Winegard RV Antenna Will Not Rotate: Troubleshooting Guide

You’re on the road, enjoying the view and listening to your favourite song on the radio. Or maybe you’re camping right now at the end of the day, and you want to listen to your favourite show.

Now, you’re getting a weak signal, and you try to rotate the antenna. But, the Winegard RV antenna will not rotate. And it’s frustrating.

What to do in this situation? How are you going to solve this problem?

Don’t worry! We got your back! There could be a few reasons why the RV antenna is not rotating. 

Here we will discuss all the reasons and the solutions for these problems. Stay with us to learn more!

How Do You Rotate Winegard Antenna?

Most modern RVs no longer have the old giant box antenna types. They became tiny, and the operational process is so easy now.

Now, the RVs have just a button that can rotate three sixty degrees. You can just spin that clockwise or anti-clockwise. 

That way, it can better signal and try out which direction gives you a better signal. You can adjust the components as you see fit.

The antenna is made with a few components. Those components help the antenna rotate and stay to get you a better signal wherever you’re camping.

Now, if there’s any problem rotating the antenna, there must be a problem with some of the components.

Fixes When The Winegard RV Antenna Will Not Rotate

Winegard RV Antenna Will Not Rotate

There are a few ways you can fix this problem. We’ll start with the obvious answer and then find other possible solutions.

Let’s see them one by one.

Fix #1: Lubricating The Components Of The Antenna

As we know, there are a few components that make the antenna. Those components are elevating crank, base plate, rubber ring, and gear housing.

You need to apply the lubricates to each of them. But the process is different, and you must be careful while dealing with these.

You can’t just use any lubricants, such as petroleum or jelly-based and water-based. Those are not recommended, and you should never use them for the antenna’s components.

The silicon-based lubricants are recommended by the owners that might fix your problem. Besides, there are other reasons for using these as well.

One of the most practical reasons behind using this is that it prevents dust or any obstacles that might interfere with the antenna going bad. Besides, these types of lubricants dry out easily and quickly.

And the benefit is that it improves the lifetime of the materials of the components. Besides, you won’t have to think about water-based lubricants and face the downside.

You need to start by putting the lubricant in the elevating crank. You can just apply it by spraying on it. There are lots of other options in the market.

After that, try to rotate the crank clockwise and anti-clockwise. Besides, you need to connect and disconnect the gear part and lubricant it a few times.

Then, we can move into lubricating the base plate. And then the gear housing. But first, you need to lift and unjoin the main base plate and the gear housing.

A screwdriver will do the job of unplugging the components. Then carefully rotate and spray the lubricant over the gear housing and the plate.

Rotate the gear and the plate until you are comfortable that the components are working fine, and you can now rotate the antenna easily.

And the last thing you need to lubricate is the ring. You don’t need to remove any components or anything. Just spray the lubricant a few times around the ring. That’s it!

Fix #2: Clean Any Dust Or Obstacles

Dust is one of the main reasons sometimes the antenna doesn’t rotate. Dust gets struck along with the components of the antenna. 

First, you need to find out which is causing the problem in the first place. In our case, there could be single or multiple components that components might stick because of the dust.

Then, you can use a feather duster or anything that can remove the dust from that place. After that, try rotating the antenna. If that doesn’t work, put in some lubricant and wait a few moments.

But, if the problem is in the roof, you must walk on it and get it fixed manually.

Fix #3: Adjust The Screws Or Bolts

Sometimes the bolts or the screws get too tightened or loosened. In that case, you need to adjust those.

Loosen bolts won’t let you adjust the antenna properly. And the tightened bolts won’t allow the antenna to rotate either.

So, fix this problem, get a screwdriver, and adjust those bolts properly. 

Fix #4: Call The Helpline

Sometimes you might find a faulty part or a component that went bad. These happen from time to time. To fix this, call the helpline.

Most of the components come with a warranty. You can always file a complaint and claim to fix or replace that part. 

Last Words

Here we tried to answer why your Winegard RV antenna will not rotate. We hope this article helped you solve your problem.

There are a few ways that you can fix this problem. We discussed that in as much detail as possible.

Let us know if you’re facing any more antenna-related problems. We will get back to you with the answer. 

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