Why Is My Furrion Refrigerator Not Cooling? [Complete Guide]

Based on many aspects, when using the furrion refrigerator, it comes out to be the best of help to every user. But as we all know, no appliances work properly and pose no negative issues to the user or its operations. So, you might find the reason why your refrigerator is not cooling and it has many causes that lead to that. As a user, it is your task to get to the bottom of this before the issue becomes hazardous.

What you have to do is carefully take your time and identify the problem. You have to remember this is not an easy task to end this and should be ready mentally. Whether you are new or familiar with furrion refrigerator this is the best article for you as I have given out the common causes and possible solutions to troubleshoot the whole process.

Don’t be too frustrated with this whole thing because it is obvious this problem will happen. After following my tips on how to prevent and solve fridge not cooling then you are good to go. In my article, I have solutions to some of the burning questions in the frequently asked questions and lastly, the summary in general.

How cold should a furrion refrigerator be?

As a user when you first purchase a refrigerator it is good to read the requirements of the fridge before purchasing to know if you are capable of handling them. To enable the fridge to perform the tasks given accurately it should work within some range of degrees or farads usually 50-120 degrees farads.

If you want your fridge to be sited in hotter places like fireplaces Use a thermal barrier like a piece of wood that separates the fridge from disrupting the work of the appliance. Perform higher maintenance of your appliances for long use.

Factors affecting the temperature of the fridge

Different weather conditions let you change the settings on the fridge to help it adapt to different factors. In hot conditions, the temperature will be high on the fridge and in cold seasons the fridge is cold. Understanding how your fridge interacts in different weather conditions will act as a guide for you on how adjustments should be done.

To keep your fridge cool in warm seasons, park the RV to make the fridge side-shaded. Fridge uses electricity or propane and most of them do work by absorbing with the help of ammonia to keep away heat in the fridge. Propane works better than electricity hence the fridge reaches cold settings within a short time. The presence of propane and electricity helps you to adjust the settings appropriately.

Tips to follow for cold maintenance:

ReasonFunctionsEssential product
Make sure your fridge is levelFor faster speed and efficiencyCheck the best RV fridge gear
Increased circulation turnsImprove cooling 
Don’t overload the fridgeImprove circulationCheck quality Fridge air rater

How does a furrion refrigerator fail to get cold?

Even if the furrion refrigerator does the best work, errors and faultiness affect the normal operations of the fridge. The furrion refrigerator not cooling is one of the basic problems affecting the RV refrigerator. Heating, control boards, and thermostats affect the bad state of the fridge.

Poor air circulation

Lack of enough air circulation mostly occurs in torrid environments. Even hydrogen and ammonia burn slowly compared to the heat buildup that the fridge becomes unable to cool down. The best solution to this is to install a fan in the fridge.

Thermostat issues

The thermistor is one of the basic components of the fridge. The thermistor controls the cooling effect of the fridge. The only way to troubleshoot thermistor issues is to unplug and do a new replacement.

Temperature sensor

If the sensors are loosely connected then that poses a problem for the fridge. It is good to make sure you have a good connection of the sensors for easy extensions of the temperature of the fridge.

Blocked refrigerator

The blocked fridge results in the hot air in the RV not finding a good path that leads outside. This occurs as a result of an exhaust clog. To troubleshoot the problem remove the cover vents and inspect the whole system for any blockages.

Fridge coolant

Ammonia mixture acts as the coolant in most RV refrigerators. Problems build up when the ammonia is tarnished. Just fill the tank and ensure the fridge is defrosted before filling up.

Road bumps

Road bumps cause the mixture to flow out enabling the user to save less. To troubleshoot, try keeping the structure straight.

How to troubleshoot the furrion refrigerator not cooling?

How to troubleshoot the furrion refrigerator not cooling
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Electrical issues

Given that your fridge only works on propane and not electricity. The first thing you should do is take a close look to find fuses and circuit breakers. Then, check the outlet for fuses and circuits and test the process using a millimeter.

Propane issues

Checking the level of propane in the tank is the first step to do when you find propane issues. The thermocouple in the fridge is to detect heat and manage the gas valve. Just clean the burner and always use the vacuum to ensure cleanliness.

Ammonia issues

Ammonia is toxic and if you find it is dripping, correct the problem as soon as possible because it can destroy everything. The function of ammonia is to rotate through the whole fridge.

How to use a dual battery for a fridge?

How to use a dual battery for a fridge
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In a dual battery system, the batteries work as two different systems. The engine on the starter battery tasks together with the alternator to run the vehicle. On turning off, the secondary battery transfers current to all gears of the vehicle. A deep cycle battery activates the gears and consistent power is produced.

Using a dual battery is not a headache and provided you have the desired information on how the dual batteries will help you then you are good to go and interact with them.

Frequently asked questions

What duration can a 12 Volt RV refrigerator take on a battery?

12V-50ah batteries can work in two cubic feet in a 12 voltage refrigerator for at most 2 days before it loses all its power.  Higher cubic feet like 10 RV refrigerators can work with the same battery for a shorter time like half a day. Remember that it is good for batteries to be fully discharged.

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After following the steps of the above article you will understand how the furrion generator is not cooling and the causes that lead to that. Every user should maintain proper maintenance of his appliances to prevent damage or create fatalities if abused. Use my tips above to help you sort the problem on furrion fridges not cooling.

Follow the troubleshooting process needed to help you correct the problems that lead to the furrion refrigerator not cooling. Proper cleanliness to your machine and performing higher maintenance will help you have a long run with the systems. In case you find difficulty when sorting the problems just call for help from an expert.

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