Why Is My Generac Generator Hour Meter Not Working? [Fixed]

A Generac generator is one of the appliances that many users use in different fields for their help. On different occasions, your generator hour meter may fail to work due to some causes. Different problems need different solutions to solve the issues. Before conducting any troubleshooting process, understand the background of the problem you are experiencing.

I know whoever wondered how the troubleshooting of this issue is even possible but I assume this is just a smooth path for you if you understand the procedures accurately. I recommend this article to you because it will deeply inform you of the possible causes and their common solutions to correct the problem. Note higher maintenance on your appliances helps long last the working of the machine.

After reading my article below I believe you will be able to get to the end of your problems when the generator hour meter is not working. Always maintain a close on the normal performance of your machine. It helps the user to detect any problem at its early stages. Check the solution to the frequently asked questions and finally, the conclusion of the whole article.

How do I reset my generic hour meter?

How do I reset my generic hour meter
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The generator can show issues and a possible solution should be done. Resetting is the only option your Generac generator will want and the error is corrected. But because you don’t understand you will strain yourself and even call an expert for something you can do by yourself. Resetting needs no experience.

By doing a reset program the generator can send a message stating the best solutions to be done. Use the following procedure to restart the program.

  • To the controller of the generator, click the deactivation power button to prevent the generator from causing any other problems when resetting.
  • Click the escape button, in the controller of the generator.
  • With the help of the arrow keys, in the mini-menu section tap enter.
  • With the help of the arrow keys again choose the dealer section and press enter.
  • With the help of arrow keys choose the dealer-edit section and click enter.
  • With the arrow keys help choose the Go TO WIZARD section and click enter.
  • With arrow keys help choose yes in the section and click enter
  • The restart program will start for about 12 seconds and after finishing it will be directed to choose the preferred language.
  • Automatically the generator will reconnect the Wi-Fi connected previously and show it on the screen. Clicks enter to continue the remaining procedures.

NOTE: Turn the settings from manual to auto.

Does the Generac generator have an hour meter?

An hour meter only needs the kit to run. The characteristics include the surface-mounted inductive hour meter. The cost of the hour meter is reliable and with high performance. Servicing the generator results in an effective method for preventing and ensuring high maintenance. Reading of the can be read all the time whether off or on.

In the meters mentioned above, no clicks are noticed and the installation process is very easy with very easy ways of doing a wire hook-up plan. The requirements include two trip modes of meter which are easily resettable. Just like the trip meter in the car you have. Water can resist if the encapsulated epoxy cakes make a change.

The use of solid electronics, liquid crystal diodes, and a clean environment increases the work of today’s machines.

How do you wire a generator hour meter?

How do you wire a generator hour meter
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I believe generators are the most important assets for today’s life and act as an important benefit. Nowadays the cost of the generator is high and when you purchase one you will probably have to spend a lot. In addition, when you have a generator, high maintenance on it is needed for a healthy performance.

There are several ways you can practice the maintenance of the generator. One key area where the manufacturer’s specification is will be to do what is exactly required. To increase the lifespan of the generator using the required weight and the best type of oil. Using the recommended type of oil and doing a regular changeover of the oil will help your generator to long last and have more energy. For example, Honda machines change after every 5 days.

The hour meter comes into play where you have to keep the data on how to run. The hour meters are not available in small engines but they can be installed if the user wants to buy them personally. After the installation process, you can get the engine’s lifespan through the hour meter.

The meter should be secured to prevent any accidents and cause poor performance of the hour meter. To produce high performance always keep a close look on it when performing. You can decide to connect the impulse wire to the plug wire to easily access the plate.

The possible reasons for a Generac generator hour meter not working

Check for the reasons for the hour meter not working:

ReasonsSolutionsEssential products
Bad maintenanceEnsure good maintenance for your machineCheck Amazon for the best Hour meter
Presence of dirt in the ventsWipeout with a clean clot 
Poor connectionRepair and correct the wiring systemCheck Amazon for the best Generac generator

Poor maintenance of the generators can lead to faulty operation. Dirt and dust block some of the vents used to help the generator keep going. As a user if you need long-term use of a machine ensure first-grade maintenance of the machine and regular cleaning. Changing the oil and replacing worn-out parts is the most important thing to do.

Remember to correct these problems before it becomes hazardous to the system and you. Always inspect the system before using it to identify any problems possible you might find. Keep all the safety precautions alive to help you seek the problem without yourself being hurt.

Remember the generator works with the help of the hour meter to help record all operations and data. That means the hour meter plays an important role on generators as a database that can help for easy track of faultiness or an issue.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it advisable to run the Generac generator without gas?

Insufficient gas or the generator has no gas at all poses much risk and danger to the generator. When the issue is not addressed shortly more hazardous effects can occur. Portable generators are the sensitive ones, which do not require running them without fuel at all.


Every person after reading this article will be able to understand how generators’ hour meters can fail to work. Moreover, the possible restarting methods and wiring to help you understand vividly what causes the faultiness? By now I believe you understand the possible causes that can lead to the hour meter not working.

I have also explained the possible troubleshooting techniques you can use to cure and prevent the issue again from occurring the next time. Good maintenance techniques on your appliances will help perform long-term services. When you find difficulty when correcting this type of problem, kindly call for help from the nearest expert to help you correct it.

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