWM60A and it is not working then, it is caused by reasons like no power flow, poor connection or you are using a faulty fuse. If you inspected the unit and it is working well then check the fuses and change if required.

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It is good to perform higher maintenance on your devices to help you have an easy task when completing the process. After reading the following article you will be able to know why the Jensen RV radio produces no sound and the common possible causes for that.

I have also explained the solutions for the troubleshooting process to help correct the problem and prevent it from happening in the future. Sometimes the troubleshooting process can be difficult and so seek help from an expert to help you.

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