Why Suburban Nt-30sp Furnace Will Not Work- Most Effective Solution

If you own an RV, you are probably already aware that such vehicles come equipped with a significant range of equipment. These have been fitted to ensure that your travels are as comfortable as possible.

Regular maintenance can indeed be incredibly beneficial in making sure that the furnace operates properly. A newly installed furnace may encounter complications, in which case it is straightforward to have it replaced under the terms of the warranty.

The manner in which a furnace operates varies according to its type and model. However, it is a standard function in most instances. Let’s examine the furnace’s problems and how to fix them;

How to reset an RV furnace

How to reset an RV furnace

Press and hold the knob for thirty seconds following the ignition of the pilot lights to enable the thermocouple to warm. When it reaches the required temperature, it sends a small charge to the gas valve, instructing it to keep the pilot tube open until the desired temperature is reached again.

By turning on the power, initiate the furnace. The main gas supply should now be activated. For thirty seconds, press and hold the reset button, then adjust the room thermostat to a higher setting to initiate the heating system. If the furnace doesn’t start, turn off the power and gas to the furnace and call for service.

Reasons why a trailer furnace may fail to operate

The various reasons include;

1. Issue with temperature fluctuations

A common reason why individuals experience furnace problems is that they have neglected to properly set their furnaces’ temperatures. Keep in mind that there are broadly two types of furnace modification systems available.

Manual dials or digital dials are used, depending on your preference. These devices will not operate until you provide a temperature, which you can do by entering a value. If the furnace’s setting is lower compared to the melting point of the air in your room, this should be considered; otherwise, your device will cease to function properly.

To fix this problem, users must first increase the temperature above the current setting. Next, the furnace will begin heating the surrounding area. It’s critical to keep in mind that if there are too many commodities adjacent to your furnace, it may result in improper operation.

When this occurs, the heat is unable to escape. To complete the procedure, you will need to eliminate all unnecessary items from the region surrounding your furnace.

Generally, the things that cause the most trouble are those that have a high capacity for thermal energy absorption. To mitigate the chances of flooding, it is recommended that all garments, rugs, and carpets be removed.

2. Electrical issues

Another possibility for this issue is that there could be a problem with the electrical connections of the device on which you are currently working. If the connections are loose or disconnected, it may indicate a wiring problem.

All of these factors have the potential to cause the furnace to malfunction. Before attempting to resolve any issues with these electrical lines, keep in mind that they are extremely dangerous.

If you have no advanced knowledge on how to handle this, you should contact someone who does. They should be able to conduct a thorough inspection of your devices and, if needed, repair any problems that may have occurred.

If, on the contrary, you wish to inspect your furnace independently, it’s still possible. Then, using a voltmeter, measure the current flowing through your connection to get a sense of what’s going on. Take readings from all points on the connection to ascertain which one is causing the issue.

Bear in mind that in some cases, the cause of the problem may be your electrical outlet. It’s critical to identify any loose or disconnected connections and then tightly reconnect them. However, if the outlet is compromised, you will need to replace it or temporarily use another outlet until the matter is addressed.

Certain outlets are equipped with a small fuse that blows if the electrical energy flowing through them fluctuates. You can easily replace the existing one with a new one to resolve the issue.

3. Visually inspect your components and connections

If you continue to have problems with your device, it is possible that a component of it has been tampered with. Despite this, Suburban provides each customer with a detailed manual for inspecting and maintaining their furnace.

Utilize it to thoroughly inspect each component of your device to determine whether any of them has been disrupted. This will enable you to directly contact the supplier if it has been identified.

Hopefully, they’ll be able to provide you with a replacement part. It should also serve as a guide as you mount the device on your furnace. Even if you continue to have problems, you can consult the internet for installation instructions.

Lighting a suburban furnace

Lighting a suburban furnace
Source: doityourselfrv.com

On those chilly autumn and winter nights, individuals can depend solely on their RV furnace to keep themselves warm and comfortable. Always refer to the owner’s manual, if one is available, for explicit guidelines pertaining to your unit. Additional steps may be necessary.

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When operating the RV furnace, ensure that adequate ventilation is provided.

Switch to autopilot mode on your tank

Ascertain that your furnace does not receive any electricity. Switch on your propane tank, set your fan to “auto,” and adjust your thermostat to the maximum heat setting you can tolerate. Allow for several minutes of continuous fan operation.

Depress the Pilot Knob

Locate your furnace’s access panel and eliminate the cover from behind. Maintain pressure on the knob on your gas dial until the pilot light illuminates.

Locate the pilot’s compass and turn it on

If your engine is equipped with a striker combustion device, click it several times to initiate the ignition. Alternatively, the pilot can be lit with a lighter or a match. After releasing the knob, return it to the “on” position.

If the pilot does not light up the first time, attempt again but keep the knob depressed for a longer period this time (at least 10 seconds this time). Ensure you adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature.

How to replace the sail switch on an RV furnace

How to replace the sail switch on an RV furnace

Remove both the white connection and the high-voltage cable, then unscrew and pull out the nut on top of the connector.

Remove the four screws that secure the blower cover in place (you may wish to disconnect some wires for convenience, but first take a ‘before’ photo) and lift the cover off. Once you begin this phase, I strongly advise you to use magnetized equipment or an extensible magnet to capture your screws.

Following that, we’ll have to disassemble the blower. Between the blades of the blower is a hole; do not attempt to break those; instead, discover the hole. Carefully remove it to gain access to the limit switch bracket.

Take extreme care when unscrewing (and then reinstalling) this screw; it will be nearly impossible to retrieve if it falls. Personally, I’ve done it twice, indicating that it’s not difficult.

When it is removed, it is pulled out with the assistance of a limit switch and a pair of cables attached to it. Due to the fact that the wires are not polarized, they can be reconnected on either side of the switch.

To determine whether the unit is functional, simply connect it to a multimeter and verify that it is closed normally. Now, insert it into the bracket, reconnect the cables, and attempt to reinstall the bracket. I recognize there is a limited amount of space available, but you can do it! Please refrain from inserting the screwdriver into the furnace.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What prevents the ignition of a Suburban furnace?

Answer: If you continue to have issues with your device, it is possible that one of its components has been compromised. Suburban, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive guidebook to help customers monitor the quality of their furnaces. You can use it to examine each component of your device individually to determine if any have become damaged.


Chilling in the cold can be thrilling and adventurous, but a failing furnace can make it even worse. Being trapped in the midst of a storm with a broken furnace is not an ideal scenario! Maintaining one’s warmth equates to maintaining one’s comfort.

Make a habit of scheduling some time following the summer season to perform the basic necessities of maintenance activities. If you recently installed a new furnace, ensure that you test it on a variety of objects before embarking on a camping trip in the face of heavy snow and cold.

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